Saturday, December 22, 2018

Wrestle Rage [PDF For Sale]

Preview pics and more info at Barbaric Brawn Comics

Hey, guys!  I just posted a new PDF over at my Gumroad and Lulu shops.  This story takes place one month after Gorilla George Brogan defeated Alexi Volkov and became the World Heavyweight Champion.

The former champion just hasn't been the same since.  And nobody has noticed this more than Alexi's lover, the American wrestler Ryan Dermot -- known also by his wrestler name: the Colorado Cowboy.

Alexi has been out of the limelight for the month since his defeat, preferring to keep himself in his and Ryan's private gym to work out.  Even in their full-sized private wrestling ring, Ryan defeated his lover seven out of the seven times they privately wrestled since Alexi's defeat.  But the most jarring change was in the blond Russian's sexual appetites.  He would frequently raise his backside for Ryan, when before, he was nothing but a total top.

Ryan is desperate for vengeance against Gorilla for not only taking Alexi's belt, but changing him so drastically!  It's one month later that he challenges the new world champion live, on air, calling out the Aussie as a coward and daring him to step into the ring to settle the score.  To sweeten the pot even more, Ryan escalates the challenge by calling for the match to have sexual stakes...

Check out the previews over at my Comics Blog here, or you can use the links below to buy yourself a copy!  Thanks very much; I appreciate your support greatly!

Preview pics and more info at Barbaric Brawn Comics

Gumroad Link

Lulu Link

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