Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stud Slammer V (1 of 2)

Returning for this pro wrestling championship match are my Brazilian Bodyslammer twins, Gabriel and Fabio!  Challenging the Bodyslammers for control of the World Middleweight Tag Team title and belts are returning wrestler from Japan, Natsu Ken, and newcomer from Mexico, Victor "Mr. Dreamboat" Ortiz.  This match features a special guest co-commentator, Gorilla George Brogan, the current World Heavyweight Champion!

In my more recent works (currently only over at my Patreon,) I've changed over using to a new font and style for my dialog.  To make things easier for you guys who have difficulty reading the older style, I'll be adding captions to the images below that have dialog.  Thanks!

This image set is 57 panels total and will be split into two posts here.  Enjoy, guys!

Ace: "Hey, dudes!  I'm Ace, welcoming you all back to Stud Slammer V!  We're just seconds away from the Main Event: the title defense match for the World Middleweight Tag Team title and belts!  We've got a special guest commentator here with us for the fight!"

Gorilla: "Thanks, Ace!  Bonzer bein' behind the table for this match!  I'm familiar with the midweight champs -- saw them wrestlin' Alexi and Ryan once, and I gotta say: the challengers today have got to bring their best to this ring!"

Connor: "Welcome to the Main Event!  In the blue corner, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... the World Middleweight Tag Team Pro Wrestling Champions... Fabio and Gabriel, the Brazilian Bodyslammers!"

Fabio: "Ready to dominate again, brother?"
Gabriel: "Mm!"

Connor: "From Cancun, Mexico and Nagoya, Japan... challenging the champs for their belts... Victor 'Mr. Dreamboat' Ortiz and Natsu Ken!!"

Natsu Ken: "Dreamboat-san, be sure to watch out for our foe's swiftness and technique."
Mr. Dreamboat: "Don't worry, Ken.  I got all the babes cheering me on to win!"

Gorilla: "These boys might not pack as much muscle as us heavyweights, but they are forces alright!  Can't wait for this match to get goin'!"

Connor: "This match is a no ring out, no time limit title fight!  Standard federation rules apply!  Wrestle!!"

Gabriel: "Got'cha!"
Dreamboat: "Hff!!"

Fabio: "Yeah!!"

Gabriel: "Get up, pretty boy!  Gotta try harder than that if you wanna win!  ...Or do you want to give my ass a kiss?"
Dreamboat: "F-Fuck!"

Dreamboat: "How's this?!"
Fabio: "Hey!  Ref!!  What the hell?!"

Dreamboat: "We're taking those belts!  And I'm just fine with fucking any man who gets in my way!"

Dreamboat: "Come in, amigo!"

Gabriel: "...No!!"
Natsu Ken: "..."
Dreamboat: "Ha ha ha!"

Ace: "Great turn of fortune for the challengers!  Looks like the Bodyslammers are underestimating their opponents in this crucial match!
Gorilla: "A very big problem -- speaking from personal experience!  Back when me and Alexi had our rematch, I made a similar mistake that kept me from the belt.  Temporarily, of course, heh."

Fabio: "Tag me, Gabriel!"
Natsu Ken: "Hnngh!  Submit to me!"
Connor: "Do you give up?!"

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