Saturday, December 1, 2018

Stud Slammer V (2 of 2)

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Returning for this pro wrestling championship match are my Brazilian Bodyslammer twins, Gabriel and Fabio!  Challenging the Bodyslammers for control of the World Middleweight Tag Team title and belts are returning wrestler from Japan, Natsu Ken, and newcomer from Mexico, Victor "Mr. Dreamboat" Ortiz.  This match features a special guest co-commentator, Gorilla George Brogan, the current World Heavyweight Champion!

In my more recent works (currently only over at my Patreon,) I've changed over using to a new font and style for my dialog.  To make things easier for you guys who have difficulty reading the older style, I'll be adding captions to the images below that have dialog.  Thanks!

This image set is 57 panels total and will be split into two posts here.  Enjoy, guys!

Dreamboat: "Damn!"

Fabio: "Gabriel and I are the tag team champs!  You two are nothing!"
Natsu Ken: "Unnh!"

Gabriel: "Ha ha!  Be a good boy and hold still."
Natsu Ken: "Unh..."

Natsu Ken: "O-Oh...  Oh God!  Yes...  Right there!"

Dreamboat: "Man, what in the fuck?!  Turn your damn head and look over there!  That's gotta be against the rules!  He's suckin' on his nips!"

Connor: "You being in the ring without a tag is against the rules!  Get the hell back to your corner before I disqualify your ass!"

Fabio: "Now for a little punishment!"

Dreamboat: "Bastard."

Fabio: "Say goodnight!  Hrgh!"
Natsu Ken: "Nnh..."

Gorilla: "Looking pretty bad for the challengers now.  Natsu Ken's risky elbow drop seems to have been the opening the Bodyslammers needed!  Now with just Mr. Dreamboat against two foes, we'll see how he fares with those odds!"

Gabriel: "C'mere, pretty boy!"

Gabriel: "You're not gonna be needing these for long!  Hrrgh!!"
Dreamboat: "F-Fuck!  Noo!!"

Dreamboat: "No!  This isn't supposed to be happening!  I gotta win and impress the babes!"

Gorilla: "Looks like the Bodyslammers continue their reign as middleweight tag team champs!  Those blokes wrestled well and nobody can deny 'em their due!"

Ace: "A bit rocky there at times, but you're right, Gorilla!  Their belts and titles are safe for another night!"

Fabio: "You put up a good struggle, but Gabriel and I can't be beat!  Ready to get worshiping my cock?"

Natsu Ken: "Y-Yes, Fabio-san..."

Fabio: "Unnh, yeah... suck me.  Oh damn...  Yeah, use your tongue on the head..."

Gabriel: "C'mon, boy, give it a kiss!  Ha ha!  Pucker up!"
Dreamboat: "Mmn..."

Gabriel: "Ungh!  Let it all the way in!"

Fabio: "Aw yeah!  That hot ass is gripping me so tight!"

Gorilla: "Great bein' here with you, mate!  Big congratulations to the Brazilian Bodyslammers on their win.  One bit of advice for them: stay out of the heavyweights!  That's my turf!"

Ace: "Thanks for tuning in to Stud Slammer V!  See you next match!"

This set was made possible by my awesome and generous patrons.  Wanna get these in their native resolution and high image quality and support my future works?  Please head on over to my Patreon page and consider pledging for more muscle.  Thanks for your support!

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