Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vote For Lex

I've been playing LEGO Batman 3 (just finished the main story last night) when inspiration struck from a cutscene involving Lex Luthor with his usual presidential aspirations.  I had Superman call out Lex's name in his arousal fantasy in Heroes Bound, and decided to make a version of him.

He's finally managed to subdue the Stud of Steel with green kryptonite and crush the remainder of his defenses with pink kryptonite, infatuating Superman beyond the point of no return.

I tried to capture the typical political propaganda feel, hopefully without making it too overbearing (versions without the ribbons can be found at my Patreon).

So… can Lex count on your vote? *grin* (thank you for your support!)


  1. Damn, look at Lex ... he's the real Superman. Great work, as always.

    1. Thanks, man! I appreciate that and your comment. :)

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  3. Yeah, with a bigger cock, and a matching build, no Kryptonite needed.
    Superman is done for -- totally head over heels in love.