Thursday, August 27, 2015

Patreon: Last Batch of August

Here's a preview teaser for this Sunday’s batch of single art at my Patreon.  Hercules and Raegar Ironmane are enjoying a day on the beach.  Well... Raegar was until a crustacean with a fetish for pinching dwarf butts came along!

There's another image for this and a few others in the Summer Studs set, and one more with Zeus (finally shown) giving Ares some punishment in Olympus -- referenced in my story Hercules vs Sergios. (thank you for your support!)

Edit Update: And another teaser over at my Tumblr blog!


  1. I wonder how Raegar lost his speedo and surprised Herc hasn't lost his.

    1. I like to imagine he threw it (with very poor aim) at the crab as a last ditch effort before jumping up the tree.