Thursday, August 13, 2015

Updating Has Begun!

Update 2 (08/15/2015): Pages are getting set up more quickly now that I'm getting more used to the new interface and theme!  After several hours of work, the PDF eBooks and Links page are now complete.

Update 1: The server successfully points to my domain now!  At least for me, anyhow, if it’s still down where you are, it may be another day or so before it kicks in.  I installed my new theme and a preliminary blog post.  Setting up the theme and adding assets to the site now.


If you're trying to visit the main URL, you're now met with a server not found error.  I deleted the name servers that pointed to Blogger and am now waiting on the new ones to propagate.

It may be up to 48 hours before that's done.  Thanks for your patience!

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