Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Patreon: Upcoming Story (Vengeance Denied: Part 2)

Getting some hard work done on the next big story for my Patreon, Vengeance Denied: Part 2.

This is The Boss, relaxing with two of of my other characters (from Gym Bunny Posedown), who make another cameo appearance here.  The Boss is the man who runs the criminal organization known as the Red Scorpions in the city where this tale takes place.

I’m almost done with the renderwork.  Probably about… five or so more left to go.  Then I'll QC it and finish the postwork before getting to work on some more art for the single images batch.

These all should go live on or around this Sunday!

https://www.patreon.com/luckystallion (thanks so much for your support!)


  1. Those some tight ass pants. Hope they're comfy but he can totally take 'em off if he wants. Don't mind.

    1. He's definitely able to get them off quickly if need be!

  2. I want to belong to a hulking giant of a man like that. I'm going to convince him to get huge and be an absolute monster. <3