Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Raegar Ironmane

Back when I was writing The Last Battle: Orc vs Man (shameless plug: for sale at my Selz and Lulu stores,) I had a desire to explore what happened with the fallen king, Hurk, who'd chosen to exile himself from the kingdom of men, leaving the new King Ranzen to rule.

The idea I had at the time was that Hurk journeyed to the kingdom of the dwarves, with a bit of action along the way and a nice wrapping up of his story.

This is Raegar Ironmane, a dwarf I worked on today and finished up to share.  I haven't fleshed out much of anything about him other than his look, but that will come at some point in the future for sure.

I love the juxtaposition of a pint-sized, musclebound stud having a massive cock (giving them something extra to take pride in), so most of the dwarves in this universe are hung pretty nicely.

Keep a look out for more on this one in the coming months!

(For example of his size reference, the top of his mohawk just barely touches Hercules' nipples.)


  1. and you could also use it in his underwear to show how it would look , thanks

  2. No worries. I haven't forgotten about Remgo. :) I'll see about maybe updating him and using him somewhere in this story when I write it later on.

  3. I think we need to see him side-by-side with one of your standard-sized hunks for comparison! ;p

    1. I'll do one of those when I get closer to working on it (some months from now). Stay tuned!

  4. Dwarf? That's getting INTERESTING let him destroy some butt!