Friday, August 22, 2014

The Last Battle: Orc vs Man PDF

After quite a long while and a lot of work and effort, my remake of my second Barbaric Brawn story is finished!  The Last Battle: Orc vs Man is a completely rewritten and reillustrated story and weighs in as my biggest project ever.  It features a familiar cast of characters with vast updates to their models, and even some new studs enter the fray in this updated story.

The PDF's images will be bigger than the blog versions (increased to 1500 x 1167) and will be less compressed, giving you a clearer image.

Extras exclusive to the PDF version:
  • A 26 page (19 illustrations, 7 text pages) split scene with M'Kett and his captors and Yord and Kal facing off against Nol'rahg.
  • The 10 illustration bonus mini story Ra'zug Wants Love
  • A batch of 23 WIPs and character comparison images showing the cast's evolution over time.

  • File size: 130.2 MB
  • Pages: 251 total (165 illustrations, 58 text pages, 23 WIP / character comparison bonuses, and 5 pages for cover, credits, bonus splashes, and rear)
  • Language: English
  • File format: PDF (readable on computers and eReaders; more info here)
  • No annoying DRM; open on as many devices as you want

I'd like to also give a shout out to Alex M. for helping me along with an idea for M'Kett's scenario!  Thanks very much, everyone, for your support.  I put quite a bit into this, so I hope that you guys love it just as much as I do.


  1. For those wondering where the first free part of this week is, I'll be posting it soon. I have some code work to do first before I get started converting it for the blog. Thanks for your patience!

    And a very big thank you to everyone who purchases a PDF copy! You guys rock.

  2. Got it...was NOT dissapointed. Darn this was SUPERB!! The art was great the story..nngh...dear lord...a masterpiece of muscle wrestling fantasy!

    1. Thank you, man! Feels nice to have it done and out to be enjoyed.

  3. Just finished downloading from Lulu! Was wondering what sort of mischief I could get into on a hot, muggy, dreary, Sunday afternoon - now I know! Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much, Sean! Hopefully this bunch of studly orcs and men turn that muggy afternoon into a better kind of heat!

  4. Finally got it. Amazing! There was so much to love. The story is great. Some standout faves for me on the art side include pages 32, 60, 74, 12, 186 and 209.

    I really liked seeing the evolution of the characters at the end. What a bonus! You do such an incredible job with the skin, making them look more real and not as plastic as most 3D stuff I've seen.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Whoops, that 12 should be 121. Typo.

    2. Hey, Alex, thanks so much for that! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

      Yeah, the skin can be a little tricky to figure out. In the beginning, I loved the glossiness because I have a fondness of oiled-up muscles. But if you aren't careful with the maps and color strengths, it can definitely look like plastic.

      Thank you again, man.