Saturday, June 20, 2015

Four New YouTube Wrestling Matches

After a long hiatus (burnout + needing to work on art), I’ve made a few more YouTube wrestling matches!

The first two stars Kensoudojo's Dante versus xearsol's Ryuuto.  Ryuuto has more of an MMA style that he brings to the ring.

Dante vs Ryuuto
Dante vs Ryuuto (Alternate Outcome)

The second two welcome two new 23-year-old OCs to my roster: Jase and Kyle Landen, The Surf Bros.  They face off in a tag team fight against muscle mayor Mike Haggar and the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief!

Jase and Kyle vs Zangief and Haggar
The Surf Bros' Revenge


  1. Watched 'em and they are GREAT! :) Dat Zangief...he's gonna have to get revenge.

    1. He's not done tearing up that ring. That's for sure. >:D