Monday, July 22, 2019

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 2 (2/2)

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  1. I hope that Tuskar is planning some painful revenge to "inflict" on his captors.

  2. The artwork here is awesome and I really like the dynamic action here between the men, it's hard to get bulky figures like this to look good in these poses. Also having so many scenes with a lot of figures in them!

    However, as a fan of Tuskar, I was hoping he would ultimately triumph over the king or at least fight to a draw. Is there any possibility of an alternate ending?

    Thanks so much for this awesome story and character!

    1. Thanks very much; that's nice of you to say! This series isn't over quite yet and I always love adding in alternate endings when I can. I do want to revisit this story sometime to continue these guys' adventures.

      Thanks again!

  3. The last frame sorta left me "hanging there". What could they possibly have in store for Hercules, I wonder.