Monday, July 15, 2019

Guys' Day Out

Jamie owns the best spa in Muscle City, and that's where Alexi and Ryan decided to go to get away from the piledrivers and suplexes -- at least on their vacations from work in the wrestling ring.

But when the two arrived, they found they traded one kind of bodyslam for another!  The Brazilian Bodyslammers, Fábio and Gabriel, were licensed masseurs, passionate in the art of relaxation.  When not wrestling, the identical twins worked part time at the spa.

While the two tag team partners were surprised to see one another (especially after their previous clash in the ring,) there were no hard feelings on this day.

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  2. I love that erotic story of "Guys Day Out" especially the part when the guy open up the russian guys buttcheeks seeing the wet hole of his ass all oiled up too, so hot as fuck. If anyone does a next sequel to this, I would love to be in the sequel but all muscular and oiled up on the massage table with one of the Brazilian Bodyslammers: Gabriel if you guys are available to do it if your not busy ;-)