Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Infiltration: Part 2

Infiltration: Part 2 takes place a little more than a week after the events of the first story.  Cap has been detained in a secret holding cell somewhere in the wintry Siberian wastelands, kept to be pumped for information (among other things!) and used as a training dummy for the Soviet Union's up-and-coming superheroes.  The super soldier is a requested favorite among many of them.

In this crossover story, a new original Soviet hero is revealed, Dmitri Crushnov, also known as Comrade Crusher (many thanks to Sharlin for help with Crushnov's hero name!)

Will the all-American hero lose himself forever to the musclebound Soviets, or will he somehow find a way to break out and regain his freedom?

Here's Infiltration: Part 2!

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  1. Hot, kinky, great. Need more of it. can't get too much of this.

  2. Really cool, and a wicked twist to the story.
    The heroes, having satisfied their honor, and not desiring to harm the men they have actually enjoyed... leave satisfied, not knowing they have been unwittingly captured, instead. Their very futures and all they are compromised, or possibly destroyed and enslaved, later...?

    (Amazing I haven't seen this before.)

  3. What happened to these pictures? Every frame is empty!

    1. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. They're loading fine for me. Try refreshing the page (F5) and if that doesn't work, force a flushing of the cache with Ctrl/Cmd F5. Hopefully that helps!