Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Before the Battle

This image set was a little different for me, I remember.  I had wanted to do something a little sweeter than usual (this is before the battle, after all), and I was experimenting with some different lighting, slightly different style, and brand new characters.

This was also a scene that was constantly crashing my studio and was the main reason I needed to build an entirely new computer.  Even though it gave me so much grief, I did like how this one came out. :)

Here's Before the Battle:

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  1. HOT!!!!!!!!!! The asses alone were worth posting!

    1. Thanks very much! Yeah, I'm really pleased with the G3M butt morphs I have. Way, way, way better than Michael 4's (two generations behind this model). :D

  2. TWO MOST SEXY STUDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!