Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Cold Wrestling War

I welcome you back to the 80's for this tale of pro wrestling set in a mildly alternate reality.  The Cold Wrestling War in its final state is almost 11,000 words long.  Only a few days ago, I thought it would be a little over 6,000.  And then I started my quality check, and I couldn't stop adding in extra scenes and little details here and there!

I also didn't anticipate rendering as many panels as I did.  I expected to do only about 10-12, and ended up making 25.  I hope you guys like this one!  I always enjoy reading your comments, so when you finish up (and get done cleaning up), I'd love to know what you thought!

Fine print: Many of the events in this story are changed and may be considered alternate history.  Many liberties (which are not at all factual) have been taken to enhance the entertainment of the story.  None of the characters are meant to represent real people or any previously copyrighted characters.  The names of people and organizations used in this story were created without knowledge of anything already in existence.  Nothing in this story is meant to be a commentary or statement on politics -- no, I am not a secret scary, scary communist.  It's only an erotic, gay fantasy for private enjoyment.  So, with all the annoying gibberish out of the way, now you can get down to enjoying it privately!

Themes: M/M, big muscle, pro wrestling, international, oral, anal

    It was summer in the early 1980's, and tensions between the United States of America and the Soviet Union were at an all-time high.  The people of America wanted capitalism spread throughout the world, while those under the Soviet banner wished for the widespread adoption of communism.  Naturally, the citizens of the two sides were at odds with one another and demanded that their officials take action!  Some even went so far as to suggest invasion!  But the two governments weren't stupid.  They realized early the horrors that another war would bring and decided to settle their differences in another way...

    Professional wrestling had exploded in popularity worldwide.  Hundreds of federations opened all across the US alone, promising patriotic, working-class men a night of male-on-male battling that they couldn't find anywhere else.  The outfits the wrestlers wore became skimpier and more colorful as the months passed, and the beefcakes that chose to squeeze into them were becoming more comfortable with their bodies and enjoyed showing off for the audiences.

    With the political climate as it was, men were soon hired to pose as Russian powerhouses (complete with bleach blond hair and blue contact lenses) were appearing in the federations as villains.  With convincing accents, these musclemen fanned the flames of the crowds' disdain for the Russkis.  These false Soviets were paid well to be tossed around the ring, bodyslammed to the mat, and thoroughly destroyed by their all-American opponents.  And when the patriotic studs had finally finished, their enemies were pinned and defeated before a roaring audience waving flags stitched with the stars and stripes.

    But in the USSR, things were not unlike they were on the other side of the world.  Pro wrestling spread quickly across the vast, northern country, and its federations were all-too-eager to sate the citizens' desires for close-contact, man-on-man action.  Actors paid to dress up in a cowboy hats and boots wearing speedos depicting the US flag were stomped, beaten, and forced to submit (with equally-convincing accents) to the glory of Russia!

    Sex after a match between the winners and losers had been a strictly lockerroom-only thing for years until one brave fed in the States allowed it in the ring.  A resounding success and seen as a natural extension of the already-homoerotic sport, soon other feds copied the erotic gimmick until it became a standard post-fight event throughout the nation, then the world.

    Realizing how popular professional wrestling was to their people, government officials from the United States and the Soviet Union collaborated in secret in a neutral land to settle the Cold War once and for all!

    The light of a new day shined upon the sleeping face of Ryan Dermot, a stud in his mid-twenties, who lived in a modest house on the outskirts of a small town in Colorado.  Ryan moaned and sat up in bed.

    "Nnh...  Must'a kicked the covers off the other night," he mumbled to himself, noticing that his butt naked body was completely exposed to the air.

    He slept nude, like most nights when he wasn't too exhausted to strip down.  He wrestled full time for a fed in the city about five miles away and by the time he made it home, he was usually ready to pass out.

    Ryan looked over to see his latest conquest was still laying next to him -- some new dude he'd wrestled down and fucked in the ring the night before.  The cocky kid had hair that was flicked back and dyed with black and red streaks.

    A smirk crept over Ryan's handsome face as he remembered devastating the new guy in the first 30 seconds of the match.  It wasn't such a surprise, being he was the best wrestler there by far.  The crowd went wild -- as always -- when he mercifully put his opponent out of his misery with a pin.  After he'd ripped that pink thong from those hips and screwed that tight hole so hard, the boy it belonged to wouldn't leave him alone for the rest of the night.  He begged to come back home with Ryan and get plowed all night long by the 'Colorado Cowboy'.  Why not, Ryan thought.  He liked obliging the younger wrestlers and giving them a hero to worship in private.

    "Hey, uh..." Ryan grunted, shaking the novice wrestler from his sleep.  It was then that he realized he couldn't remember the dude's name.  "New boy.  Wake it on up now."

    "Nnh..." the younger stud moaned, stirring awake.  He rubbed his eyes and looked up to see Ryan's grinning face.  The seasoned wrestler was pointing down for some reason.  The dude's eyes grew wide as he took in the sight of the Colorado Cowboy's morning wood.

    "Suck it, new boy," Ryan grunted, cock drooling precum on his simple linen sheets.

    "My name's Bailey, not new--" the stud clarified just before his mouth was stuffed full of cock.

    "Unh!  Ahh!  Ngh!" Bailey soon grunted and shuddered as Ryan's saliva-coated meat pumped deep into his butt for the 8th time since their match, spreading the ring wide enough to accommodate its girth.  The muscular wrestler's big balls slapped firmly against Bailey's, reminding the novice wrestler of his position under the alpha male.

    Suddenly, the radio alarm from the boombox on Ryan's nightstand went off.  He grunted, but didn't want to interrupt his rhythm to turn the damn thing off.  The local news was repeating the same old bullshit they talked about yesterday.  At least with Bailey's moaning, he could pretend they were back in the ring with an audience watching.

    "And now we'd like to report on a major development in relations between the United States and the Soviet Union," the man on the radio then spoke.  "Government officials have announced that a tournament will be held in the near future to discover America's strongest and most skilled professional wrestler."

    "What the fuck?" the bodybuilder grunted, thrusting his cock all the way inside and covering the stud's mouth with his hand to muffle his erotic noises.  "Shh!" he hissed, slowly thrusting in and out of Bailey's hot ass.

    "Information on this tournament or its implications is scarce at the present, but we have been able to confirm that the winner is likely to face off against the champion of the Soviet Union, who is also holding such a contest.  All interested and able-bodied men are urged to visit their local federations at 9 PM tonight for more information.  We'll bring you the latest as it happens.  And now for business news, we have with us today..."

    "Fuckin' hell...  A tournament?" Ryan whispered.  "Those fuckin' Russkis are goin' down!"

    Ryan grabbed hold of Bailey's muscular waist and began to pound away at the younger stud's backside, drilling him hard and fast as fantasies filled his mind of wrestling, defeating, and plowing any Russki dumb enough to step into the ring with him!

    "Aahhh!!" Bailey cried out, spurting a healthy load of seed onto the bedsheet under him just as Ryan growled and filled his butt full of cum.  Ryan continued to gyrate his hips, riding out the incredible orgasm until both men fell into a panting pile of muscle on the big, soft bed.

    "Ready for breakfast?" Ryan chuckled, giving his fellow wrestler's butt a good slap as he slipped his softening cock from its retightened hole.

    "Mm...  What're we havin'?" Bailey sighed happily, turning around to get a better look at his overnight lover.  Ryan flashed him a lewd smile and quickly bounced his proud pecs for the awestruck newbie.

    "Two big eggs and a fat sausage link."

    Later that night, a little after 9:00, Ryan drove down to the Brawny Body Wrestling League -- the fed where he currently wrestled -- to see what was up with the news report from early that morning.  He was surprised to find that very few of his fellow wrestlers had shown up to take part in the contest.  He had thought his bros were made of braver stuff than that!

    Ryan scratched down his name and phone number on the application list.  He then felt a strong hand pat his back.  Ryan turned to see Aaron, the 46-year-old black bodybuilder who owned and operated the fed.  Aaron liked to conduct the fed's daily business wearing only his signature mustard yellow posing trunks from his former days on the bodybuilding circuit.  He figured it was the best way to recruit new talent -- show them that it was nothing to show off your results and gain some respect at the same time.  Not to mention the heat that his boys built up from working out, wrestling in the training ring, and the frequent showers that followed.

    "You entering, man?" Aaron asked, exposing his full set of teeth in a wide grin.  "Yeah, knew you'd come.  Colorado Cowboy?  Naw, man.  Ryan the Lion."

    Ryan laughed and embraced his boss in a tight hug.  "No way, boss.  Gave up that name when I was a jobber."

    "Well, whatever you wanna call yourself, good luck, man," Aaron wished Ryan, clasping hands with his best wrestler.  "They'll give you a call in a couple of weeks.  Listen..." he continued in a low voice, so the other guys wouldn't hear, "you ain't seen some of the bulls they got over there.  Real big monsters, man.  They'll fuck you up and down if you ain't careful."

    "Fuck that shit, dude!" Ryan growled, thrusting his tank top-covered chest out.  "I'll take on five of 'em at once if I gotta!  Those commies are finally goin' down!"

    "In the meantime, get your ass in here more, lift them weights, and keep that bod in shape!"

    12 days later, Ryan received the phone call that invited him to take part in the tournament to discover the best pro wrestler to represent the country against the USSR!

    Standing in front of his full-length mirror, Ryan practiced several of his most crowd-pleasing poses.  He planned on using his carefully-selected routine to earn more points with the judges and build up a huge following of fans.

    His cock throbbed in his workout trunks, leaking a drizzle of precum out through the side as he struck the side chest pose.  Beads of sweat glistened like diamonds on his body as he went through the routine of his favorites.

    "Fuck yeah...  Gonna take down that Russki," he grunted, getting down on one knee and delivering a killer most muscular pose.  "Gonna make him suck my cock right there in the ring!  Gonna make him beg me to fuck him!  He's goin' down!!"

    Little did Ryan know, on the other side of the world stood a man with the same fantasies of dominating his future American opponent.  The handsome Russian smirked to himself as he examined himself in nothing but a dark red thong.  The Soviet stud massaged his growing bulge and wondered what kind of man he'd soon face once he emerged victorious in his country's tournament.

    "I come for you, American dog," he grunted in his native tongue, rubbing his large, erect nipples.

    Ryan soared through the tournament with incredible athleticism and charisma.  The small town wrestler quickly gained a fanbase several thousand times his number back home.  Ryan defeated man after man until it was only he and one of his rivals from a competing nearby federation left to take the top prize.  The Montana Madman stepped into the ring with the Colorado Cowboy, only to be beaten down and pinned in defeat!

    After two months of wrestling his way through the best of the best, Ryan Dermot was crowned the mightiest pro wrestler in the USA!  The stud was immediately swarmed with media and fans all wanting an interview.  Ryan chose to give his interviews to pro wrestling and muscle magazines.  At the insistence of the tourney officials, he gave one to a nightly TV news program.  The Brawny Body Wrestling League became the most popular federation in the United States overnight.

     Three days later, Ryan received a large envelope in the mail.  Inside was a note from the tournament officials reading, "The other side has chosen their man.  Here is your opponent.  Be ready to leave this Thursday night.  Tell nobody else of this.  We'll keep a watch over you at a safe distance.  Call the number below if you see any suspicious activity."

    Ryan dumped the envelope's contents out onto the kitchen table.  Inside were several full-color photographs of a man with an incredible physique -- one that he hated to admit rivaled his own!  He lifted one of the large pictures and examined it closely.  In this one, the blond man was carrying two giant bags of coal atop his shirtless shoulders.  Sweat was dripping down the Russian's unbelievable body.

    The Colorado Cowboy's cock stirred in his jeans.  "Fuckin' muscle," he whispered to himself, looking at one photo after another until he reached the last.  The final photograph was similar to one that he himself had to take after becoming the United States champion.  Beside it, someone had written down the man's stats and info.

    "Alexi... Volkov," Ryan mumbled his opponent's name.  "Moscow..."

    Ryan grunted at the cocky smirk Alexi gave for his champion photo.  He could see that this dude was strong.  How strong, he couldn't be sure.  He remembered what Aaron, his fed boss had told him about the Russkis having monsters of muscle.

    "Fuck, man.  He wasn't lying."

    Unzipping his jeans and pushing them away, Ryan grabbed his throbbing cock in his hand and masturbated himself to climax right there in the kitchen!  The bodybuilder wrestler moaned as he shot a load high into the air while staring at the picture that prominently featured Alexi's butt.  He'd fuck that hole soon.  He swore it to himself!

    With a steady diet of weightlifting, grappling, and sex with the other wrestlers at the federation, Ryan managed to pass the time until Thursday.  That night, outside his home, an unassuming taxi with two beefy bodyguards inside were waiting to bring him safely to the airport.  The US officials couldn't rule out any last minute tricks by the Soviets.  The last thing they needed was for their champion to be roughed up before the match!

    Escorted onto a private plane by the same two men, they departed for Oslo, Norway.  Ryan sat in silence while the officials around him chatted about random boring topics regarding the specifics that would take place behind the scenes.  Several times, they looked his way.  He could tell they were worried he'd lose.  Whenever he'd get that look, he'd return a thumbs up and bounce his pecs to reassure them that he was their man.

    Several hours later, they landed to a media blitz.  Cameras were flashing as the top wrestler from America made his way down the steps of the plane and across the tarmac to the terminal.  Suggested by the officials, Ryan had stripped down to his gear to give the impression that he was ready to kick some Soviet ass!

    That night...

    The entire world was abuzz with excitement over what was being billed as The Battle of the Century: The Stars and Stripes Versus The Hammer and Sickle.  The core ideals of both nations were to soon clash in the form of muscle and masculinity!

    The International Muscle Arena was filled to capacity that night with nearly a hundred thousand wrestling fans from all over the world.  But even though they were united by their love of men wrestling men, many of them were divided by allegiances to one of the two nations.  And then there were the neutral viewers who simply rooting for the strongest wrestler to emerge triumphant over his weaker foe.

    For years, the USA and the USSR had been in fierce competition as each attempted to spread legitimacy of their economic systems across the world.  With every Olympian medal won, marvel of science and technology invented, and additional nation swayed to their side, the two proudly proclaimed dominance over the other.  Now, with one final pro wrestling match, this cold war would be concluded and the world's greatest superpower would be established!

    Norleif Lundgren, a muscular Norwegian referee approved of by both wrestlers, entered the ring wearing only a black-and-white-striped thong and black boots.  His dishwater blond hair shined under the bright lights above.

    He raised his fist high and spoke with a thick accent into his microphone, "Good evening to you all!  Tonight's wrestling match is very special.  The best wrestler from the United States will do battle with the best that the Soviet Union has to offer!  Tonight's match is nation versus nation.  The losing side agrees to surrender a large sum of their treasury in gold and will cease all further aggressions against the victor.  Only one man will claim victory and honor for his homeland!"

    The fans, seated on separate sides of the arena, roared their approval and proudly waved their flags of support.  The arena was awash in a sea of reds, whites, blues, and golds as the bright lights above struck the flags and cast their glow across the area.

    Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and from the western side of the arena, an array of flares and colored smoke shot to the ceiling as the Star-Spangled Banner began to play!

    Ryan checked the straps of his thong and adjusted his pouch.  "Now or never," he grunted to himself, pounding his chest twice before running out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight!

    Clad in dark blue wristbands, matching stars and stripes thong and kneepads, and his trademark white boots, the American musclestud strutted confidently down the concrete aisle that led to the ring, bouncing his mountainous pecs and flexing his boulderlike biceps for his adoring fans.  One of the many arena cameramen followed closely, making sure to capture his every detail as he moved.  Several times, he'd stop on the bodybuilder's bouncing pouch or his exposed butt cheeks, which flexed with each step.

    "Man, I am awesome," Ryan thought to himself as the crowd screamed his name.  Here he was, a small town wrestler just a few weeks ago and now representing the entire US of A in the biggest international fight of all time.  "When I win this thing, I am gonna rule the whole damn world of wrestling!"

    But even with the screams of countless people surrounding him, over in the eastern half of the arena, he could make out the loud jeering of his appearance.  The fans of the USSR and its new champion were not happy to see Ryan in the flesh.  They couldn't wait to see their man break his body and spirit!

    Ryan grabbed hold of the nearest turnbuckle and leapt into the ring.  With the help of the ropes, he got in some last minute stretches.  Letting go, the western wrestler pumped his arms up and down, psyching up his fans further!

    "In this corner," Norleif then announced into his mic while gesturing toward him, "weighing in at 307 American pounds, the 'Colorado Cowboy': Ryan Dermot!!"

    The tens of thousands of Americans (most who won contests to attend the match live) and the many supporters from neighboring countries burst into cheers for him!  They waved their flags with pride and chanted in unison, "USA!  USA!  USA!"

    The lights soon dimmed again, bringing a hush to the increasingly-heated arena.  This time, flares in hues of crimson and gold blasted from the other side!  The National Anthem of the Soviet Union then played, and from behind the Soviet-themed curtain appeared the man who'd monopolized Ryan's fantasies for nearly a week.

     The blond powerhouse strode confidently down the aisle in his red boots.  Thousands of supporters shouted in Russian for him to conquer!  His bulging red thong -- the yellow hammer and sickle of his birthplace proudly pushed outward -- bounced with his graceful, yet masculine stride.  Covering his knees were pads of red with the gold star of his beloved country, and around his wrists were straps of the same yellow.

    The Russian bodybuilder stopped in the middle of the aisle and allowed the cameraman to capture his incredible physique.  He gave the viewers back home his best front lat spread pose and flashed them a sizzling-hot grin.  The cameraman gulped and struggled to keep the camera still.  The blond stud turned his head to see Ryan glowering at him, but he merely smirked back and continued his strut to the ring.

    "And in the opposite corner," Norleif announced as the other wrestler took his place, "weighing in at 312 American pounds, Alexi 'The Red Rocket' Volkov!!"

    The Russian's fans waved their ruby red flags and roared for Alexi, while the western side booed him in return.  The Red Rocket threw his incredible arms into the air and brought them down in an intimidating double bicep pose.  He turned to face Ryan and bounced his pecs for the American.

    "Smug fucker," Ryan grunted, voice drowned out by the noise.  His eyes trailed down to Alexi's manhood, which, somehow, managed to be contained within his thong's pouch.  Alexi chuckled and shook his hips slightly, causing the big bulge to wiggle.  Ryan's fixation on it was broken immediately.

    As the cheering finally began dying down, Norleif continued, "This international match will be decided by one fall: submission or pin count of 10.  The wrestlers have been briefed on disqualifications.  There will be no ring outs.  The match will begin in 30 seconds!"

    Both men moved to the center of the ring to await the bell to begin.  Their massive pecs, coated in a thin layer of bodybuilder oil, pressed tightly together, and they scowled angrily at one another.

    "You are soon going to... how you say... suck me off, comrade," Alexi grunted, pushing himself against Ryan's body.  "I defeat many Soviet men to get here.  Those men bigger, stronger than you.  All kneeled down to suck cock," he continued, giving his opponent the pleasure of feeling his huge pectorals bounce twice more.

    The feel of the other wrestler's hot chest flesh moving against his own caused Ryan to shudder erotically.  Alexi grinned lewdly, detecting the moment of weakness in his foe.

    "You damn Russki," Ryan growled, standing his ground and pushing back.  "You'd better hope that bubble butt of yours is able to handle my cock, 'cause it's going in ready or not!"

    DING DING DING!  The bell rang, signaling the start of the match!

    Arms out and bent, the wrestlers circled one another in the center of the ring, getting a feel for the other.  Unable to glean anything from the Russian, Ryan decided to leap forward and deliver the first blow!


    His fist struck Alexi's handsome face!  The Russian grunted and stumbled back, holding his jaw.  But Ryan didn't let up so quickly, striking his opponent again, forcing him into the corner.  Ryan hopped onto the bottom ropes and held Alexi by the hair as he blanketed his head in punches!

    Alexi grunted through gritted teeth and took the blows as they came.  He could feel the heat of Ryan's heavy package as it bulged mere inches from his face.  The American supporters were elated by the opening onslaught!  They cheered again as Ryan pressed his pouch erotically against Alexi's face, grinding himself against his foe.

    The westerner jumped back down and grabbed the Red Rocket by the wrist.  With a burst of energy, Ryan threw him back-first into the opposite turnbuckle!  The Soviet wrestler's beefy body crashed against the padded turnbuckle!  His arms hung over the top ropes and his head lolled.  Ryan sped forward with his elbow out and... connected it!

    "AUGH!!" Alexi shouted as his foe's elbow thrust into his gut!  Spittle flew from his open mouth, and the big Russian sank to his knees, clutching his abdomen.  He knew now that he'd underestimated the speed and strength of this one.  A low groan was forced from him as Ryan grabbed him by the hair and lifted him to a hunched position.

    "Ungh!" he then grunted as the Colorado Cowboy drove that same elbow down upon his upper back!  Alexi fell to his stomach, coughing and moaning with the new pains.

    "Fuck yeah!" Ryan gloated toward the booing Soviet supporters.  He grabbed his big bulge and shook it quickly.  "That's how we do it back home!"

    Back in Colorado, Aaron, Bailey, and the rest of the Brawny Body Wrestling League, along with hundreds of the town's citizens crowded the local auditorium to watch a live feed of their man bringing home the glory!  They cheered his every blow to the commie's beefy body and laughed as he enraged the other side with his flexes and taunts!

    Ryan decided to treat Alexi's throat to his signature Star-Spangled Lariat.  He hoisted and dragged the Red Rocket up by the arms until he stood on his own near the center of the ring.  Ryan ran back to bounce off the ropes!  The American wrestler, running full speed ahead, gave his opponent a salute with his left hand as his right arm was out, straight, and primed to strike!

    "No more, comrade!" Alexi growled, delivering his red booted foot against his foe's chest!

    "Uwah!!" Ryan grunted, stumbling back, but managing to maintain his footing!

    Alexi gave his foe a salute before pulling his arm back and thrusting his palm forward with the speed of a jet!  The American never saw the blow coming and was knocked flat on his back!

    Those following Alexi's career recognized this attack as the Siberian Slam, his own signature move!  The fans went wild at the reversal, while Ryan's sat stunned!  Despite their loud screams to warn him, their champion seemed utterly incapable of noticing the Russian's obvious recovery!

    Alexi stood over Ryan's downed body and planted a foot upon his chest, striking a side tricep pose meant for the American audience who were watching the fight live on TV.  A growing number of the viewers who once rooted for Ryan became enraptured by the masculine display, while the others shook their heads in belief at all the muscle and skill the Soviet bodybuilder possessed.

    The Red Rocket ran into the ropes and back to his opponent before jumping up high and dropping his tree-trunk-thick leg on Ryan's exposed abs!  The wind left the wrestler's lungs as he took the full impact of Alexi's attack.

    Coughing roughly and holding his abdomen, Ryan turned onto his side, face pressed against the well-worn mat.  He gasped for air, trying to comprehend the unbelievable impact.  He felt as though someone had dropped a slab of granite on his stomach.

    Alexi bent over -- unintentionally giving that side of the arena a nice view of his ass -- and grabbed Ryan by the hair, forcing his unwilling body to its feet.  The American leaned against his opponent for support, garnering the sneering laughs of Alexi's supporters.  Alexi's powerful legs bent forward, the muscles flexing.  He grabbed hold of Ryan's thong strap and sore belly and lifted him up into the air!

    "AUUUUGHHH!!" Ryan cried out as his enemy executed a flawless bodyslam, punishing his back with a colossal crash to the mat!  "Fuck...  Oh, fuck..." the stud groaned, in too great of pain to move.

    The USSR champion delighted his longtime fans (as well as a growing number of converts from the other side) with a cocky most muscular pose.  He bounced his pecs and flashed them a winning smile.  Alexi Volkov felt immense pride to be the one to finally show the world the glorious power and unlimited might of the Soviet Union!

    Alexi thrust his hips once before squatting down low and pressing his hot muscle butt down on Ryan's face!  The blond placed his hands firmly against Ryan's pecs, pinning him down!  Ryan breathed in the sweet scent of his foe's backside as he bucked and thrashed against the pin!

    Norleif dropped down and slapped the mat, counting, "ONE...!  TWO...!  THREE...!  FOUR...!  FIVE...!"

    But Ryan wasn't done yet!  He summoned the strength he needed to push out of the pin and rolled away from danger.  Ryan coughed and struggled to catch his breath.  His face burned with humiliation from the erotic pin attempt.  But he knew he couldn't dwell on it.  He had to get up and fight!

    "Get the fuck up!" Alexi shouted, grabbing a groaning Ryan by the hair and yanking him upright.  "You are here to wrestle, not play nap time!  If you want to giving up, comrade, lay down and let me fuck your ass!"

    Ryan staggered to his feet and shook off the pains that shot from his back and belly.  He turned and growled at Alexi, who was thumbing his pouch and smirking his way.  Ryan ran forward, and the two men locked up in a grapple!

    Ryan managed to get the upper hand and placed Alexi in a headlock!  Not wanting to squander what little advantage he had, he squeezed tightly around the Russian bull's thick neck, hoping to score a successful sleeper.  Alexi pushed firmly against Ryan's arm of steel, but couldn't budge it!

    The American wrestler led his opponent to the nearest corner and attempted to bash his head against the turnbuckle -- but Alexi resisted and countered the attack!  The blond musclestud slammed Ryan's forehead against the top turnbuckle seven times before he let go!  The Soviets in the crowd counted each strike against their champion's foolish adversary!

    Ryan, dazed and confused, stumbled back to the center of the ring when he felt the touch Alexi's hands on his sides!  With a hearty laugh, the Soviet stallion pulled his foe's patriotic thong from his hips!  Ryan's thick cock and big balls sprang free and out in the open, rendering him nude!

    An overwhelming majority throughout the arena burst into laughter at the sight of the wrestler's humiliation!  The cameramen, expecting such a move, made quick work of zooming in on the stud's impressive manhood and bare backside.  Ryan stood in a stupor, not quite sure if what was happening to him was a very bad dream.  He was snapped painfully back to reality, however, once he felt the firm hand of Alexi Volkov spank his rear end.

    "This is a nice butt, comrade," the Soviet teased, giving his enemy another good smack on that muscular ass.  "It will make a fine prize for enjoying."  When Ryan attempted to pull his only clothing back up, Alexi insisted, "Stay this way for me, American dog," and threw him against a neutral turnbuckle!  Ryan's upper body dangled over the padding and top ropes as Alexi casually stripped him completely of his skimpy groin cover.

    The Russian bodybuilder brought the thong to his nose and inhaled the American's scent.  Using it like a slingshot, he then slung it into the front row of the USSR side, where a very lucky middle-aged man caught it!  Like his hero, the man could smell Ryan's fresh, soapy scent mixed with the sweat of his balls on the fabric.

    Alexi leaned against the westerner and cooed masculinely into his ear, "Now you wrestle nude like the Greeks in the days of the Hercules and the Sergios, da?"  He cupped the American's big pecs in his strong hands and kneaded them like dough.

    Ryan's slowly-rising cock spurt a heavy strand of precum onto the middle padding.  He moaned and leaned into the turnbuckle as Alexi's strong fingers massaged his sore chest and tugged on his plump nipples.  He could feel the Russian's heavy, bulging package rub dangerously deep between his buttcheeks.  The thought of that symbol of communism stroking his hole sickened him.

    "Get the fuck off, commie!" Ryan snarled, sending his elbow into Alexi's side!  The blond wrestler grunted with the blow, but backed away before Ryan could hit him again.  Before Ryan could turn around, though, he lunged forward, wrapping his arms around Ryan's belly and lifting his feet high off the mat!

    The fans in the crowds jumped to their feet and screamed their approval as Alexi executed a German suplex!  Ryan howled in pain as his shoulders were slammed against the mat!  His arms went limp and he groaned with the new pains in his upper back.  The cameras that were placed near the lighting high above zoomed in on the action, exposing Ryan's spread legs and pink hole to the world.

    For the second time, Norleif dropped to the mat and slammed his hand down as he began to count, "1...!  2...!  3...!  4...!  5...!  6...!"

    Ryan kicked and thrashed, eventually managing to break free from the second pin attempt!  He scurried away from his opponent and hooked his arm over the nearest middle rope, struggling to sit up.

    His face flushed red as he lay in the ring, butt naked in front of over a hundred thousand people and untold millions watching all over the world.  The match wasn't going as he had expected.  "Damnit..." he grunted.  He was the best of the best!  He should be the one dominating!  Not this damn Russki!

    "Get up and wrestle!" Alexi growled, impatient with Ryan's slowness to rise.  He knelt down and sent several smacks to the American's nude bottom, each harder than the last, reddening it and forcing him onto his feet.

     "You wanna wrestle?  Let's wrestle," Ryan grunted, locking up with Alexi in another hand-to-hand grapple.

    Both men struggled and strained for total control over his adversary.  Their every muscle tensed with determination to overwhelm.  The sheens of sweat covering their bodies shined brilliantly under the hot lights all around them.

    Alexi's handsome face suddenly housed a cocky smirk.  He could feel Ryan weakening in the struggle.  He finally gained the upper hand and pushed the American to his knees!  Ryan bared his gritted teeth and pressed as hard as he could -- but Alexi's muscles wouldn't spare him an inch!

    "It appears that you are enjoying this, comrade," Alexi laughed, his focus between Ryan's thighs.

    The Colorado Cowboy glanced down and realized that his cock was rock-hard!  Ryan was horrified to find that the studly Russian's abuse was turning him on!  And in that instant, he lost what little control he had left in the grapple and felt Alexi's hard fist connect with his face.  Ryan saw stars as he was sent tumbling once more to the mat!

    "Have to beat him...  Have to win one... for the good ol' US of A..." the western stud groaned as he leveraged the last bit of strength left in his arms to sit up.  Sweat poured from his brow as he lifted his head to see Alexi showboating to both sides of the arena.  The blond stud pounded his chest and raised his fists up high.  He then squeezed his pouch and smirked at the Americans sitting in the stands.  His awesome skill, barbaric brawn, and killer smile charmed Ryan's fans, converting more and more of them to his side.

    Ryan finally got to his feet and attempted a sneak attack.  Bellowing loudly, he ran forward, attempting a clothesline on Alexi to knock him down!  But just as he was nearly there, Alexi turned and caught him in a grab!

    "Up you go!" the Soviet stallion shouted, easily lifting the naked wrestler into a bearhug!  The arena once again erupted in cheers for Alexi's continued dominance!

    Ryan struggled quickly to break the hold, but once Alexi's arms were locked around his waist, there was no way out.  He screamed as the Red Rocket slowly tightened the squeeze, like a constrictor would his prey.  He placed his hands on Alexi's beefy shoulders and pushed with all of his might!

    "How do you enjoying my hug, comrade?!" the blond Russian laughed, holding his foe's big, muscular body firmly against his own.  He could feel Ryan's thick, leaking manhood being crushed against his rock-hard abs.  He watched as Ryan's every upper body muscle strained and struggled in vain to free the rest of him from the submission hold.

    The USSR side of the arena roared wildly as Alexi -- who was known for his crushing bearhugs by those closest to him -- squeezed his opponent even tighter!  Ryan relaxed in the hug and let his arms go somewhat limp.  He laid his head on Alexi's shoulder, his face resting in the crook of his foe's neck, waiting and hoping for an opportunity to wriggle out.  The Russian's muscles were hot with power and flush with testosterone; Ryan could feel it radiating from his opponent's unbelievable body.

    "Do you give up?!" Norleif shouted over the cheers, checking Ryan for signs of fainting.

    "NOOO!!" Ryan yelled back at the ref, shaking his head and sending beads of sweat flying.  His agonized expression was captured by the cameramen and broadcast to the entire world.  Those watching in neutral nations wondered if the brown-haired stud could hold out for much longer.  Their loyalties were slowly but surely shifting toward the wrestler from Moscow and his homeland.

    Like the mighty Hercules suffering through a trial of torture, Ryan held strong throughout the bearhug, never uttering his surrender.  Finally, after what felt like an eternity in the strong grip of the Russian powerhouse, Alexi let go, allowing Ryan to fall to the mat.

    The arena fell silent as they watched Alexi walk circles around the Colorado Cowboy's limp body.  The Soviet smirked and started climbing the nearest turnbuckle!  Murmurs of awe among the attendees began to buzz with Alexi's every step up to the top.  His fans -- both longtime and new converts -- burst into roars as he struck a majestic pose from high over the ring.

    Alexi squatted down low before leaping from the top turnbuckle with his elbow outstretched!  The American stud could see it coming, but his back was killing him, and he couldn't summon the strength to roll away in time!  Ryan took the full brunt of the Russian's hard elbow to his weakened abdominals, the impact knocking the wind from his body and propelling him onto his belly!

    Alexi stood over his foe and scooped up a few travelling beads of sweat from his chest.  He flung the salty liquid dismissively onto the nude wrestler's back before giving it a good stomp with his red boot.

    Ryan groaned in confusion when he felt a strange lump against his butt and the sudden gyration that soon followed it.  It took him a few moments to realize what it was, but when he looked back to verify it, he was horrified to find that Alexi was mimicking fucking him!

    The blond stud smirked at a nearby camera as he grabbed hold of Ryan's beefy hips and ground his heavy bulge in between the American's exposed ass.  Ryan's hole twitched as the sweat-soaked fabric brushed firmly against it.

    "You... fuckin'... Russki..." he growled, struggling to reach the nearby ropes to help himself up.  "I'll screw you extra hard for this..."

    Just as he was about to make it, Alexi grabbed his wrists and yanked his arms up and back!  Ryan screamed out as his arms and shoulders were relentlessly and painfully stretched!  Norleif got down on his knees and asked Ryan if he wished to surrender.  His answer was still the same.

    "No, comrade!  I will be the one 'screwing you extra hard' for this!" Alexi laughed, planting his boot on his opponent's back, doubling down on the pressure to Ryan's aching shoulders.  "I will break the American dog," he hissed softly in between applications of pressure, "and he will belong to no man but me!"

    Before Norleif could ask again if he wanted to submit, Alexi let Ryan go.  The blond stud then kicked him swiftly in his side, forcing Ryan onto his back.  Alexi dropped his full weight onto Ryan's upper chest, straddling it and trapping his arms.  Ryan could only groan as Alexi grabbed hold of his head and forced his face into his groin!

    The golden hammer and sickle that covered Alexi's bulging red thong humiliated Ryan, but there was little he could do to but accept the punishment as it came.  The Russian half of the arena roared and waved their flags as Alexi's unbreakable dominance filled them with pride for their nation!  The Americans simply looked on in increasing silence, wondering if their guy really was the best of the best.

    "Da, comrade..." the eastern wrestler grunted lustfully, his firm grasp holding Ryan's head steady.  He spread his legs wider and pressed the Colorado Cowboy's handsome face further into his pouch.  "The Soviet Union is the world's only superpower.  Your people will accept this fact!  Feel its power, my weak jobber bitch!  Feel it and give in!"

    All Ryan could see by then was a blur of yellow and red as his foe continued his humiliation uninterrupted.  He longed for it to somehow be Alexi were he now lay.  He wanted to repeatedly grind the proud stars and stripes against the face of his opponent and bring glory to his country.  With the loss of his thong, he realized that that would never happen now -- perhaps it was never meant to.

    He could smell the manly, erotic scent of Alexi through the fabric.  The dominant, yet pleasant scent intoxicated him and left him lusting for the manhood of this incredible bodybuilder.  It caused his cock to stand at full salute and leak precum down the shaft.  His thin, syrupy lube slid down his heavy balls and dribbled slowly onto the mat.  Knowing that nobody could see him do it, he dared to press his tongue against the fabric, hoping to sneak a taste of the man who now effortlessly dominated him.

    "You are weak -- not fit be wrestler," Alexi snorted, able to feel what Ryan was doing.  Part of him was proud that this jobber was finally learning his place, yet another part of him was disgusted that this was the best the enemy had to offer.  He had more challenge from the Russians in the tournament back home.  "You bring shaming to the name of wrestling!"

    Having finally tired of toying with this inferior, so-called wrestler, the Red Rocket let go of the American's head and moved down to his torso.  Ryan's cock was still rock hard and leaking precum.  Alexi smirked and grabbed hold of the fat manhood.  He looked into the nearest camera and slowly jerked it up and down for the viewers at home to witness how far his foe had fallen.

    Ryan squirmed and moaned out loud, too enraptured by the wonderful feeling of Alexi's rough, manly hand caressing his cock to care that millions of people were watching him be masturbated.  Alexi released Ryan's throbbing cock and wiped his precum-coated hand on the American's belly.

    In one quick motion, the Russian lifted Ryan's leg and held his chest down in a pin!  Everyone in the arena burst into a cacophony of cheers, boos, and laughter.  Norleif dropped to his knees and slapped the mat to count!

    "1...!  2...!  3...!"

    "Get up, Ryan!!  Don't let him beat you!  You can still win!" the last of his fans shouted.  But Ryan couldn't hear them.  All he heard at that moment was the sound of the mat being struck by his ear, like a giant's thunderous steps approaching.

    "4...!  5...!  6...!"

    Ryan moaned and struggled to push against the pin, but he was utterly incapable of summoning the strength he needed to overcome Alexi's might.  He locked eyes with his foe and saw victory in that hard, blue gaze.  Not only victory, however -- he saw fire and grit.  Ryan then realized that he wasn't ready to rule the world of wrestling.  Alexi was the better wrestler in every way and, politics be damned, he deserved to win.

    "Give in to me, comrade," Alexi grunted, bicep holding Ryan's leg up flexing.

    "7...!  8...!"

    Knowing that it was all over for his hopes of winning, Ryan relaxed in the hold, effectively surrendering to his opponent.  Alexi smirked at Ryan and mouthed, 'Good boy', doubling the pressure to make the American know that he could never break it even had he kept trying.




    DING DING DING DING DING!!  The sound of the clanging bell rang out around the arena, signaling the end of the match!  Pyrotechnics of red and gold fired up from all around, and massive alternating banners depicting the flag of the USSR and hands holding the hammer and the sickle fell into place under the upper seats.

    "YES!!" Alexi bellowed his triumph, letting Ryan's leg go and standing to bask in the well-earned glory of his victory!  He brought his massive arms up in a flex for the roaring arena, and bounced his pecs for the fans watching back in Moscow, who were celebrating in homes, bars, and together in Red Square!

    Norleif shouted jovially into his mic, "Your winner of the nation versus nation wrestling match, representing the Soviet Union: Alexi Volkov!!"

    Ryan lay still, limbs spread eagle on the mat as he stared up at the white lights and Soviet-colored flares.  He moaned lowly and looked to the side to see people in the stands out of their seats, pumping their fists and cheering for the winner.  One quick cameraman zoomed in and captured the exhausted expression of the loser.

    In one backroom, where officials from both governments were watching, two sets of articles of surrender had been drafted in the event of either wrestler's victory.  The Soviet officials, smirking smugly and with erections tenting their pants, slid their documents in front of the top US official and his witnesses to sign.  With their signatures, the Cold War was finally over.

    It was an embarrassing defeat for the young country and a devastating blow to the morale of those who considered Russia unfit to be leader of the world.  With Alexi's victory in the pro wrestling match of the century, they were forced to admit that the power and strength of the USSR was legitimate after all.  The mighty nation was ready and eager to take the reigns as the world's superpower.

    Alexi peeled off his thong and held it over Ryan's downed body.  The blond stud wrung his hot sweat out and allowed it to rain down upon the defeated American.  With a baseball champ's speed and precision Alexi threw the damp, balled-up fabric into the crowd, where one of his newly-converted American fans caught it.

    The Russian bodybuilder couldn't resist the urge to perform one last set of poses for his adoring crowd of nearly 100,000.  His nude body reminded them all of a lost, ancient marble sculpture: the conquering hero, standing proudly over his foe, showing his muscles with a long, erect cock adorning his meaty hips.

    Alexi knelt down on one knee and allowed Ryan the honor of seeing his erection throb overhead.  The Soviet grinned arrogantly at him and simply commanded, "Suck."

    With the help of Alexi grabbing his hair and pulling him forward, Ryan was able to sit up and open his mouth to accept the manhood of the victorious wrestler.  Alexi's sweaty, leaking cock covered Ryan's taste buds in its scent, causing the American's own shaft to throb and drool precum.

    "Da...  Use tongue on the slit," Alexi sighed, pushing Ryan's head up and down, repeatedly feeding him every inch of his cock.  "Make your master feel good..."

    Once his blowjob was deemed satisfactory, Ryan was flipped onto his belly.  His hot butt was caressed like a priceless possession and spread wide to expose the tight hole within.  Alexi licked his lips at the sight of the jobber's most private place.

    The Soviet stallion leaned forward and stuck his first two fingers in Ryan's mouth.  "Suck," he repeated, smirking as the westerner's tongue got right to work, coating his thick fingers with saliva.  Alexi pulled away and began to further lubricate his fingers with dollops of the sweet precum that flowed liberally from the slit of his wet cock.  He placed them to Ryan's hole and slowly pushed inside, preparing his new slave for their union.

    Ryan cried out and clawed at the mat as he was fingered by the powerful stud.  He could feel Alexi's thick digits burrow past his tight ring, stretching him.  The Russian's fingers stroked his soft insides, their goal to relax him enough for the invading conqueror's erection to plow.

    "You are being good boy, my American comrade," Alexi chuckled, giving Ryan's leg a gentle rub and patting.  Ryan rested his head against the mat and moaned softly, struggling to adjust to the sensations inside him.  Alexi's fingers probed him deep, defeating his inner muscles and opening him wide.

    "You are ready to... how you say... ride the Red Rocket," Alexi laughed, withdrawing his digits and placing the fat mushroom head of his heavy cock against the American's puckering hole.  Without warning, he plunged inside the softened flesh, causing Ryan to yelp in shock and clamp down tightly around Alexi's cock!

    With the entry of his opponent initiated, the speakers all around the arena suddenly blared the National Anthem of the Soviet Union.  Those from the victorious nation stood in salute as they watched their champion penetrate his weak, fallen foe!  Out of respect for the winner, the others stood, too.

    With one final shove, Alexi hilted himself fully inside Ryan's hole, cementing their new roles as dominant and submissive!  The fans, still standing, jumped and cheered for Alexi, who brought his arms up again in a double bicep pose to reward them for their support.  All around the arena, fans were unbuckling and dropping their pants to masturbate to the sight.

    Alexi grabbed hold of Ryan's hips and began a steady and powerful fucking, his precum lubricating the American's insides all the while.  "You are mine now, capitalist dog," Alexi grunted, enjoying the heat and tightness of the western wrestler's hole.  His big balls smacked against Ryan's with his every thrust deep inside.

    Ryan could only moan quietly and bear the fruits of his failure.  After only a short time, however, his humiliation and pain turned to desire and pleasure.  His cock, trapped between his abs and the mat, throbbed and dripped with the incredible sensations of being bred by the alpha male of pro wrestling.  He found himself eagerly squeezing down around the Russian's fat cock as it delved into him and relaxed as it left, maximizing Alexi's pleasure.

    "Unnhh, yes...  You learn quickly to submit to the power of the hammer and sickle," Alexi hissed before pulling out of his bitch.  He turned Ryan onto his back and mounted him face-to-face.  Plunging back inside the American's ass, Alexi got to work again, fucking away the loser's last remnants of bravado.

    Ryan wrapped his arms and legs around Alexi's broad, muscular back, crying out masculinely with the Russian's increased speed.  He pushed back hotly against the Red Rocket's ravaging thrusts.  Ryan couldn't bear to look at his fans -- most of whom were busily masturbating themselves to the sight of the victory fuck.  The heat of the arena increased tenfold as the sounds and scents of sex filled the air.

    The USSR's anthem -- controlled by the officials in the backroom -- continued to play in a quieter volume as the wrestlers fucked.  So turned on by the man-on-man action in the ring, the high-ranking US officials in the backroom were even on their knees, sucking their Soviet counterparts.  The Soviets would be sure to show their guests a good time that night before their flight back home in disgrace.

    Alexi grabbed Ryan's head in his manly hand and forcefully kissed the American.  His eyes closed, Ryan surrendered once again to the heat of his master, hungrily pressing his lips back in return.  The studs enjoyed the hot, wet kiss as the cameramen picked up their every movement as one.

    "Glory to the might of the Soviet Union," Alexi grunted, breaking off the kiss.  He maintained his hard and fast plowing of Ryan's butt, growling dominantly all the while.  "Say it!"

    "Glory... to the might... of the Soviet Union..." Ryan repeated in a huff, made to feel incredible shame for failing his country and for enjoying what was happening to him now.  He let out a loud moan as Alexi's cock pounded firmly at his prostate, sending him to an even deeper level of submission to the Soviet stallion.

    Cock still buried deep inside, Alexi lifted Ryan into his arms and carried him to the nearest turnbuckle.  The Red Rocket lay his latest conquest on the top padding with his own booted feet securely on the middle ropes.  Alexi gripped Ryan's meaty lats and resumed his breeding of the American's chosen champion.  The fans whose view were from the back were treated to the sight of Alexi's perfect butt as it flexed and relaxed with every thrust.  They could see his big balls swing and sway with the motions of sex.

    The Soviet stud leaned over and took one of Ryan's plump nipples into his mouth.  Ryan's head lolled back; groans of wild lust escaped his mouth as Alexi sucked and chewed on the sensitive flesh.  Ryan shuddered with the unbelievable heat that this foreign wrestler was giving him.  He'd been fucked before -- on those times early in his career when he was still learning the ropes -- but never had he experienced such an intense desire to remain under the control of this Russian bull.  Alexi switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment as his heavy cock continued to dominate Ryan from the inside out.

    Alexi greatly enjoyed the outcome of the match.  Right from the beginning, he held the greatest confidence that he would emerge victorious and show the world that the Soviet Union was the powerhouse that he knew it was.  But even more than that, he found a kind of raw love for this American wrestler.  He loved the way Ryan squirmed under him and the reactions he could gain just from chewing on his tender nipples.  He loved the way that Ryan's hole gripped his cock and the way the American's own manhood stayed rock hard all throughout the entire ordeal.

    Some time later, the two returned to the center of the ring.  Ryan was positioned on all fours, with Alexi, legs spread wide, behind him, fucking away at his upturned backside.  Several of the cameramen in the arena were focused on the pair -- a fact that Alexi played up with a series of flexes and pec bounces.  Ryan, unaware of their presence, remained focused solely on holding up his aching body while he received the pleasure of his master's manhood.

    Alexi grabbed Ryan's hips firmly and rammed his cock inside one last time before thrusting his chest out and roaring with his orgasm!  His heavy cock bounced and erupted rope after rope of thick cum deep into Ryan's hole!

    "Take my cum, comrade!  Keep my seeds inside you!" Alexi grunted, continuing a slow fuck, riding the orgasm to its end.  Globs of his white cream began to seep out around the edges of his erection and ran down Ryan's balls.

    The Colorado Cowboy cried out as his own orgasm struck like lightning, electrifying his body and causing his inner muscles to clamp down around Alexi, milking him for all he had to offer.  The American gritted his teeth and groaned as his cock erupted onto the mat under him, staining it with his cum.  He could feel Alexi's every spurt of cum shoot into him, filling him with the kind of warmth only a stud can provide.

    Alexi soon pulled his softening cock out and smiled at the sight of Ryan's hole pucker in its absence, wanting to be penetrated again.  He looked over to see Norleif on the mat by a neutral turnbuckle and masturbating feverishly.  Going by the sound, Alexi could tell that most of the visitors in the arena had already orgasmed.  Poor Norleif had yet to find relief.

    "Come," Alexi grunted, gesturing for the ref to approach.  The younger bodybuilder crawled over and stared with desire at the American's beaten and sore body.  "I do not believe his mouth has been properly satisfied," Alexi then spoke, leaning over and grabbing Ryan by the hair to hoist him back up.  "He would appreciate to have you be cumming into his throat."

    Afraid that the invitation would be revoked if he hesitated, the horny referee knelt in front of the defeated man's face and guided his cock into Ryan's open mouth.  He held onto that brown-haired head and began a quick and steady plowing.

    "He is good cocksucker, yes?" Alexi snickered, giving his bitch a firm slap on the rear.  A heavy dollop of the Russian's cum spurt out with the impact.  "I am learning American wrestlers good cocksuckers!"

    "Ooooh!" was all Norleif could respond with.  The westerner's tongue was heavenly.  It licked and lapped along his aching shaft and teased his slit with every exit.  It wasn't long before the ref was ready to burst, and, without warning, he exploded his balls' worth of cum down Ryan's throat.

    Ryan choked only once, but managed to gulp down the heaping helping of male protein.  Norleif lovingly massaged Ryan's head as his cock was thoroughly drained and properly tongue-cleaned before falling limp from the wrestler's mouth.

    "What do you say?" Alexi grunted, pulling Ryan's head back to look up at the ref.

    "Thank you..." he huffed and was let go to fall onto the puddle of his own cum.

    Alexi stood and raised his fists high, enjoying the new round of cheers from each and every wrestling fan in that arena.  And though he couldn't see or hear them, he knew that millions around the world who had just witnessed his victory were also chanting his name.

    While Ryan was given a time to rest and recuperate on the mat, two hundred lucky fans (who'd won a grand prize lottery) were allowed to enter the ring one at a time and have their pictures taken with the Red Rocket.   Not yet familiar with the English way of spelling his name, the Russian signed his autographs, "Алекси," sometimes with a quick doodle of the hammer and sickle.

    "Ah..." Alexi said through a grin as Ryan began to stir and sit up.  He'd just finished autographing the last fan's promotional poster and sent him back to his seat with a light pat on his Canadian butt.  Alexi moved to sit next to Ryan and gave him the support his tired body needed.  The warm masculinity emanating from the Russian captivated Ryan.  It was a feeling he couldn't quite comprehend at that moment.  All he knew was that it was comforting and safe.

    "Come to Moscow.  Live with me, my pet," Alexi grunted into Ryan's ear.  His hand glided down the American's back, stopping between the sweaty, muscular buns that protruded from the bottom.  He plunged his first two fingers back into Ryan's semen-filled butt and fucked it slowly.  One ringside cameraman noticed this and zoomed in for the shot.  "We will work and wrestle by day for the glory and expansion of communism, and when you are cold at night, I will share with you the heat of my bed.  I will never let this hole go hungry again."

    Ryan's legs, though firmly on the mat, buckled with the feeling of being penetrated by this bull once more.  He quivered lewdly and leaned against the smirking easterner.  His shaft grew back to full erection, jutting out from his body and leaking onto the mat.

    With his defeat, he was forever a changed man.  With Alexi's domination of his hole, he could no longer go back to a life without him.  None of the men back home were like Alexi.  It was Alexi he wanted filling him again and again.  "I... I will...  I'll go with you," he finally moaned out.

    "You are good boy," the blond stud grunted, pressing his lips firmly to his new love's mouth and kissing him with deep desire.  Their tongues engaged in a wrestling match of their own, battling one another inside their hot, wet mouths.

    Alexi pulled away and shoved his inferior to the mat.  Thrown the ruby red flag of the USSR by Sergei, his bodyguard and close friend, Alexi draped the cloth over Ryan's head, sending the Russian side of the arena into roars of approval!

    The nude wrestler, cock proudly erect once again, placed his red booted foot atop Ryan's chest and posed for one final round of flashing cameras -- these photos would appear with the full match rundown on the front page of every newspaper in the world.

    Alexi Volkov would be forever immortalized as the man who changed the course of history toward the Soviet Union and allowed the eastern nation to overtake the United States as the world's superpower.


    Five months had passed since Ryan's complete and total defeat in Norway.  Making good on his promise, the American had relocated to Moscow, Russia to live with the most powerful wrestler in the world.  Though Alexi had defeated and humiliated him in front of a worldwide audience, Ryan couldn't help but feel love for the big stud.

    Ryan took to the new location with relative ease and quickness.  He found that Moscow offered many of the same things he enjoyed back home -- though it took a bit of time for him to get used to people pointing him out and snickering things to each other in their native tongue.  It was also a bit weird to see pictures of himself being pinned and fucked, blown up 100x on posters hanging as decorations on buildings.

    Ryan and Alexi wrestled as tag team partners in Alexi's federation -- now the most popular fed in the world.  On occasion, they would battle against each other in fights billed as rematches, oftentimes drawing record-breaking crowds with their appearances.  Each and every time, of course, Alexi would stomp him into submission and pound his butt to jelly.

    The Colorado Cowboy -- now back to using his old nickname: Ryan the Lion -- eventually received a letter from Aaron, his old boss, and the guys back at the fed.  They were disappointed that he'd chosen to live with Alexi, but glad to know that he was at least happy.  Ryan knew that one day, he'd bring Alexi with him back to America and wrestle with those guys again.  He knew that Bailey, out of all of them, would love most to get in the ring with the Red Rocket.  That young punk would throw the fight just for a chance to get that Soviet stallion's cock inside his horny butt.

    The sunlight of a new morning shined through the bedroom window of Alexi and Ryan's new, bigger home, rousing the blond bodybuilder from his slumber.  He rubbed his eyes and grunted, sliding the sheets halfway down his nude body.  Alexi looked over to see Ryan sleeping next to him, his big chest slowly rising and falling.

    The Red Rocket leaned down to kiss Ryan on the lips.  The American opened his eyes and smiled, returning the bit of morning tenderness.

    "Good mornings," Alexi grunted, running his hand down Ryan's massively-muscular chest and belly, toward his leaking erection.  He grasped the large shaft and slowly pumped it up and down, causing his love to moan and writhe in their bed.

    Suddenly, Ryan thrust his hips into the air and moaned out as he shot his load onto his chest and the bedding.  Alexi chuckled and licked his fingers clean.

    "You will be punished for this, Ryan.  How many times I tell you, 'wait until master cum'?"  Alexi aimed his throbbing cock at Ryan's face and demanded, "Now suck."

    As Ryan opened his mouth and received a hearty breakfast of the Russian bull's big, fat cock, all he could think of was how lucky he was to have been pitted against such a stud.  He may have lost The Cold Wrestling War, but he won in so many other ways.

    The End

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  1. Are you going to make an alternate ending for this one too? I like seeing it go both ways :)

    1. No, I'm afraid this one will stay as it is. :\ It was a lot of work getting this one finished, and I'm ready to move on to a new project.

  2. Magnificent, simply magnificent as always!

  3. Great art work! But it is a pity the lack of ballbusting moves like punches, kicks and stomps...

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I did neglect to do ball punishment for this story, sorry!

  4. That kiss while he's pounding the American - probably your best graphic ever! I think that's gonna be a coffee cup for me some day.

  5. "He is good cocksucker, yes?" -- Priceless.

    I love the shot of the Soviet flag draped over the American's face. But I'm convinced you're a secret Communist!

    I agree there should have been some ball punishment, but then I'm bent that way. Great story.

    Are these all based off the Genesis figure?

    1. Thank ya! And if you like that part, then I think that you're a secret commie. *grin*

      The figures are Michael 4 + the FREAK 4. Genesis doesn't offer the kinds of muscle morphs I want, so I'm staying away from it for now. I'd hoped that with FREAK 5 they would've given something close to what I want, but his musculature is all chunky and lumpy. Just weird.

    2. Ah, I never went above Michael 3 (and didn't like him nearly as much as M2). The Ogre in my last movie was built from the original Freak (the human was David 3). Anyway, the reason I asked was because I love your nipple morphs and wondered if you built them or bought them. But since your models are higher ranked, they probably wouldn't work for me... :(

    3. My guys' nipples are extruded and shaped with Morphs++ (for Michael 4), so yeah, that wouldn't work. :\

  6. Wow, awesome story. Loved every panel and paragraph from beginning to end.

  7. Just WOW! I was still impatiently awaiting this post when I stumbled upon it. lol. This is amazing! This exceeded all of my expectation for a story on this topic. Maybe you can settle other historical conflicts. I have to say; I know it's primarily about the panels, but your writing is taking center stage too! This might be my favorite story... Along side The MCNF of course. BTW, I was actually going to write one, but have you ever thought of a writing a prison fight?

    1. Aw, thanks! That's nice of you to say!

      Actually, this story was supposed to be primarily about the text with the illustrations being the enhancers. *laughs* I know that's... probably a bit confusing after what I said before. But yeah, I went into this one with text in mind, so it's a lot more in-depth than most of my other posts.

      I definitely wouldn't mind doing another erotic alternate history story sometime in the future.

      I've thought of doing one, but I haven't gotten around to even thinking of what it would be like yet. When you get done with it, be sure to leave a link to it somewhere here! I'm sure the others, like myself, would love to read it!

    2. Oh, wow, certainly! Thanks! I appreciate the gesture! It'll be my first attempt, but we all have to have one. I'd love to have a cruelly honest critique, if you have it in ya :)

    3. Totally would not have it in me, personally, do to any brutally honest critiques! I'm too much of a baby for that. *grins*

      Regular critiquing, I can do, if you'd like. :D

    4. Well, I usually prefer it rough (my criticism, that is), but That'll work too :)

  8. Any thought of a follow-up to this story? Would be interesting to see more...

    1. I haven't actually had any ideas for continuing this particular story. I do like the characters, though, and have continued development on Alexi (and Ryan to a lesser extent) with the Olympian Knockout story. I will be making a new short story soon about the Australian wrestler Gorilla from Olympian Knockout which will likely feature Alexi and/or Ryan.

      But as for The Cold Wrestling War, I don't have any sequels planned for it, sorry. Thanks for your interest and for commenting!

    2. Dude! Chris! Lucky Stallion!

      Another fantastic, erotic masterpiece. I enjoyed it all, and to paraphrase an '80's classic movie quote (I hope I'm correct or close, lol) "Like, whoa dude, I totally, like, enjoyed this to the max."

      As for a sequel? Even though it's been years since you created this, try this on for size. One of the parts of this story that could be quite tasty to craft a sequel from is the scene when the American officials were on their knees in the backroom, sucking the cocks of their Soviet counterparts. Yum! And you included in those few lines the Soviets were going to show their American counterparts a good time that night before sending them home in disgrace.

      That turns my crank on Big Time! I imagine both groups being comprised of civilian and military personal. I envision studly American Marines, or Navy, or Army, or Air force officers in sexy, tight uniforms in that backroom, along with CIA and Politicians in tight suit pants, etc. ALL ON THEIR knees, greedily slurping, sucking, kissing, etc the huge cocks of their new Soviet 'masters'.

      The Soviets are similarly dressed, all with huge erections jutting out from their own tight uniform or dress pants openings.

      What comes and cums that night? Those hunky and hot dominating Soviet men plowing, pounding and pulverizing their new submissive bois every way possible. Until the Americans leave with figurative gallons of tasty sweet, superior Soviet Union jizz shot down the throats and up the pussies of these newly minted muscled bottom bitches from the U.S.A.

      Again, it's just a wish within a hope within a dirty desire... lol!

      Take care, Chris! You Rock!

      B. Thomas

  9. Great story, great panels. Love a story where the alpha meets a bigger alpha. Hero comes out looking like a jobber. Stud becomes submissive to more dominant stud. Just found your work, but now a huge hard fan...

    1. Thanks much, man! I'm glad to hear you liked it. Just about all of my work is geared toward alpha males clashing with only one emerging on top, so quite a bit of it should be to your liking.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  11. truly sensational [ as a wrestler myself ] this really looked so real to me, so very well done my man, [ and what happened in the end is my prize for winning also]...............truly sensational