Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crush the Dwarves!

Crush the Dwarves! is my next series that was chosen by quite a few of you guys to proceed into full-scale production!  I've finally finished it up and it's ready to be posted!  Crush the Dwarves! takes place in the same world and time as my previous 100+ panel (yeah... that was crazy) series The Last Battle.  This series blends one of my mostly-untouched characters, a dwarf named Remgo, into that world.  The dwarves are allied with men, for they fear what a world dominated by the savage, muscle monsters known as the orcs would be like.

Overlord Krag, the leader of the orcs, has been informed by sympathizers of orc rule of the dwarves' interference in their campaign against the humans.  This news has infuriated the big boss.  He immediately dispatched several of his orcs to the mountain region, the homeland of the earth-dwelling dwarves, with one simple command, "CRUSH THE DWARVES!"

This story will be accompanied by a bonus alternate ending, set to arrive in the near future.  But in the meantime, sit back, rip off your pants, and enjoy Crush the Dwarves!

The hot summer sun beat down upon the rocky, craggy hills where Remgo was sent by the king of the dwarves to mine and gather raw materials for their human allies.  Shocked by the orc leader, Overlord Krag’s, sudden invasion and domination of several small human settlements, Remgo was one of the first dwarves to volunteer his muscle in aiding the humans.  With his granddaddy’s pickaxe, several empty burlap bags, and his squeaky wheelbarrow, Remgo was all set to bring back a big haul that day.

The dwarf worked himself for hours, filling nearly all of his bags.  But the heat that day forced him to slow his work to an agonizing crawl.  Hoping to catch a cool breeze upon his naked groin, he slid his green thong down and allowed his heavy cock and balls to swing free.  Remgo used the fabric to sop up a bit of sweat that had begun to form across his brow before tossing the tiny slip of fabric on a nearby barrel to dry.

It was only moments later that a trespasser appeared in the area!  With Remgo’s loud humming and the clanging of his pickaxe against rock, the dwarf never heard the big creature’s stomps up the hill.  Standing at the edge of the worksite was a hulking brown orc!

"This place reeks of dwarf..." the brute grunted, sniffing deeply.  Truthfully, dwarf was nearly all Urahg could smell when he and his fellow orcs invaded their enemies' territory two days ago.  He was one of several orcs tasked with destroying the dwarves for their assistance of the pathetic humans!  Any and all resistance was to be stomped and all dwarves were to be fucked deep and enslaved on sight.

Stepping closer into the site, Urahg found the source of the smell!  He growled at the stout little fool who busied himself with busting minerals from the earth.  All that the little pest struck and bagged belonged to the orcs!  The brown orc crept closer to the oblivious humanlike creature.

"Oh, the rocks be little ‘n really hard, but so are we!" Remgo sang, unaware of the imminent danger the nearby orc posed.  He continued to chop away, hoping that it would only be a few more swings before he could return home and soak himself in a nice hot spring with his fellow dwarves.  He grinned to himself as he thought of the older dwarves, strutting butt naked around the communal bath, showing off their still-impressive erections, calling out, "What do yeh think of this, lads?  Pretty good still, eh?"

The sooner he finished here, the sooner he could join those old dwarves and strut with them!  He pulled back for another swing...

...And suddenly lost control of his granddaddy’s pickaxe!  The instrument was suddenly yanked from his grasp and held away from him!  Remgo gasped and looked over his shoulder to see a massive brown orc standing right behind him!  The dwarf was familiar with the brown orcs: they were much like the normal green breed, only their constant inhalation of the clay dust that hanged in the air of the mountainous area turned their skin a brown hue.  It was believed that should they leave that environment, the brown orcs would return to a greenish hue over time.

"The price for stealing from Overlord Krag is steep, little dwarf!" Urahg growled deeply, squeezing the pickaxe in his firm grip.

In a display of his strength, the orc pulled back and flung the unearthing tool with all of his might!  Urahg grunted loudly as Remgo watched in shock as the pickaxe soared through the air, clear across the dig site!  He knew that the orcs were strong, but he had no idea that they could possess such power.

The pickaxe landed in a hill far from where they stood.  The metal embedded itself in the rock, causing a fracture to form!  Several shards of stone fell from the cracked hunk of earth.

Urahg snorted and turned back to glare at Remgo.  He fully expected the dwarf to wet himself with fright and attempt an escape into the mountains.  But there would be no escape.  No dwarf would be allowed to go free!

But when Urahg locked eyes with the dwarf, what he saw in return was nothing short of rage.  The pint-sized stud snarled at him, baring his humanlike teeth.

"Yer overlord can suck a right fat cock if'n he thinks an orc can scare off ol' Remgo!"

Urahg was caught off guard by the explosion of anger from such a small creature!  Remgo surprised him further by leaping high into the air at him!  The orc managed a small step back, but his massive frame was unable to move quick enough!

Remgo affixed his legs around the clayskin's muscular torso, toppling him back and to the earth!  Urahg grunted in shocked from the loss of his footing!  All he could see as he descended to the ground was the dwarf atop him, fists clenched and scowling.

Urahg had never before battled such a small creature, and was momentarily stunned by the way in which it fought back.  His brain buzzed with ways to effectively counter such attacks, but all that ended up doing was giving Remgo time to inflict as much damage as he could get away with!

He hit the rough ground and skidded back, his tough skin breaking the earth and sending bits of useless dirt flying into the air all around him.  Urahg winced at the burns from the skid, but didn't believe his injuries to be much else.

Remgo pulled his legs back to protect his feet from the ground as he rode the orc's chest all the while.  He locked eyes with the brute and growled, "Yeh orcs're gettin' bigger ‘n uglier all the time!"

Urahg snarled at the insult, but grunted with the solid punch that Remgo landed on his cheek!  The orc groaned, his head lolling back to rest.

Remgo quickly leapt off of the orc's big chest and jumped high into the air!  He aimed his rear down on Urahg's hard gut, hoping to land a butt stomp and take some of the wind out of his giant opponent!

Dazed by the blow, Urahg could only lay there and wonder why a peach-colored blur had jumped into the sky, only to came back down again...

"HURK!!" the orc howled breathlessly!  The dwarf's butt stomp took the breath out of his lungs with the impact!  Remgo raised his fists high and grunted with the small victory!  He then stood and delivered a series of kicks to the vulnerable orc's side.  Urahg grunted and took the blows without much resistance.

What little bit of Urahg that could comprehend everything was livid.  The orc snarled and forced the world to come back into focus.

Urahg suddenly felt a cool breeze whip around his groin as his loincloth was yanked from his waist by the little warrior!  The orc flushed with embarrassment at being forcibly stripped by his opponent!  He groaned and struggled to turn onto his side to rise again.

Remgo burst into laughter, wriggling the little bit of fabric that managed to hold together.  "C'mon, lad," he mocked his downed foe.  "Lose the cover ‘n let's do this skin-ta-skin!"

Urahg rose to his feet quickly.  If the dwarf wanted to wrestle nude, he would oblige!  The hulking orc swept his leg to his opponent's shins, toppling him onto the ground with a grunt!  Remgo dropped the shred of cloth, only for the wind to steal it away from them.

The clayskin sent his fist down to the dwarf's chest, only to miss as the stout stud moved and caught the blow to his shoulder instead.  Remgo cried out with the dull, throbbing pain.  Urahg took the opportunity to send another blow into the same spot, making the dwarf howl.

Urahg grunted and grabbed Remgo's wrists, hoisting him up and into the air.  The pint-sized muscleman could only hang helplessly in the growling orc's hold.

Suddenly, the orc slammed his knee up and into Remgo's hard gut, instantly winding the dwarf!  Remgo's gut felt as though a boulder had just fallen upon it.  But Urahg wasn't finished.  He wanted to make the dwarf pay for his earlier humiliation.

Urahg tossed Remgo into the air!  As the dwarf descended, the orc's knee was waiting once more to pulverize the muscles protecting his stomach!  Urahg placed his hands upon the softskin's back and delivered one last thrust into Remgo's unprotected belly.

The dwarf slid from his opponent's knee and crumpled to the ground, clutching his stomach and crying out for relief.  But there would be no respite from this enemy!

"Little fool!" Urahg growled as he lifted Remgo's body up high over his head!  "No mere dwarf can overcome the power of an orc!!"

The brown orc's thumb pushed between Remgo's aching butt cheeks and found the hole hidden between.  The orc snorted and growled as he roughly played with the tight pucker, causing Remgo to grunt and squirm in his hand, struggling to free himself!

Just before the dwarf could manage to slide down from the orc's overhead lift, he felt the powerful muscles keeping him airborne move!  With a grunt and a single flick, Urahg threw the earth-dweller back toward the dig site!

Remgo shouted in shock as his stout body glided helplessly through the air!  The dwarf landed against his barrels, which he praised for not only breaking his fall, but for withstanding the impact.  Knowing the ramifications of his inaction, Remgo forced himself to rise and jump back into the fray to fight and win!

The little dwarf and his adversary were dripping in sweat, and their heaving bodies ached from the fight.  Both knew that the battle would soon be over and that he would emerge victorious.

Remgo spread his arms wide in an attempt to make himself appear bigger before the colossal orc.  He then snarled, "We end this here and now!  Come, orc!  I will make my ancestors proud and defeat the greatest threat ta man and dwarf!"

But Urahg held no fear of being defeated by such a puny creature.  He'd displayed superior strength in this fight and he knew that it would be he who would win in the end.  But even with that fact filling him with confidence of the outcome, the orc knew to be on his guard.  Dwarves were pathetic in his eyes, but he knew that complacency could spell his downfall.

Hunched over and scowling, Urahg snarled back, "I will take pleasure in breaking your body upon my cock.  Then, once your pitiful cries for mercy have ceased, I will enjoy watching you spend the rest of your days in servitude to the glory of Grohmah!!"

Both dwarf and orc tensed up and readied themselves to end the fight and claim victory for their side!

Urahg moved quickly, and with speed that Remgo hadn't expected, he sent his huge fist into the dwarf's face, knocking him with a devastating punch!  Urahg pulled back and released another blow to the dwarf's jaw!  Remgo shouted and moaned, unable to defend himself from the onslaught!

The clayskin grabbed hold of Remgo's head and brought his fist back once more, bringing it at full strength to the dwarf's chest, making quick work of wearing down his short opponent's beefy pectorals.  Twice more each, Urahg punished Remgo's pecs, bringing the dwarf to slump forward, supported only by the orc's firm grasp on his head.

Sensing that the dwarf would soon pass out from the body blows, Urahg sent the back of his hand to Remgo's face, slapping him back to reality.  Urahg enjoyed weakening these proud beings.  Like the humans, dwarves believed themselves to be at the top of the food chain -- masters of the world.  They would soon learn otherwise!

Dazed and unable to focus on the fight, Remgo stumbled around on his large, dwarfish feet.  Urahg chuckled cruelly as he watched the little stud stagger, arms out and trying to balance himself.

"Let me give you a hand," the orc grunted, regaining his hold of the dwarf's mohawk-haired skull!  Urahg lifted Remgo off the ground with little effort and enjoyed his opponent's futile squirms for escape.  Remgo never noticed Urahg's other hand, clenched in a tight fist and shaking, before the brown orc sent it soaring toward his exposed torso!

The fight to continue on nearly left the battered dwarf as he lay still in the orc's massive hand.  Urahg sent his fist into Remgo's gut several more times, each blow softening and wearing down the abdominal muscles.  The orc moved his hand to squeeze his opponent's thigh and backside.  His large fingers found their way between his sweaty cheeks and to the treasure they contained.  Remgo moaned with a mixture of pleasure and fear as his brutish enemy once again stroked his most personal spot.

"Surrender to me, little one," Urahg cooed masculinely, his voice as low and commanding as he was big.  His middle fingertip ran circles around the dwarf's pink pucker.  He could feel the skin around the hot entrance melt to his touch, so close to surrendering to his power.  "You have lost.  Know that I will fuck this hole with great pleasure.  You will beg me for it."

"N-No..." Remgo gasped out with what little breath he had managed to pull back into his lungs.

Urahg pulled his finger from the dwarf's hot buns and gave them a mighty slap, causing the stout humanlike creature to cry out.  The orc smirked and held his body close.  But before Remgo could think of stealing a moment to rest and somehow turn the tide of battle in his favor, his enemy trapped his wrists by his sides!  Urahg moved quickly to wrap his arms around the dwarf and snare him in a bearhug!

Remgo thrashed and struggled to free himself before it was too late!  Urahg snarled and squeezed even harder to contain the dwarf's squirming, causing his joints to crack and pop with the pressure.  "GIVE IN TO ME!" the orc then roared at the top of his voice.  "SUBMIT!!"

"Nggggh!  Never..." the dwarf hissed through clenched teeth.  He struggled desperately to free himself from the clayskin's grasp.  But even with both warriors' bodies drenched in sweat, the orc was easily able to hold his prey exactly where he wanted him.

Urahg squeezed with all of his might around the pint-sized stud!  His arms felt like an anaconda to Remgo, squeezing the life from his body.  Yet, despite the intense pain, he refused to surrender to the big brute!

The orc snorted and grunted, enjoying the challenge of breaking the little one's body with his arms alone.  Quite early in life, Urahg had found his arms to be his best -- and most favorite -- way to destroy his enemies.  No matter how many times he'd done it by now, every human he defeated in his bone-crushing bearhug felt just as satisfying as the last.  He was eager to add this insolent dwarf to his ever-growing list of triumphs.  Softskins with enormous, unwarranted pride like Remgo felt best trapped in his hug, quickly coming to terms that they aren't as powerful as they'd once believed.  It would be a painful and humiliating lesson the dwarf would be forced to learn.

Remgo was at his limit, and he knew that Urahg could sense it, too.  The thick-bodied stud held out for as long as he could, but, like so many before him, he, too, screamed an all-too-familiar cry of defeat with the onslaught of the orc's final squeeze!  The dwarf fainted and fell limp in the orc's superior arms.  For the first time since their encounter, his unmoving form was at the total mercy of the brute.

Urahg, son of Durahg, brown orc of the mountainous lands, has claimed victory over the dwarf named Remgo!  Holding his prized prey close to his body, Urahg uttered a mighty roar of triumph!  The lesser creatures in the distance shuddered in fear at the sound, knowing that an orc has claimed another victim.

The orc's cock rose to full erection, standing proud and tall -- an undeniable symbol of his strength and virility in the heat of combat.  Strands of sweet, orcish precum began to pearl and drool from the fat head of his excited orchood.  His heavy balls hung low and ready to empty their contents into the loser.

The orc dumped the limp body of the fallen dwarf to the ground where it landed with a dull thud.  He placed his foot upon the dwarf's chest and raised his sweat-soaked arms in a double bicep pose, admiring the muscles that vanquished the weak and pathetic softskin who dared to challenge his dominance!  With one more of them defeated, Urahg was that much more certain that his overlord's plans would succeed!  With one less dwarf to meddle in the campaign against mankind, the orcs would surely destroy King Ranzen and claim the world and its beings as their own!

Urahg ran his strong hands over his new slave's body, enjoying the muscle packed into the dwarf's compact frame.  He took the plump penis into his fist and gave it several slow squeezes, snorting to himself.  He then cupped and inspected the balls.  They were fat and heavy with seed -- nearly the size of a normal human.   He would make sure to punish the dwarven seed sac later.

It was a simple matter for the orc to turn the unconscious dwarf onto his shoulders and bend his meaty legs back far enough to create a makeshift throne in which to sit.  The insides of the dwarf's sweaty butt was exposed to the caresses of the stray winds.  Urahg ran his fingers between the hot cheeks, enjoying the softness between.  That was one good thing he enjoyed about the pathetic lesser beings -- their backsides were softer and made for better breeding.  He stuck his middle finger against his leaking erection and gathered up a healthy amount of precum, which he then applied as lubricant to the dwarf's hole.  He could tell the stout creature had taken a number of cocks from the various races up his ass before.  Urahg chuckled to himself.  He knew his massive meat would make Remgo feel as though he were a virgin all over again.

Asleep and unaware of the world, Remgo's inner defenses were lax and allowed the orc's thick digit to penetrate his depths.  A hotness enveloped Urahg's finger.  He licked his lips at the velvet softness of the dwarf's insides, and he began to finger fuck him in earnest, preparing him for what was to come.  As though uttering a symphony of acceptance, a series of squelches and squishes eventually sounded from the hole, telling the orc that his slave was ready to take him.

Remgo soon awoke to a burning pain in his butt!  His hole instantly clenched down around Urahg's finger!  The orc laughed out loud as the dwarf's muscles worked to eject the invader from his tunnel.  But Urahg pressed back down, forcing his enemy's defenses to relax and accept his entry!  Remgo cried out in heat as the brute's rock-hard fingernail brushed against his prostate, sending a thunderbolt of pleasure throughout his body.  Droplets of sweat dripped from the orc's ass, coating Remgo's face with the scent of his new master.

"W-What're yeh doin'?!" he gasped out, dazed by the experience.  "Nngh!  Too... too big...!"

"Relax, little slave," Urahg grunted, continuing to drill his finger into the dwarf's upturned hole.  "Your days of stifling Overlord Krag's plans are over.  You belong to Grohmah now."

Remgo had forgotten of the orcs' sap of arousal, which secretes from their cocks and has been known to be a powerful agent able to render other races -- particularly human and dwarf -- incapable of resistance.  As Urahg continued to coat Remgo's insides with the sweet lubricant, the dwarf never realized that his feelings of desire for the big, brutish beast atop him were not his own.  At least not yet.   His moans grew louder and his sighs lingered longer.  He couldn't realize exactly what it was he wanted.  All he knew was that his master provided the key to scratching this newfound itch deep inside his body.

Once he was satisfied that his bitch was thoroughly prepared, he allowed Remgo's legs to fall back to earth.  The dwarf suddenly felt very empty and groaned with the feeling.  His cock was throbbing, displaying his shameful arousal of the orc's ministrations.  But before he could scramble onto his hands and knees to present his ass to the orc for the hope for another round of fingering, Urahg had squatted over his lower half.

The erect cock of the clayskin stood proudly before Remgo, leaking the dangerous fluid that had already ensnared his desires.  Without requiring a command, Remgo affixed his lips around the mighty meat and began to drink from the slit!  Urahg grunted in pleasure as the littler creature got to work worshiping his cockhead.  The dwarf's tongue was rewarded with a heavy dollop of sweet precum, driving him further into the depths of desire to serve the orcs.

"Yes, little dwarf!" the orc laughed as Remgo's sucking became deeper and more insistent.  He placed his hand around the dwarf's head and pushed him closer.  His hips thrust gently to and fro, working his meat deeper into that warm, wet mouth.  "Pleasure your master!  Drink your fill!  DRINK!!"

With a belly full of the orc's fluids, Remgo was pulled away from sucking Urahg's mighty cock.  The dwarf belched loudly and gave the shaft long, loving licks from its base to the tip, drinking up any drops he may have missed.  The brown orc grabbed his bitch and turned him around to face the mountains that the orcs have now claimed as their own.  He thanked Remgo for packaging its valuable ores, telling him that the material will be used to drive the human king Ranzen to his knees in defeat.

But Remgo no longer cared about such trivial things.  At that moment, he only wanted his master's cock in whatever holes he would graciously fill.

Remgo groaned out in bliss as the orc's fat cock penetrated his welcoming hole!  Urahg grunted deeply, relishing the feel of the softskin's insides caressing his throbbing shaft.  The battle was hard fought, but the subjugation and enslavement of this creature had been worth it.  For Remgo's part, somewhere deep in his subconscious, he was happy that he'd lost the fight.  He felt incredible with this big beast's shaft sliding deeper and deeper inside his ass.  The orc's cock continually leaked its sap of arousal into him, absorbing into his system and strengthening his amorous bond with the muscle monster.

Urahg wasted no time in getting to the fuck.  His hips thrust upward and downward, skewering the pint-sized slave repeatedly.  Remgo grunted and moaned with every thrust into his inviting hole.  His muscles squeezed down around the invader, massaging and pleasuring it as best he could.  Urahg grabbed hold of the dwarf's fat cock and, in what Remgo interpreted as a reward, began to masturbate him!  Precum drizzled down the dwarf's cock, coating Urahg's hand in the thin fluid.

"Surrender to me, dwarf!" Urahg growled, wanting a verbal submission.  "Submit to orc power!!"

"Aye..." Remgo immediately declared through a gasp, locking eyes with the orc.  "Yer... my... master..."

Urahg brought his new slave to the ground and continued to plow his hefty cock in and out of the nicely-stretched hole nestled between the dwarf's cheeks.  Orc mated dwarf roughly under the hot summer sun, the winner of the fight having proven his dominance over the loser.  Remgo shuddered and clung to Urahg's broad shoulders and beefy midsection.

The faces of the two males were a mere hairsbreadth apart.  All that was shared between the two were masculine grunts and a deeper understanding about their new relationship with each other.  Remgo finally realized his place in the world, and as Urahg's never-fading erection pummeled his butt, he realized that the orcs were the rightful rulers of these lands and all who were allowed to live upon them.

Lost in their fuck, they were unaware of the scuffling of footsteps up the slope that led to the dig site.  The footsteps belonged to Little Zug, one of the warriors tasked with destroying the human race for the glory of the orcs!  Zug had just finished teaming up with his partner, Gorg, to destroy a foolish human farmer and his son.  He and Gorg claimed the farm as orc territory and were promised handsome rewards by their ruler, Overlord Krag.  With Gorg off to find his next target to crush, Overlord Krag directed Zug toward the mountain lands, where unwanted dwarven activity was discovered by spies sympathizing with the orcs.

Zug's journey across the region was hindered by the human allies, all of whom the miniature green slugger wrestled and fucked into submission and had carried off to Grohmah.  Attracted by the sounds of grunting and the smell of sex carried on the winds, Zug had made his way to the source of the arousing senses.  What awaited him was a very pleasant sight.

Remgo and Urahg turned their heads toward their audience.  Although he was small by orc standards, Little Zug was just about the size of a normal human.  The dwarf, not one known to fuck in front of a complete stranger -- much less an enemy of his race -- thought nothing of the other orc standing there, leering at him with a smirk on his face.  His eyes trailed down the greenskin’s muscular body and to the rock-hard, throbbing erection that waggled in the breeze.  Remgo licked his lips at the sight as dirty thoughts crept into his mind.  He’d never seen an orc so short.  Even with his typical dwarven stature, he could tell that this other champion was easily taller than himself.

Urahg was pleased to see his brother orc standing nearby.  It’d been a while since he’d seen one of his own kind in these dwarf-infested lands.  "Gruh!   Zug!  Come closer!" he called out in surprise, beckoning the green orc to approach and help him finish his task.

Zug stepped close and knelt down to watch Urahg's victory fuck of the pitiful dwarf.  He admired the sweat that rolled off the brown orc's back and the forceful thrusts of his orchood into the dwarf's well-stretched bottom.  Zug moved to Remgo's front and placed his first two fingers around the bearded mouth of the short, humanlike creature.  Remgo opened his lips and engulfed Zug's salty fingers, suckling them as though they were his cock.  The short, green orc smirked and allowed the dwarf to humiliate himself in such a way.

"You've broken him well, Urahg," Zug grunted, pulling his fingers from their slave's lips.  Remgo stuck his tongue out, desperately trying to grab some of the precum leaking from Zug's shaft.

"I think the bitch wants your cock," Urahg laughed, thrusting harder.  By now, Remgo's ass was overflowing with the orc's sap of arousal.  The sweet, freshly-churned cream seeped from around the pliant ring's edges and slopped onto the ground.  "I'm busy working on this hole; you can have the other."

Without pulling out, Urahg twisted Remgo around until his chest faced the earth.  He rested his knees on the ground and resumed his fucking as Zug took his place at the dwarf's mouth.  The orc guided his green shaft into the open lips of the defeated softskin.  Remgo's lips and tongue got to work, sucking and slurping on the green orc's erection.  Zug sighed happily and placed his hand upon Urahg's shoulder for support.  The clayskin returned the embrace and held his brother orc steady as they screwed the dwarf hard.

Finally, Urahg's heavy cock was ready to seed its latest conquest!  The brown orc threw his fists to the sky and closed his eyes.  Arching his back, he opened his mouth and roared in victory as his cock erupted tens of billions of sperm cells into the dwarf's over-stuffed butt!  Urahg felt incredible ecstasy as Remgo's hole spasmed and tightened down around his orgasming shaft.  He could feel his bitch squirming; the dwarf, too, was cumming!

Remgo, mouth full of green orc cock, shouted and shuddered in explosive bliss.  Every inch of his body was electrified with pleasure as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his many years on the earth.  His throbbing cock unloaded its entire balls' worth of cum onto the ground below him, spilling and wasting the seed he'd wanted to plant in the orc's hot, sweaty ass.  But Urahg was the winner of the fight, and thus had earned the right to breed the loser.

Zug grunted and, though he'd pumped his cum into several dwarves over the past two days, unloaded several fresh dollops into the defeated stud's hungry gullet.  Remgo gulped down the small orc's salty fluids and continued to work in earnest to clean and nurse the orc's meat as it began its transformation back to normal.

His belly and hole stuffed and drenched with the thick cream of orckind, Remgo uttered a low sigh and fell onto his side, drifting into a deep sleep.  As Urahg slid his semi-erect cock from its victim's butt, a splatter of his own cum gushed out, causing the clayskin to grunt with satisfaction.

Urahg and Zug took a moment to relish their victory.  Urahg, muscles pumped and heart racing, raised his arms and thrust his chest toward the sky.  Deep, ragged breaths shook from his open jaws as his chest rose and fell, shedding his salty battle sweat onto the ground.

"ORCS WILL RULE THIS WORLD!!" the clayskin roared to the human gods, taunting them with his and his brother orcs' rapid series of conquests.  Zug raised his arms in a double bicep pose, enjoying Urahg's boldness.

Urahg grabbed Remgo by the ankle and slung his unconscious body onto the very bags the dwarf had packed full of valuable minerals from today's dig.  The orc lifted the handles of the wheelbarrow as he and Zug began their journey back to Grohmah.  The two shared stories and sang songs of orcish victory as they marched unimpeded.  The mountainous region had grown quiet, and the stench of dwarf no longer hanged in the air.  Only the smell of orc remained.

As promised to their overlord, Urahg and Little Zug had crushed the dwarves!  In the span of two days, well over 300 dwarves had been defeated, fucked, and sent to the slave pens at Grohmah to toil with the humans in the fields and satisfy the orcs’ primal urges to fuck.  The devastating loss to the pint-sized interlopers had sent waves of panic crashing through the earth-dwelling community.  Fearing his inaction would risk revolt from his subjects, the dwarf king ordered what remained of his workers to cease extraction and delivery of raw materials and equipment to the human King Ranzen.

Remgo was treated to a warm welcome upon his arrival to the orc capital.  Orc after orc approached, cocks hard and wagging, quickly surrounding the new slave.  The stout humanlike creature sat on his folded legs and looked up at the most intimidating orc of them all.  It was Overlord Krag himself.  The monstrously-muscular orc sneered down at the dwarf and bounced his mammoth pecs.  Remgo’s cock hardened to full erection at the sight.

"Welcome to Grohmah, little dwarf," he spoke with a deep, menacing voice.  "I do hope you enjoy your stay."  The big boss flashed his full set of teeth and chuckled as he watched his orcs advance on the ready and eager dwarf.

The End


  1. Oh god man, that was seriously one hot read! Urahg is a total turn-on! <3

    1. Thanks! I love that big, brown orc, too. :D

    2. You're welcome. Hope to see more of him.

  2. Indeed, absolutely hot and the art is beautifully done!


    1. Thanks, man! It was nice to get back to another orc story after such a long time.

  4. So hot!!! I'd love to see some orc vs orc action too! A brown orc uprising perhaps? Will there ever be any human giants in this univese? Perhaps a 2 on 1 handicap fight in favor of the orcs.
    thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! Glad you liked!

      I'm not sure if I'll do many of those plot lines, but it's certainly not impossible!

  5. Hey, really well done! I love the butt stomp; brilliant move. Any chance of a stinkface match?

    1. Thank ya! There will likely be some face sitting in the alternate ending I'm planning, so keep a look out for it!

  6. You should do a Urahg and Zug fight, well playful tussle to pass the time.

    1. Urahg's got his hands full with an aggressive Remgo at the moment. *grin*