Monday, July 22, 2019

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 2 (2/2)

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  1. FUCK YEAH!!! And, I can't wait to see the next chapters!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope that Tuskar is planning some painful revenge to "inflict" on his captors.

  3. The artwork here is awesome and I really like the dynamic action here between the men, it's hard to get bulky figures like this to look good in these poses. Also having so many scenes with a lot of figures in them!

    However, as a fan of Tuskar, I was hoping he would ultimately triumph over the king or at least fight to a draw. Is there any possibility of an alternate ending?

    Thanks so much for this awesome story and character!

    1. Thanks very much; that's nice of you to say! This series isn't over quite yet and I always love adding in alternate endings when I can. I do want to revisit this story sometime to continue these guys' adventures.

      Thanks again!