Wednesday, April 20, 2022

New PDF For Sale: Long Time Coming

Hey there, guys!  I hope you've been doing well.  I have a new PDF up for sale that I forgot to make a post for!  It's called Long Time Coming and stars Alexi facing off against Hunter Strong, the son of the boss of the wrestling federation!

What seemed like a slam-dunk of a match for the heavyweight wrestler was suddenly cast in turmoil when Alexi's agent informed him that the boss wants him to throw the match and let Hunter win.  The spoiled-rotten punk and newcomer-to-the-ring promises to use his gold paddle on the world-renown heavyweight when he wins!

This PDF comic is 163 pages in total and contains text narration pages and a sizzling-hot alternate ending.  Take a look at some preview pics over at my comics blog, or pick up a copy at my Lulu or Gumroad storefronts at the links below!



Thanks for your support, guys; I hope you enjoy!

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