Saturday, May 23, 2020

Seaside Slammers

Fabio and Gabriel, also known as the Brazilian Bodyslammers, are at their coastal home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  One of the Muscle City Wrestling Federation's big events, Stud Slammer VI, is rapidly approaching, and Fabio has earned his right to battle Billy Bronx for the World Middleweight Championship title and belt!

Gabriel has been helping his identical twin train for the big title fight.  And on that sunny, warm day, the two step into the ring to get one more practice match in before their flight to Muscle City.

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  1. Is it possible for you to do more Hercules maybe even Zeus and darkseid stories those were hot as hell

    1. Hercules vs Antaeus should be coming here soon. :) And I have a PDF adaptation of Olympus vs Asgard Part 1 (+ extra panels and an alternate ending) for sale in the near future, too.

      Darkseid will definitely get more love sometime later on. Thanks for your comment and suggestions!

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