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Bare-Ass Wrestling (Short Story Match)

Goliath and Mack McDougal are facing off in the federation's popular, spin-off wrestling show, Bare-Ass Wrestling.  The American, bearded construction worker who only recently stepped into the ring as a professional wrestler stands ready and willing to match muscle against the Australian powerhouse, Goliath!

Included after is an alternate ending.


It was another hot summer night at the Muscle City Wrestling Federation.  It was Monday night and a great many of the hard-working, blue-collar men from across the world were at home enjoying the newest episode of the federation's popular spin-off series: Bare-Ass Wrestling.

With their bellies filled with hot food, their work jeans kicked off, and their cold cans of beer freshly cracked open, they put their feet up and settled down for a night of pro wrestling action.

Mack McDougal, a construction worker from the metropolis, stood in the ring opposite the hulking Australian wrestler known simply as Goliath.  The two men had entered the spotlights wearing nothing covering their bodies, save for Mack's trademark hard hat, thick gloves, and rugged boots.  Fans all across the arena roared for their appearances.  Mack hadn't been a wrestler long, having only done battle with Alexi Volkov in his introductory match and two matches against Mr. Dreamboat (Mack's second win) and Ryan Dermot (Mack's first loss).

Goliath raised his arms in a double bicep pose as he strutted down the aisle and into the ring.  His fans called out his praises and stared wantingly at his nude body, glistening with posing oil.  The big Australian was a seasoned wrestler and his tag team partner was none other than Gorilla George Brogan, the current World Heavyweight Champion.

Like most of the Bare-Ass Wrestling matches, this one had sex stakes attached and no referee to get in the way of the action.  Only when one man had submitted to his opponent was it all over.  Their glutes clenched and flexing, neither man wanted to give up his ass to the other.  Goliath stared down at the smaller wrestler and a low chuckle escaped his grinning lips.

"Want to give up now, little man?  Save yerself some slammin' and groanin'?" Goliath asked in his deep voice, thick with an Aussie accent.  He scratched at his groin and added, "Don't worry, this cock feels damn good in tight holes like yers."

"Ya don't scare me none, big boy!" Mack retorted, bouncing his pecs for added intimidation.  "I'm gonna have you squealin' my name when I get my hands on ya!"


The bell suddenly rang and the match was on!

Mack moved quickly, slapping his body against Goliath's to catch the big man off guard.  He brought his arms around Goliath's torso, holding on tight as he pushed with all his strength to bring the Aussie down to the mat.

Mack was used to handling massive, heavy objects, and he considered Goliath no different as he forced the titanic wrestler down!  Goliath's eyes grew wide and his expression turned to fright as the smaller wrestler managed to shatter his steady footing and topple him to the mat!

The construction-worker-turned-wrestler was quick to seize the opportunity.  He dropped his leg on Goliath's gut, winding the titanic man.

Before his foe could get up, Mack wrapped his legs around Goliath's thick arm.  He slowly pulled back on the Aussie powerhouse's muscular arm, intensifying the pressure.

"Give up, big boy!" Mack shouted over Goliath's roars of protest.  "Mack's got ya now!"

Ready to be done with this unworthy challenge, Mack began climbing up the red corner until he reached the top.  He turned around and raised his fists high, yelling to the roaring crowd, "I'm sendin' this jobber packin' and back to Kangaroo Land!"

Goliath was stunned and dazed, lying still on the mat and moaning.  He'd believed this rookie to be nothing of a competitor in the ring and was paying the price of his arrogance.  He gazed up at the hot lights that shined from above and watched them swirl in his double vision.

Mack leapt from the high corner and brought his legs outward, descending upon the giant man!  Goliath's eyes opened wide and he howled as Mack's butt stomp landed flawlessly!

The fans in the arena were stunned at the sight of this smaller blue-collar stud having his way with the massive, seasoned pro wrestler!  They cheered and roared for Mack McDougal as the hard-hat-wearing American planted his booted foot on Goliath's chest and bounced his pecs for his adoring fans!

"Step into the ring with Mega Mack and you'll get yer ass jackhammered!" he laughed boisterously, slapping at his thick, muscle gut twice.

Mack stepped behind Goliath and got down onto the mat with the big man.  He lifted Goliath's upper body up and smoothly wrapped his arm around the Aussie's neck, giving it a tight squeeze.

Goliath's moans of protest soon quieted and he slipped into unconsciousness with this smaller man's sleeper hold.  His thick cock throbbed hotly as the last thing he heard before going to sleep was Mack's manly grunts and the whispered promises of his famous all-night breeding.

"You ever have that sweet ass of yers bred all night long?" he cooed, tightening his grip to make sure he put the gargantuan male out like a light.  "I'll give you somethin' nice to jerk off about for months..."


The wrestling match was over and Mack had emerged victorious!  Mack stood proud for his accomplishment that night and raised his arms in a double bicep pose!  The fans were roaring his name as he basked in the glow of victory.  He'd seen Goliath's many matches live and on VHS tape and had thought the powerhouse Aussie would be more of a challenge for a newcomer in the ring.

"YEAH!!" he yelled back to his fans, giving them a show of his musclebound, deeply-tanned bod.

His ego swelled even more as he looked over the big man's body lying in defeat on the mat.  He was going to enjoy the rest of that night very much -- and he had a feeling that so would Goliath.

As soon as Mack had had his fill of the crowd's adoration, he rolled Goliath onto his belly and squatted down over him.  He grabbed the big man's thick waist and pulled his lower body up to meet his groin.  Goliath moaned hotly as he felt the smaller stud's thick erection rubbing between his glutes, hotdogging him repeatedly.

"Oooh yeah..." Mack groaned huskily.  The warmth of Goliath's ass cheeks and the thin layer of bodybuilder oil drove him wild with desire.  "Damn, that's a meaty ass..."

He then pulled his hips back and brought the fat head of his cock to Goliath's hole.  With one smooth motion, he penetrated the massive wrestler, hissing with pleasure as Goliath moaned out loud.

"Oh hell!" Mack groaned, immediately beginning a deep, firm fuck.  "Took a while to bring you down, big boy!"

The loud sounds of muscle sex were captured on the arena workers' cameras as one man pounded the other.  Mack's cock thrust in and out of Goliath's hole in the humbling position, clouding the Aussie's mind with a fog of pleasure.  The American grunted and growled his heat as he bred the bigger man with urgency.

"Damn, so tight!" he remarked.  It was clear to the construction worker that Goliath had been an exclusive top for many months now.  That he was reintroducing this giant of a man to bottoming made him moan with masculine pride.  "Nobody's been screwin' this ass, huh?  You just lie on down and let Mack take good care of that!"

Try as he might to last a bit longer, Mack succumbed to the heat and tightness of Goliath's ass and orgasmed!  The smaller stud thrust his head back and howled in pleasure as his balls pumped their load into the Aussie's upturned butthole.  Mack gritted his teeth and groaned huskily as he bred his seed into Goliath in the middle of the ring.

Goliath came with his master that night, huffing hotly as his cock gave up its semen, wasting it onto the mat below!

The two men moaned as they rode out their climaxes together.  Their hard-earned bodies shuddering in the ecstasy of their union as conqueror and defeated.  Mack held onto his bitch's waist tightly as he buried himself all the way inside to shoot two more ropes of cum in those hot depths.

Mack's cum began splattering out from around Goliath's well-used hole and onto the mat, soon mixing with the other male's wasted seed.  The American licked his lips and huffed to catch his breath, as the Aussie rested his head and shoulders to the mat.

"How 'bout we... continue this at my place...?" Mack grunted.  He gave Goliath's ass a firm slap, causing the heavy globes to shake.

"Unnnnghh... oh yeah..." Goliath moaned, closing his eyes as Mack pulled himself from his hole.  He could hear the arena chanting Mack's name as the winner of that night's Bare-Ass Wrestling took one more moment to flex his proud body.

The End

• Alternate Ending •

Ready to be done with this unworthy challenge, Mack began climbing up the red corner until he reached the top.  He turned around and raised his fists high, yelling to the roaring crowd, "I'm sendin' this jobber packin' and back to Kangaroo Land!"

Goliath was stunned and dazed, lying still on the mat and moaning.  He'd believed this rookie to be nothing of a competitor in the ring and was paying the price of his arrogance.  He gazed up at the hot lights that shined from above and watched them swirl in his double vision.

But being a skilled wrestler versus this newcomer, Goliath knew when to exaggerate his pains and feign being dazed to trick someone like Mack.  He waited until the foolish construction worker had jumped from the high corner to roll out of the way just in time!

"AWGH!!" Mack howled as his body hit the mat with heavy impact, rocking the ring and his own frame.  He arched his back as he moaned on the mat, seething with embarrassment and with the pains of the failed finishing move.  Goliath's fans burst into cheers as their man showed Aussie might and reversed his fortunes with one simple act!

Suddenly, a cooling shadow fell over him as Goliath's massive bulk blocked out the hot lights above!  Mack's eyes focused when it was too late to see Goliath's tree trunk of a thigh fall down upon his unprotected gut!

"Hurk!" the American bellowed as the air was forced from his lungs!

"Heh.  Ya got a lot to learn, mate," Goliath grunted, giving Mack's cheek a light smack with the palm of his big hand.

With the tides turned in his favor, Goliath enjoyed dominance over his opponent for the next several minutes.  The American wrestler moaned as he was whipped around the ring and flattened to the mat like a pancake.

Goliath smirked as he watched Mack struggle to stand on his own two feet and figured it was time to be merciful and put this weak little man down for the night.

Goliath moved smoothly behind Mack and wrapped his arms around the smaller male's torso, grabbing him in a hug.  Mack moaned with relief as he was hoisted high off his feet.  He somehow knew it would all be over soon.

Goliath dropped back to deliver a devastating German suplex!  Mack came crashing to the mat with his shoulders taking the brunt of the powerful slam!

The Australian juggernaut let his opponent fall back to the mat, moaning and lamenting going against such a powerful superstud that night.  He wished he could get back into the ring with Mr. Dreamboat, who he found much easier to dominate.

But Mack didn’t have long to regret his decision to wrestle Goliath, as yet again, the big man's shadow fell over him...

To Mack's surprise, Goliath's ass came down upon his face as the Aussie proceded to sit on him in the humiliating move!  Goliath's fans roared their approval as their hero grinded his heavy glutes down on the exhausted American's face!

To no one's surprise, Mack quickly slapped at Goliath's leg, giving his submission!


The bell then rang!  The match was over and Goliath was the winner!

"Hah!  Givin' up, are ya?" Goliath laughed.  Mack was still slapping at his thigh, but Goliath wasn’t in any hurry to rise.  "Good yank.  I'll have ya beggin' to eat that ass tonight!"

Goliath smirked as Mack's slaps of his leg slowly ceased and the construction-worker-turned-wrestler began to lick at his tight hole.  Mack moaned between Goliath's thick, meaty cheeks as he began worshiping the Aussie's ass.

Goliath easily hoisted Mack's body upside down and brought their thick torsos close together in a 69 position.  Mack opened his mouth and took the Aussie's battering ram of a cock past his lips.  His tongue got to work quickly to suck and slurp on his master's manhood.

"Suck my dick, yank," Goliath huffed hotly, enjoying the clumsy oral skills Mack was offering.  "Get it nice and wet for this sweet, tight ass."

The Aussie wrestling hero closed his eyes and sighed as Mack slobbered on his jaw-stretching penis.  His precum flowing into Mack's awaiting mouth and down his throat, rewarding him for his obedience.

Goliath then turned Mack right side up again and away.  Mack looked down between his legs to see Goliath's cock jutting out from the big man's loins.  His eyes grew wide and he gulped, wondering how in the world that thing would fit inside him.

The winner of that night's Bare-Ass Wrestling slowly sank his mammoth cock inside his conquest's ass, feeling every inch of Mack's insides clamp down around him as he entered.  The bearded American opened his mouth and uttered a long, low moan of heat as he was penetrated in the ring for the second time in his short career.  Mack's ass squeezed tightly around Goliath's cock as it sought to breed him.

Goliath held onto Mack's waist securely as he fucked him suspended in the air.  The Aussie superstud thrust himself in and out slowly, smoothly, allowing the smaller man to become accustomed to his gigantic size.  Mack shuddered erotically as Goliath's girth rubbed his sensitive inner muscles and prostate.  Lightning jolts of pleasure shot up his spine as he became yet another notch on Goliath's win record.

Mack began moaning more lewdly and longingly and Goliath knew it was time to increase his pace.  He thrust himself quicker into his newest bitch and grunted as he was rewarded with massages to his cock.

Too soon, however, the two men edged closer to climax until they finally howled in unison, cumming together!  Mack's ass squeezed tightly around its invader as he ejaculated, spurting rope after rope of hot stud cum onto the mat.  Goliath growled loudly as he orgasmed inside Mack's well-used ass, flooding his depths with his victorious seed.

Goliath dropped Mack gently to the mat as he raised his fists high and enjoyed the crowd chanting his name and praising his win over yet another wrestler!  The mighty Aussie powerhouse brought his arms down to a double bicep pose and bounced his pecs, breathing deeply and soaking up the glory of his triumph.

As Mack closed his eyes and moaned in exhaustion, he knew that this was a match he wouldn't soon forget.  In the coming months, it would be one that he would continuously use to masturbate as he fantasized about the titan of wrestling named Goliath.  And when he had earned some vacation time, he knew where he would be visiting next...

The End

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  3. I prefer the bigger one being taken down by some dirty tricks after domination.

    However, I always prefer the little one being fucked. LOL

    The best story line may be as the final scene of the Last Battle (It's the orc lord who did dirty tricks, but it's still exciting.)

    Anyway, just for a reference.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the comment! I'll keep it in mind in future works.

  4. No!! I don't want Goliath to lose. He's suppose to unbeatable, strong, full of domination in the ring. No one can take him down, no choice but to submit. Any hits wont affect on him. He's the giant afterall

  5. More Goliath bottoming,please!