Monday, October 7, 2019

Rising Pythons

Officer Hank Hogan had just returned from patrol when a call went out to check on a noise complaint that would send him back out into the darker streets of Muscle City.  When Hank arrives at the scene, he discovers the door to the building open and he enters to investigate.

What he finds is far more than a mere noise complaint, and he must struggle to overcome Butch, a wanted man and powerful member of the gang known as the Pythons!

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  1. I just loved this story with another adventure spent in Muscle City with another exciting fight between one of the members of the police force against the Pythons Street Gang. The cop's fight against the two Pythons was exciting and extremely manly, full of muscle power and domination. But if I may put a small detail on it though I didn't like the Pythons simply shaving the cop's chest. All the beauty of the character was in being a manly and incredibly muscular red-haired, bearded-haired police officer! I think men with hairy chests own a virile beauty! If I could I would have a hairy chest! I thought it was kind of like ripping a Lion's mane out of the two Pythons shaving the cop's chest and shaving off his beard. But overall I loved the story and hope for more. Congratulations for the wonderful work.

  2. I wouldn't mind that cop "fondling"me for all time. So fucking sexy.

  3. Sensational, as usual from Lucky Stallion! The three-way sex scenes were especially hot and creative ... loved how the young thug got in on the action!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it! This is one of those stories/series I'd like to redo someday and expand on.

  4. Officer Hank Hogan can "arrest" me any time he likes. I would certainly submit to any fondling he gives me at all times..even if some get either really rough and/or REALLY HARD.