Saturday, September 7, 2019

Olympus vs Asgard (1/2)

After the events of the alternate timeline version of Asgard Invasion, called Hercules Meets Thor, comes this tag team match set in Zeus' Grand Arena located on Mount Olympus.  It's in that wrestling ring that Zeus and Hercules face off against Odin and Thor in a loser-cums-first match!

High stakes abound in this fight over alpha males and their pride -- and who can truly lay claim to the title of king of the gods!

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  1. I just want to be raped by Hercules and Thor ALONE, in the ring, for a good, long time.

  2. Hot to a "T"! Your writing style and set up is very sexy. Not to mention your knowledge of Mythology! Would love to see more mythology wrestling, got any more planned for the future?

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it. :) Yeah, there was a sequel made to this. It'll be posted here for free in the coming months. I'd also like to make a PDF version of it sometime, too, if time permits.