Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hercules vs the Hydra

This is Hercules vs the Hydra, a sort of rematch between the two figures from Greek mythology.  When the hydra has been resurrected by an unknown entity, it's up to Hercules to once again stop the monster before it can roam the lands.  But its master is lurking nearby, watching the bearded demigod, waiting for his chance to intervene...

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  1. dear Lucky Stallion thank you so muck < i like this page so much

  2. I would love to coil myself around Hercules for a good long time.

  3. GOOD as always! The details of sweating are convincing😊

  4. Very nice comic also I would love to see you do some stuff or Hercules and Aetos or Hercules and Iolaus two canon lovers of his in Greek mythology. Of course Hercules should be the top.

    1. Thanks! The most recent story set I did with Hercules was with Zeus against Thor and Odin (on Mount Olympus), but I should do more with Hercules and the mortals on the earth again.