Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hard as Stone

This is Hard as Stone, an Olympian tale with two new characters: Joran, a mortal human sent to defeat the fiendish Heluon, who has been turning gods to stone and stealing their powers for his own!  The male gorgon has his eyes set on the king stud god Zeus next!

I intend to do an alternate ending to this one in the future, so please keep a lookout for it!

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  1. Pretty cool story, but not too thrilled with free-for-all love-making; prefer one on one's. But you sure do know how to depict built men; YUM!

    1. I think after being frozen they were ready to pop and fuck the nearest man hole. Not really love making, more like releasing the pressure lol!

  2. I wouldn't mind if Ares, Hercules and Joran "released their pressure" on me for a while...quite a LONG while, since they look to be such UBER sexy stud hunks.

  3. Thank you for a great story and imagery to go with it. I love the idea of petrification of males and this was greatly satisfying to read. I can just imagine with your alternative ending will be! I hope you do more stories involving petrification in the future.

  4. I look forward to see another ending.

    Hope to see Ares, Hades, Hercules the process of petrifying.