Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hercules and Sergios

This small pack is Hercules and Sergios. It takes place about a month after the events of my older tale (Hercules vs Sergios) which pitted the muscular mortal-turned-immortal (through the consumption of ambrosia via the acts of Ares) against the mighty son of Zeus.

In the alternate ending, Sergios knelt in defeat before Zeus and was taken by the father of all men and gods as an eternal consort. But even with the deep, incredible loving of Zeus himself, Sergios still longed to be held by the powerful, bearded male. And so, one early morning as Zeus slumbered, Sergios returned to Greece and found the great hero himself...

This set was made possible by my awesome and generous patrons.  Wanna get these in their native resolution and high image quality and support my future works?  Please head on over to my Patreon page and consider pledging for more muscle.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed! No, no problem -- 100% understand what you mean. That version of Sergios was two model generations behind. I try my best to get the new versions to match the old, but sometimes it's out of my hands.

    When I use him again in the future, I'll keep it in mind to see if I can get it closer to the old one. Thanks for the feedback and compliments!

  2. I would not mind at all having these three sexy super stud-hunks "do" me, REALLY HARD, for all eternity.