Saturday, April 8, 2017

Story: Horde Victorious

Quite a bit of this story is retconned (such as Anduin doesn’t exist, and Garrosh was made warchief far earlier than normal) or rearranged somewhat from how it happens in the canonical game story of WoW.  It’s written in a way that these events could only happen in a single player version of the game (similar to the endings of Warcraft and II).

I’m an almost-exclusively-Alliance player, myself, but... damn if I can’t resist a sexy orc campaign of domination!  Pretty obvious with my previous art works, eh?  Also, the Legion pre-patch events made me a bit sad, so this was my way of doing something with that.

Character and location names in this story are owned by Blizzard, used as parody fan literature

Horde Victorious
by Lucky Stallion

It began in the Trial of the Crusader, the grand Argent Tournament designed by the Argent Crusade to find the greatest warriors of Azeroth to enter Icecrown Citadel and vanquish the dreaded and ruthless Lich King...

25 of the mightiest champions of the Horde made their warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, extremely proud with their performance in Crusaders’ Coliseum of Northrend.  They’d overcome every trial set forth by the paladins of the neutral Argent Crusade and had even vanquished the greatest champions of the their hated enemy, the Alliance.  Garrosh’s victory had greatly humiliated Varian Wrynn, King of Stormwind and leader of the opposing faction.

“That was just a taste of what the future brings, Alliance pigs!” Garrosh growled loudly, grinning ear to ear as his champions claimed their rewards from the Argent treasure cache.  His golden eyes narrowed and fixated on a seething Varian.  After all the boasting he’d done before the battle between his men and Garrosh’s heroes, the human king couldn’t bear to look at the massive brown orc.

Garrosh licked his lips and issued a hearty snort through his flared nostrils.  The warchief then raised Gorehowl, the large axe that once belonged to his father, to the sky and bellowed, “LOK’TAR!!  FOR THE HORDE!!” his champions roaring with him.

Thrall, who stood next to Garrosh during the Trial of the Crusader, nodded his approval to his once-advisor-turned-warchief.  The green orc had had lingering doubts as to the hot-blooded son of Grom and some worry over his repeated insistence on waging war with the Alliance.  Yet even though he’d passed the title on to Garrosh not two months prior, this dominant orc male had exceeded his every expectation and then some.  Thrall was pleased to see the Horde victorious in battle.

Muradin Bronzebeard, dwarven hero of the Alliance and citizen of Ironforge, was standing next to Varian during the Trail.  The stout dwarf gazed up to the human king’s somber face.  Unsure of what he could say to help put the fiery spirit of the warrior at ease, he kept any kind of pep talk to himself.

“Aye, lad.  Tha’s it, then,” Muradin grunted over the cheering of the Horde side of the arena, giving the small of Varian’s back a pat.  He ran his hand across his thick, bushy beard and furrowed his brow.  “Let’s be off...”

Highlord Tirion Fordring, human leader of the Argent Crusade, muttered to himself at the losses incurred to Azeroth’s overall fighting force from the war between the two factions.  Yet even he couldn’t deny the strength and skill of the Horde’s greatest champions.  Perhaps they would be the world’s saviors from the Lich King and his mindless, undead force known as the Scourge.

One month later...

The 25 Horde heroes stood triumphant upon The Frozen Throne, at the highest peak of the Lich King’s domain of Icecrown Citadel.  Despite the Alliance’s last best efforts to take the glory of victory for themselves, the Horde had emerged the victors.  With their own brand of might and bravery, they’d put an end to his reign of terror and avenged their fallen.

A grand ceremony was held for the champions who’d led the charge into that deathly cold fortress and emerged heroes.  At their forefront were Tirion and Garrosh, who proudly held the battle standard of the Horde for all in observance to see.  Even the assembled members of the Alliance (those whose expeditions to Northrend were soon to draw to a close) stood on the sidelines, saluting their saviors’ accomplishments.

Duty bound to attend and offer his congratulations, King Varian stood near the back, his face barely holding back a scowl.  He could swear that Garrosh’s glimmering golden eyes glanced his way once or twice during the victory march.  His upper lip twitched as he caught the small smirk that the massive brown orc had flashed him.

Three weeks later...

Ever since the Alliance’s humiliating defeat at the Argent Tournament and the stifling of his efforts inside Icecrown Citadel, King Varian stepped up his aggressions against Garrosh and the Horde throughout Kalimdor.  Varian ordered attacks on various Horde settlements, supplied and manned from the Alliances’ few harbors on the western continent.  What meager victories the frustrated king managed to scrape together from these skirmishes were quickly lost again, and even more Alliance soldiers were vanquished by orcish steel.  Those who surrendered and dropped their weapons were stripped of gear and coin.  They were taken into captivity to work the mines and fields, their statuses reduced to that of mere peons.

With the Horde’s victories in Northrend and the Alliance’s increasing aggressions throughout the world, factions that were once neutral began to side with the more stable forces of Garrosh’s Horde.  Those who wore the blue and gold were increasingly locked out of important trade deals and channels, most notably with the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel.  Supplies that regularly made their way to Alliance outposts across the world were severely reduced, making strategic spots vulnerable to Horde reclamation.

Garrosh shared his massive bed of furs and down that night with Orgrimmar’s tag team champions of the Horde Wrestling League, an orc duo of large and beefy stature.  The two wrestlers worshiped their warchief as he lay back on the bed, arms wrapped around them both, his cock erect and jutting to the sky.  The brown orc’s chest rumbled deeply, his hands stroking their backs and flanks as their own ran across his thick pecs and hard abs.  Garrosh’s rugged skin, bulging with hard muscle, seemed to glow in the fiery torchlight of his private chambers, attracting the excited wrestlers’ tongues to explore every inch of him they could find.

On into the night, the warchief and the two wrestlers enjoyed one another’s bodies.  The intense passion of their lovemaking causing their bodies to sweat and loud grunts to issue from their tusked mouths.  Garrosh learned a few pro wrestling moves from the champions during their sex, and he imparted a few holds of his own to the two as he thrust deeply inside them.

It was some hours later, just as the warchief was emptying his thick, orcish seed one last time inside one of the two that he was interrupted by one of his troll shamans.  The tall, lanky troll watched for a moment from the shadowy doorway at his warchief’s nude, sweat-soaked body tensing in the throes of orgasm.  The voyeur made the mistake of uttering a low moan at the sight, catching the ear of the big orc.

“Hrrrrrghh...” he groaned, pulling his spent cock from one of the wrestlers and turning a slightly-annoyed eye to the troll.  “What is it, Gundro?”

“W-We got a problem, Warchief.  It be Alliance.  Dey been ta Taurajo.  It lie in ruins.  Completely sacked.  Dem Alliance was holed up in dere, but Supreme Commanda Saurfang got ’em out.  We got dem bare-ass humans workin’ da fields for now ’til we can figure what ta do wit’em all.”

Garrosh bore his teeth and fangs, snarling angrily and gazing out the window at the moonlit sky.  Enough was enough.  This aggression into Horde territory would no longer be tolerated.  The Warchief of the Horde needed to protect his people and their pride.  It was time to strike.


Stormwind Castle, Eastern Kingdoms
That same night...

Varian Wrynn was still deeply troubled by what occurred at the Argent Tournament, the Horde’s decisive victory in Icecrown Citadel over the Lich King, and all that Garrosh had accomplished for his faction.  The King of Stormwind stripped himself of his regal armor, dropping it carelessly to the ground.  The king made himself nude with a heavy sigh.  He ran his hands down his large pecs and hard, sculpted abdominal muscles, and to his thick cock.  He gave himself a few idle tugs and rubbed his heavy balls.

“Why I can’t stop thinking about that... that orc...?” he grunted quietly into the darkness.  “No matter what I try, he continues to dominate everything in his path.  Perhaps I could send a regiment of soldiers to Durotar to keep a watch on... no... that’s foolish.  Perhaps I should gather our forces and invade Orgrimmar.  Garrosh has been goading me this entire time.  If it’s war he wants...”

He pressed his rugged fingers to his aching forehead and struggled to put Garrosh Hellscream out of his mind.  Varian slid himself under the sheets of the massive bed seated in the middle of his chambers in Stormwind Keep.  After some hours of tossing and turning, he’d finally managed to drift off to sleep...

In the fitful dreams of his uneasy slumber, Varian Wrynn could feel Garrosh’s hard, knowing eyes staring him down from across a familiar arena.  He was thrust back into the Argent Tournament, back to the coldest region of Northrend.

A loud cry of defeat from Varian’s last remaining champion broke the otherworldly silence.  The Alliance heroes lay upon the ground, bested in combat.  Tirion Fordring called out the results of the Trial, his voice echoing the stinging declaration again and again in Varian’s ears.  Garrosh’s heroes were triumphant.

Varian couldn’t look away from the warchief.  Those stern, golden eyes transfixed him, narrowing as Tirion’s voice finally faded away.  Garrosh’s snarling expression then softened to a sneering smile and his thick tongue slowly glided across his orcish lips and teeth.  Varian suddenly felt his stomach jump and his mouth water.  This aura of Garrosh’s engulfed him in an arousal he’d not felt in years.  It was... dominance.  That it was the Warchief of the Horde himself that made him feel this way unsettled the human king.

It was only in his dreams that he could look back in defeat at the brown-skinned orc.  His gaze drifted down to Garrosh’s massive pecs and abs.  All eyes in the arena were on Varian as he looked longingly at this male’s broad, hard body.  Nothing of this went unnoticed by the orc.  Varian watched as a smirking Garrosh raised his arms in a double bicep pose, flexing his hard muscles and grunting various lewd phrases in Orcish.

“You like this, pig?” Garrosh spoke in a husky growl, somewhat amused by Varian’s blatant staring.  Garrosh’s big pecs bounced proudly, causing his his plump, dark nipples to dance with the motions.  “Heh...  This turnin’ you on is it, human?”

“I... unh...” Varian could only huff back a parched response.  His half-lidded gaze focused upon the warchief’s overt posing of his mammoth upper body.  His tongue slid slowly along his dry lips.  Muradin Bronzebeard looked up at the king from his side, watching Varian’s reactions along with the rest of them.

The 25 assembled champions of the Horde (and now decorated saviors of Azeroth) smirked at the powerful human leader, murmuring to one another about his clear attraction to their warchief.  None of them had figured the King of Stormwind to be aroused by other males, yet there was little denying the lust behind his stares.

Standing proudly next to Garrosh in the Horde side of the arena was Thrall, who was greatly enjoying the spectacle.  The green orc dropped his upper armor to the floor and spread his arms wide in identical double bicep pose, enticing the human to drink in the raw power of the orcish race.  Thrall grunted hotly as he bounced his pecs, the colossal twin boulders tensing and relaxing, his dark green nipples following every motion of muscle.  He growled deeply and flared his lats as wide as they would go, watching with pleasure as Varian’s eyes went immediately to his chest.

The King of Stormwind uttered a low moan and began rubbing his groin through his heavy armor leggings.  The sight of the two massively muscular orc leaders flexing for him was too much to bear.  With a painful erection pushing against his leather codpiece, the king divested his armor, dropping each piece, save his boots, until he’d made himself nude.

He leapt from the upper balcony to the ground floor, where the group of Horde champions had set in motion these events of defeat and doubt.  His cock had grown to full erection from the orc leaders’ attempts at enticing him.  It jutted proudly outward from his loins and dribbled a steady flow of precum.

In the waking world, the human king would’ve felt nothing but rage toward the assortment of orcs, tauren, trolls, and blood elves staring freely at his nude, musclebound body.  Yet in his private dreamworld, he held nothing but admiration – perhaps even envy – for the strength, tenacity, the skill of Garrosh’s champions.  He walked up to them, expecting them to be intimidated by his commanding presence.  Yet they were anything but.  They merely smirked and sneered at him.

One of the biggest orc warriors strode up behind Varian and placed his strong hands on the king’s meaty flanks.  He ran his bare hands up and down Varian’s sides, feeling the heat of his thick torso and squeezing his large lats.  Varian issued a hot moan of arousal just before the orc placed him in a full nelson, rendering his front completely vulnerable.

“This is for the Crossroads!” one of the other orcs grunted angrily, slugging Varian in the gut with the pommel of his broadsword and knocking the wind from him instantly.  The others cheered him on as he used Varian as a training dummy, sending his fists into the groaning king’s pecs and abs, wearing them down and turning them to jelly.  Despite it all, Varian never lost his erection.  His impressive manhood bounced and wagged, erect and leaking precum as he endured the gut and chest punches.

He grunted and moaned out as he remembered ordering a sizable regiment of his troops to invade the Crossroads in the Barrens of Kalimdor.  The Alliance soldiers burned down many of the huts and structures and ransacked the food supply before Orgrimmar troops could move in and retaliate.  Many of Varian’s men were taken prisoner and put to work, furthering the warchief’s goals as punishment.

Varian struggled to release himself from the orc’s hold, but his dream wouldn’t allow him to break free.  Only when the warrior passed him off to his tauren brother-in-arms would his arms be allowed a brief respite, just to be subdued once more by the massive bull stud.

After the taurens of the large group had pummeled Varian’s gut and pecs as retribution for the destruction of Camp Taurajo, Garrosh decided that it was time for his turn with the proud Lion of Stormwind.

The massive orc then jumped down from the Horde’s side of the arena, knocking dust into the air with his titanic descent.  Except for his broad shoulder gear and boots, Garrosh stripped himself of the remainder of his armor and joined Varian in his nudity.  The confident warchief strode slowly up to the leader of the enemy faction and placed his arms akimbo.

Four of the blood elf champions approached with bottles of oil.  Two of them worked on oiling up Varian’s whole body, paying careful attention to his ass and manhood.  Their slow stroking of his excited penis caused the king to grunt and huff hotly, shuddering at the touch of the two beautiful, smirking Thalassians.  The other two gave Garrosh’s massive body a slow and reverent oiling, making sure to coat his pecs and abs in plenty of the clear grease to make them as intimidating as possible.

The 25 Horde heroes stood with their backs to the wall of the circular stone arena as man and orc went to the center.  The same otherworldly silence seized the strange atmosphere as they lowered their murmurs and watched.

“Begin!” Tirion then yelled from his neutral place in the stands.

Garrosh was on the human king in an instant, growling ferociously as his hands grabbed for Varian’s thighs and twisted them into a tight submission hold.  Varian gritted his teeth and hissed between them, struggling to get out of the warchief’s grip.

With the aid of the oil, the king summoned the strength to slip out of Garrosh’s hold.  He turned his focus toward the smirking brown orc and leapt at him.  Varian wrapped his legs around Garrosh’s waist and held on tightly.  His hard, oiled cock and heavy balls rubbed firmly against Garrosh’s rugged, slick abs as the orc attempted to buck the king off him.

The two males stared deeply into each others’ eyes as they wrestled, snarling and baring their teeth.  Garrosh’s strong hands grabbed Varian by his ponytail and ass, forcing his head back and his chest to arch outward.  The powerful orc lowered his mouth to Varian’s broad chest and began to mouth gentle bites of his big pecs, causing the human to shudder loud enough for the entire arena to hear.

“You are easy to read, Alliance dog.  Have I gotten under your skin so badly?” Garrosh growled, taking long licks of Varian’s sweaty, oiled chest.  With his head pulled back, the King of Stormwind could see the Horde champions around him and in the stands above cheering on their warchief.  He could see Thrall’s fists raised high and a beaming smile upon his face.

Garrosh wrapped his arms around Varian’s torso and subjected the royal male to a bone-crushing bearhug.  The king’s eyes grew wide and his mouth flew open in a roar of pain.  Garrosh grinned broadly as he took control of his greatest enemy.  His powerful arms held Varian’s musclebound body close, the human’s cock pressing tightly to his abs.

“Give in to the Horde, oafish king!” the brown orc grumbled deeply, dominantly.  “It is futile to resist!  We have already destroyed you here in Icecrown...” he snarled while squeezing harder, “quashed your pitiful efforts to stifle our victory against the Lich King...” he growled as he pressed the human even closer, “and fought back against your weak attempts to invade Kalimdor...  You are finished!!”

“Nnggggaaaawwwwww!!” Varian cried out, arching his back in the bearhug, holding firmly onto Garrosh’s spiked shoulder armor.  He could feel his very core being crushed in the unbreakable arms of the titanic warchief.  And even though he felt as though his body may snap in two and join his champions in the Twisting Nether, his cock was as hard as it had ever been before.  He could feel himself approaching orgasm as the might of Garrosh Hellscream threatened to vanquish him once and for all.

And yet, the powerful dream he was experiencing would not allow him to climax.  He was trapped in a limbo of agonizing pleasure for what felt like eternity to the king, his torso always seconds away from snapping and his cock forever on the edge of orgasm.  And on it continued.

“Hrrrrrrrrrghhhhh!!” Garrosh growled, his golden eyes flashing with dominance as he relished the feeling of total control over this proud human.  He drank in the sight of Varian Wrynn’s expression of anguish and ecstasy, and he never wanted it to end.  He could feel Varian’s thick, oiled cock rub firmly to his abs.  That meaty, kingly cock and its heavy balls full of royal seed were utterly trapped against his sculpted gut. “You’re mine!!”

Finally, after so long, even the human king could take no more.  His proud spirit had been broken.  He then relaxed his arms and legs and offered his silent submission.  Varian could feel Garrosh’s deep rumbles vibrate into his body, giving him a strange calmness he’d never experienced before.

“Say it...” Garrosh growled softly, eyes locked upon Varian’s.

Knowing what the massive orc wanted to hear, the King of Stormwind moaned in a near whisper, “... ... For... the Horde...”

“Say it!!” Garrosh commanded, resuming the intense bearhug, crushing the human’s body upon his own.

“FOR THE HORDE!!” Varian roared like a lion in defeat.  “FOR THE HORDE!!  FOR THE HORDE!!” he roared again and again for mercy.

He could hear the cheers of Garrosh’s heroes and from those in the stands.  Thrall looked upon Garrosh and nodded his head sagely, greatly pleased with the one he’d made warchief of their Horde.  Garrosh nodded back at the green orc, his chest swelling with immense pride in himself.

“Hrrrrrrr...” Garrosh rumbled, relaxing his bearhug of the dethroned king.  He carried Varian’s body around the arena for show, allowing everyone watching to witness the true power of the Horde over the Alliance.

The brown orc finally released the crushed and humiliated human king.  Varian slumped to his knees, one arm holding his aching middle.  His eyes returned to focus as he looked at the warchief’s sturdy plate boots.  His gaze traveled up the massive, oiled-up, kodo-thick legs that throbbed with incredible power.  The warchief’s cock had been flaccid their entire match – Varian’s subconscious dream imagining Garrosh as heterosexual.  He stared longingly at that brown cock and large balls for a time.

“Worship,” was all that Garrosh commanded, slowly, deeply, breaking Varian’s trancelike focus.  He looked up to the warchief’s rugged, handsome face for just a moment, as though not quite believing what he’d just heard.  Varian huffed a word of thanks to his new master.  He’d been given permission to finally get what he needed most of all.

The entire arena watched as King Varian Wrynn placed his hands on Garrosh Hellscream’s outer thighs and brought his mouth down to the brown orc’s meaty cock.  He dragged his tongue along the length of the thick, flaccid maleness.  The king gave the long orc cock several more licks from head to base, yearning for the shaft to rise to erection.

His hands roamed Garrosh’s flexing frame, rubbing and feeling every incredible muscle under his rugged, oiled skin.  Garrosh snorted and huffed hotly, greatly enjoying Varian’s newfound place at his feet.  He licked his tusks and uttered a deep grunt.  The warchief’s cock began to plump and stiffen, aroused by the king’s genuine worship.

Garrosh grabbed hold of Varian’s ponytail once again.  He squeezed it firmly, dominantly, keeping the human monarch in place as he slowly fed that hungry mouth his cock.  The king closed his eyes and moaned around the warchief’s fat orchood.  His tongue swirled and slurped at the salty cock that invaded his mouth.  Even in his dreams, even having sucked other males before, the dominant human leader felt as though this was truly his first time taking a cock between his lips.

The taste of Garrosh’s cock returned him to his days as a gladiator slave of the orcs.  He moaned softly as fleeting memories of sucking the biggest orcs of those barbed, steely orcish arenas returned to him.  But not for long.  It was Garrosh he serviced now – and only Garrosh.

The warchief began to fuck Varian’s mouth slowly, holding him steady by his ponytail.  His hard, muscular ass flexed as he slowly fed the human his aroused penis.

“Hrrrrrrgghhh...” he then growled, precum spurting from his cockhead and upon Varian’s tongue.  “Perhaps you are of some use after all,” he moaned, eyes glimmering down at the kneeling human.

Time seemed to stand still in Varian’s dreamworld.  He felt as though he were finally in heaven, kneeling there on the floor of the Argent arena.  He was surrounded by the Horde’s finest champions witnessing his submission, his mouth full of Garrosh’s meaty cock, held in the dominant grasp of his new master...

Garrosh suddenly released his grip and pulled himself from Varian’s hungry lips with a pop.  He looked down at the human king and snorted.  He gripped the base of his erection and slapped his greatest enemy’s face with his wet cock, daring him to retaliate.  But Varian merely remained on his knees and panted, Garrosh’s salty maleness on his labored breath.

“That was just a taste of what the future brings, Alliance pig,” Garrosh grunted again, like before, just as Varian awoke from his dream.  His body was soaked with sweat and his cock was erect, tenting what little bedding remained over him.

The sounds of yelling and bright lights of red and yellow emanated from outside his chambers in Stormwind Keep, waking him fully.  Varian’s heart rate remained high, and his body continued to drip hot sweat, the erotic dream from moments ago still haunting him.  He remembered every detail so vividly... it was as though it actually happened to him.  He leaned back and looked around in the dark, expecting Garrosh himself to come out from the shadows to finish what he’d started.

Weary and tired, he stumbled out of bed, his cock wagging outward from him like a divining rod and leaking a thin stream of precum.  The human king stood before the window to his balcony and looked out toward the sea.  His eyes widened at the sight.

Docked at the city’s recently-emptied harbor were at least a dozen orcish warships.  Supporting them in the air were three of the Horde’s best airships.  The Alliance’s Skybreaker lay in a smoldering heap of wreckage atop the eastern mountains leading to the Burning Steppes.  Portals glowing red with the fires of Orgrimmar were popping up everywhere in the distance, with more fighters streaming through.

Massive cannonfire from the airships blasted at the Deeprun Tram, bringing it down to a pile of rubble.  With the tunnel fully collapsed, any escape to Ironforge was severed and any possible assistance from the dwarves was crippled.  Fearsome flying creatures ridden by fighters from the various races of the Horde appeared all around the pristine, white stone city, securing the skies.

A deep, reverberating warhorn blared in the distance, signaling for the invasion to begin.  For the first time in many years, war had come to Stormwind.

Supreme Commander Varok Saurfang and his son, Commander Dranosh Saurfang, rode swiftly into the human capital on gargantuan, ferocious worgs.  Saurfang and his son wielded mighty weapons and carried the blood red banner of the Horde proudly with them.  Behind them surged an entire army of orcs, tauren, trolls, and blood elves roaring their righteous fury and engaging in combat with the flurry of Stormwind Guards, commanders, and Alliance heroes who came running to drive out the invaders.

The combat raged onward as Garrosh’s army slowly gained ground within the enemy’s city.  Burning arrows soared through the sky, burning down Alliance banners and flags, to be replaced by the red and black symbol of the Horde.  In short order, the Valley of Heroes, Trade District, and Stormwind Harbor were seized and under Horde control.

The massive half-orc, half-ogre named Rexxar pulled upon chains that were secured around the likeness of General Turalyon, the large statue that welcomed Alliance citizens into Stormwind.  “LOK’TAR!!” he roared as the statue toppled to the stone bridge, breaking into large chunks of rock.  Rexxar, wielding two colossal axes, roared as he leaped into the air and smashed the largest pieces into rubble.

“LOK’TAR!!” the other orc warriors bellowed as they joined him in toppling the remaining statues into the moat.  The orcs raised their weapons high and roared with honor for their victorious warchief and the Horde.

“PRESS ON!!” Saurfang barked as he and his solders rode deeper into the city.  The Mage Quarter was next to fall as the blood elves absorbed the human mages’ feeble mana and dispatched them with only token resistance.  Then the Cathedral Square fell, where an assembled squadron of human and draenei paladins and their commander fought with ferocity and honor, but were eventually overwhelmed, subdued, and stripped bare.

With the assistance of a treasonous human among SI:7’s ranks, blood elf and troll rogues quickly and efficiently infiltrated and dismantled Stormwind’s elite intelligence organization.  The spy had fed intel to the Horde for weeks, detailing the Alliance heroes’ techniques, weak points, schedules, and secret entrances throughout the city.  Garrosh was hesitant to accept information from the human, whose brother had been taken prisoner during one of King Varian’s aggressive expeditions, but the spy’s details were verified.  He was handsomely rewarded and his brother freed, both men escaping to a neutral goblin city.

Old Town and the Dwarven District soon after fell to the Horde.  Orc grunts and warriors were stationed throughout the captured parts of the city, securing them and squashing any resistance that dared to flare up.

All that remained before Stormwind was theirs was the Keep...

Supreme Commander Saurfang and Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde, rode upon worgback to the towering castle of white.  One thousand of the Horde’s finest heroes rode behind them, carrying the banner of their cause and wielding blazing torches that washed the area in a blood red hue.

Saurfang blew his war horn proudly.  He could feel his soldiers growing antsy, excited to change the course of history in their favor and finally conquer the humans once and for all.  With Stormwind and the human race theirs, the Alliance would fracture and crumble.  Garrosh’s Horde would become the dominant force upon Azeroth at last.

“VARIAN WRYNN!!” Garrosh bellowed loudly, his deep voice carrying across the entire city.  The massive, brown orc paced on his mount across the wide breadth of the steps toward the mighty Keep.  “Your aggression against the Horde ends TONIGHT!!  Come, fool!  Show your face!!”

Suddenly, the figure of King Varian emerged from the shadows of the castle’s front entrance.  The hulking human was wearing nothing, save for thick leather boots and a tattered arena loincloth over his nudity.  His chest rose and fell slowly as he surveyed the horizon of his city.  Horde banners had been draped over Alliance symbols as far as he could see, and there were at least 300 enemy soldiers within sight, all of their eyes upon him.

But even with impossible odds against him, Varian bore a warrior’s scowl and brought his focus upon Garrosh.  The human’s final stand even intimidated many of the heroes in the crowd.

“Come, orc!  Let us end this once and for all!!” the king roared at the warchief.

Garrosh flashed a broad smirk, eyes narrowed upon his greatest rival.  He licked his lips and tusks in anticipation of the fight.  The warchief handed Saurfang his great axe and dismounted from his worg.  He began to remove his heavy battle armor until all that was left were his boots, rugged briefs, and a leather codpiece.

Garrosh strode proudly up the steps of the Keep to the large entryway where Varian stood waiting.  The human king looked at the taller orc, staring into his hard, golden eyes.  With only one glance, Garrosh could see that there was something profound bothering the Alliance leader.  He aimed to find out what it was and exploit it to its fullest.

“For the Alliance!!” Varian roared, rushing to Garrosh!

“For the Horde!!” the warchief snarled back, meeting his aggressor’s advance!

The two big males met in the middle with a titanic clash of muscle.  Their hands clasped the other’s, and they struggled for supremacy.  Orc and man growled ferociously, muscles tensed and swelling with power, legs straining and booted feet scuffling upon their final battleground.

Garrosh shoved the king away and sent his fist flying into Varian’s chest, causing the human to grunt loudly and stumble.  Varian struck back quickly, sending his fist into Garrosh’s meaty pecs with a hard thud.  The orc gave his foe a broad smile, and jabbed Varian’s head a right hook, sending him spinning to the ground.

“Yes, my Warchief!  Yes!!  Ha ha ha!” Saurfang shouted in elation, fists raised high.

Varian groaned and shook his head, struggling to get his bearings again.  He could see Garrosh’s booted ankles walking around him until he was out of sight.  The human king suddenly felt the massive orc’s heavy foot upon his lower back, pinning him down as Garrosh grabbed hold of his shins and lifted them high.

The human’s eyes snapped open wide and he howled in pain as his legs were stretched high.  He slammed his fists upon the ground and hissed through clenched teeth for release.  Growing bored with the hold, Garrosh let Varian’s legs drop with the rest of him.

“Is this all?!” Garrosh growled, sending a stomp to Varian’s deltoid as the king struggled to rise again.  Just as Garrosh reared back for another stomp, Varian rolled away and got to his feet again.

The human king swiped the sweat from his brow and ran forward, sending his fist surging into the warchief’s exposed, unprotected gut.  Garrosh’s eyes closed tightly and a loud, guttural grunt was forced from his throat.  When he doubled over in pain, Varian sent his fist crashing up into the orc’s tattooed jaw and sent his entire bulk falling to the ground.

Varian was on his greatest enemy quickly.  The human growled deeply, grabbing hold of the massive orc’s arm and placing it between his legs, bending it back at an unnatural angle.  Garrosh roared loudly and clawed at Varian’s side in a failed attempt to force the human away. 

The warrior king released Garrosh’s arm, the orc quickly turning onto his side and grunting with the aches in his muscles.  Varian’s leather booted foot stomped into the orc’s back again and again until Garrosh rolled aside.  The big orc quickly returned to his footing and back to the fight.

The leaders of the two bitter factions traded blows and holds as soldiers of the Horde watched, cheering on their warchief.  Though adrenaline pumped quickly through his veins, lack of sleep began to take its toll on the human; his attacks became sloppier and more disorganized as their final battle raged on.

Garrosh began to toy with his opponent.  His golden eyes fixated on Varian’s, glimmering with a mixture of pleasure and sport, unnerving the human with his aura of dominance.  Faking to his left, the human was caught off guard by the orc and easily grabbed in a dragon sleeperhold.

“How was it seeing my Horde triumph where your weaklings faltered, pig?” Garrosh grunted, squeezing Varian’s helpless head between his bicep and lat muscles.  All the human could see was darkness as his face was wedged in the sweating orc’s underarm.  With his free hand, Garrosh slugged the writhing king in his exposed abs again and again, eliciting a deep grunt with every punch.

Varian could only moan and grunt, his head and gut aching as the orc had his way with him for minutes.  His hands found their way to Garrosh’s bulging back and steely wrist, grabbing hold tightly and struggling with all of his might to break free.

The human king sent his fist into the small of Garrosh’s back, eliciting a grunt of pain from the warchief.  Again and again, he struck the same spot until Garrosh finally freed him with a deep growl.

With his second wind aiding him, Varian dodged as Garrosh swung his clenched fist, narrowly missing the blow.  He dropped low shoved his booted foot into the warchief’s ankle downing him in and instant.

“Aarghh!!” the massive orc yelped in pain as he hit the floor with a loud thud.

“Your kind are a blight on our lands!” a sweating and panting Varian growled.  He knelt behind Garrosh and wrapped his thick arm around the warchief’s bull-like neck, pulling back and squeezing as hard as he could muster.  He could hear the hard snorts issuing from the brown orc’s flaring nostrils as he applied all the pressure his body would allow.  “And now you seek to destroy Stormwind!” he added angrily as he thrust his fist into the orc’s meaty lat, wearing it down to jelly.

“Give in, you fool,” Garrosh grunted through a snarl.  “You are finished!!” he roared, grabbing Varian by his ponytail and underarm and throwing him over his shoulder and hard to the ground.  The king groaned with utter exhaustion, laying flat on his back and unmoving as Garrosh’s soldiers cheered for their warchief.

Garrosh raised his arms in a double bicep pose as he stood proudly over Varian’s prone, musclebound body.  He pulled back and delivered several hard stomps to Varian’s gut and chest, each strike hitting its mark perfectly.  What happened during the attack, however, next surprised everyone watching.  The human warrior’s loincloth shifted aside, and his cock sprang to full erection.

The warchief’s eyes narrowed instantly at the sight of Varian’s hard cock.  The mighty King of Stormwind was actually aroused wrestling with him?  Garrosh reached down and tore the loincloth from Varian’s hips, leaving the human’s groin and ass completely exposed.

“I finally understand now,” the warchief spoke through a loud belly laugh.  He circled the downed king, loincloth in hand, to the delight of the Horde soldiers standing all around the entrance to Stormwind Keep.  “It’s all clear to me now, human.”

Garrosh then surprised his troops by tearing away his own leather briefs and codpiece, freeing his heavy, brown cock from its confines.  A deep rumble sounded from the son of Grom as he stood ready to wrestle nude, as was custom from the orcs and ogres on his home world.

“Allow me the honor of finishing this, human pig,” the massive orc growled, leaning down to lift Varian by his black, ponytailed hair.  The human king moaned, but obediently rose to minimize the new pains in his scalp.  He grunted deeply and felt a jolt of electricity travel up his spine when Garrosh’s large hand scooped under his exposed balls and dug in between his muscular ass, getting a good hold of him.

Varian grabbed hold of Garrosh’s arm and lat muscle as his mammoth bulk was lifted off the ground and high into the air!  The king’s eyes grew wide and he bellowed his disbelief.  He couldn’t believe the raw strength of this warchief!  Garrosh paraded the King of Stormwind’s helpless muscle around the front of the castle to the roars of approval from his Horde.

Having made his point, Garrosh executed a gorilla press on Varian, dropping the human to the ground like a sack of old grains.  The brown orc breathed deeply the scent of change in the air, sweat pouring from his nude body.  He allowed himself a moment to savor the moment, enjoying the sights of the crumbling city and the noise of his fellow Horde roaring for him.

“Nggh... unnnghh...” the king groaned, struggling to pick himself up and fight on.  The human’s cock remained as hard as dwarven steel as the fight progressed; at some point, his excited shaft had begun to leak a healthy stream of precum from his slit.

The warchief squatted down where Varian knelt and grabbed hold of the human’s head.  “This is what you like, isn’t it?” he growled through a sneer, grinding his crotch against the king’s groaning face.  Garrosh’s fat, sweat-soaked cock and balls rubbed slowly over Varian’s nose and lips, causing the human to utter a soft moan of arousal.  His darkest fantasy was finally coming to life...

The king of humans growled in humiliation and sent his fist flying into Garrosh’s unprotected flank, causing the big orc to groan and release Varian’s head.  The human then grabbed Garrosh’s own and brought him down to his raised leg, kneeing the warchief in his head.

Varian kept up the attack, curling his arm around Garrosh’s head and trapping it against his body.  He gave a deep grunt and dropped them both to the ground.  The warchief groaned with the impact and rubbed his smooth, aching head.

“You did something to me back at the Argent Tournament, didn’t you?  You put a curse on me, didn’t you?!” Varian growled harshly, mounting Garrosh’s lower back and arching him back in a headlock.  It took all of the human’s strength to maintain the hold as Garrosh struggled against him, their nude and sweating bodies pressed tightly together.

“Hrrghh... the only thing... I did... was to open your eyes... to the power... of the Horde!!” Garrosh roared, bursting free of the hold and turning to grab Varian into his arms.  The Horde soldiers in attendance shouted their approval as their warchief’s arms wrapped completely around the human king and locked him into a fearsome bearhug!

“Nngnaaaawwww!!” Varian cried out in anguish as the massive brown orc began to crush the life from his bones.  He placed his strong, trembling hands on Garrosh’s thick, musclebound deltoids and pushed with all of his might.  But the warchief had him in his grasp, and nothing he could do would pry open the man-crushing arms of an enraged orc.

“Look around you, fool!  Your city is ours now!  You are crushed beneath my boot and you’ve yet to even realize it!  Submit to me, swine!” Garrosh growled, squeezing even harder, not giving the human king of his enemy faction an inch of reprieve.  “Surrender to the Horde!”

Varian’s cock throbbed wildly against Garrosh’s incredible abdominal muscles.  His manhood leaked a river of precum between their sweating, massive bodies.  He looked into the orc’s firm eyes, fixated on his own.  They spoke to him of total dominance, and the aura that emanated from him caused the human to shudder with a feeling he’d only experienced in his deepest dreams.

Garrosh’s eyes glimmered with impending victory.  His tusked mouth spread broadly into a wide grin.  He just needed to push the foolish human king a little more...

The warchief maintained his bone-breaking bearhug, keeping Varian tightly to him without finishing him off.  He rolled and flexed his abs, slowly masturbating the human’s powerful erection.  Hoping to see the cavalry march in to his rescue, Varian turned his exhausted, agonized face to the hundreds of Horde champions all around him, watching his plight with great pleasure.  But there would be no help that night.  Like all the others before it, the last great kingdom of man was destined to fall.

“GIVE IN!!” Garrosh growled, giving the King of Stormwind one final squeeze against his body.

“I SURRENDER!!” Varian howled, throwing his head back and orgasming between their bodies.  He shouted his surrender to the Horde again and again as he came, spilling his royal seed in the most intense climax he’d ever experienced in his life.  His gushing seed began to splatter down from between their bodies and onto the ground.

“I... I surrender...” he moaned, letting his struggles cease and his arms and legs go limp in Garrosh Hellscream’s grasp.

With the official declaration of submission of their leader, the Horde was, at long last, victorious over the Alliance.

Supreme Commander Saurfang blew his war horn long and loud, signaling to his grunts and soldiers stationed all across the city and in the harbor that their mission was complete and they had succeeded.  Stormwind and its treasures were theirs.

Garrosh lifted the massive body of the once-fearsome Varian Wrynn, dethroned king, high into the air.  Turning away from the castle, he opened his mouth wide and roared his domination as Warchief of the Horde!  His loyal and heroic soldiers roared with him, raising their weapons high and the battle standard of the Horde even higher.

The warchief then placed Varian upon the ground and planted his booted foot upon the musclebound human’s chest.  Garrosh raised his fists to the sky and declared, “Never again will our people be subject to the raving, barbaric aggressions of the Alliance!  Now, and forever, we will be FREE!!”

Garrosh turned away from his jubilant soldiers and slowly squatted down upon the former king’s head.  Varian moaned lustfully as he watched the massive orc’s muscular ass descend upon his face.  The warchief rumbled with pleasure as he ground his flexing rear upon the defeated Lion of Stormwind.

Then, as expected of him, Garrosh felt the hot, wet tongue of Varian Wrynn lapping worshipfully at his hole.  The humans hands roamed across Garrosh’s thick, meaty thighs, feeling hot, bulging muscles under rugged skin.  The loud moans of pleasure coming from the human left no doubt to anyone watching as to what he was doing.

Garrosh snorted deeply.  The human wasn’t terrible at this task, at the very least.  Perhaps he would be good consort material.  The warchief shuddered hotly as Varian obediently gave tribute to his conqueror, to the one who brought about his ultimate surrender.  The massive brown orc felt his cock harden to full erection and throb with a deep desire to take this human male.

Varian breathed deeply as Garrosh stood up again, satisfied with his work.  The dethroned king groaned as his new master grabbed hold of him and lifted him into his powerful arms, holding him close to his massive body.

“Varok,” Garrosh addressed Supreme Commander Saurfang.  “Sweep the city and evacuate any citizens and stragglers you find.  Have the overseers ‘relieve’ Stormwind of any and all treasures they come across.  The Alliance pigs owe our people compensation.  Emptying their coffers will do for a start...” he growled, carrying Varian into the shadows of Stormwind Keep, followed behind by a large group of orcs to secure the castle’s rooms.

“You heard the Warchief!” Saurfang shouted at his high ranking soldiers.  “The rest of you: a fine job.  You are heroes of the finest caliber and you have done the Horde proud this night!  For far too long, the Alliance has been allowed to run rampant like beasts over our people, our lands!  And finally, we have triumphed!”

Garrosh and Varian could hear the loud, roaring cheers from the soldiers outside the Keep fading to quiet as they progressed deeper into the castle’s halls.  Almost as though holding his bride, the warchief marched into Varian’s bedchambers and kicked the door shut behind him.  They were all alone.

Varian grunted as his master dropped him upon his bed, and put up no struggle as Garrosh yanked the battle-scarred boots from his feet.  The orc then removed his own before laying himself completely atop the former king.

“Now you’re mine, Wrynn,” Garrosh rumbled deeply, greatly enjoying the expressions that took hold of the human’s face.  He ran his strong hands across Varian’s musclebound body, enjoying the human’s impressive physique.  It couldn’t compare to that of an orc’s, but it still held a certain appeal to the powerful warchief.  “All mine...”

Varian became intoxicated by Garrosh’s aura for a third time that night, and he moaned his true desires to the big orc yet again.  He spread his meaty legs wide and groaned with pleasure as Garrosh squeezed his massive pecs.  The orc grunted with amusement at Varian’s large, jutting nipples.  The human clearly enjoyed having his chest played with.  He took hold of those fat buds of flesh and twisted them roughly, causing Varian to cry out and writhe under him.

“G-Garrooooohhhh!!” he moaned hotly, his cock fully erect once again.

“You will worship me forever, human,” Garrosh grunted, moving to mount Varian’s face.  “Did you enjoy me rubbing the pride of Hellscream against you as we wrestled, pig?” he asked through a deep huff, his eyes half-lidded and glimmering with desire.  “You want to taste your future?  Open wide...”

Without hesitation, Varian opened his mouth and Garrosh obliged his wishes, pushing several inches of orc cock into the fallen leader’s mouth.  Varian’s tongue pressed firmly against the thick length, gliding it along every inch he could reach.  The human’s hands ran up Garrosh’s flanks and across his abs and pecs, feeling his orc master’s incredible body.

Garrosh grabbed hold of Varian’s intricately-crafted wood bed posts and spread his legs wide apart.  The big orc grunted and grumbled with pleasure, gyrating his hips to thrust in and out of his new slave’s hungry mouth.

“How’s it taste, ‘king’?” the warchief asked through a deep huff, licking his lips and arching his back slightly as he fucked the human’s face with short, sharp thrusts.  He heard Varian muffle something pleasurable from around his completely-plugged lips, and Garrosh uttered a snort of acknowledgment.

For a good while longer, Garrosh enjoyed a clumsy, unrefined blowjob from Varian Wrynn.  The dethroned king obviously lacked skill in the ways of cocksucking, the orc mused through a broad grin.  But with time and training, he could become the best in Orgrimmar.

“That’s enough, human,” Garrosh grunted, gently pulling Varian’s head away from his cock by his ponytail.  “I know you Alliance would love to suck the warchief’s cock all night if you could, but we have something more important to make clear...” he explained with a smirk.  Varian stared in his master’s eyes and nodded his head in understanding.

“Good,” Garrosh snorted, turning himself around and sitting down upon the large headboard of the bed.  It was carved with the lion symbol of the Alliance.  “On your fours.  Now.”

Varian raised his muscular ass to the victorious orc and presented himself for his first mounting by another male.  The defeated king groaned in anticipation as Garrosh grabbed hold of his meaty flanks and held him steady.  He could feel the heat of the orc’s groin close to his exposed hole.

Garrosh wasted no time in invading the Alliance leader’s tight, virgin hole.  His battering ram of a cock pushed its way past Varian’s inner defenses, plunging deep inside the human’s backside.

Varian’s fists clenched and he gritted his teeth as he took inch after inch of the warchief’s orc cock inside his quivering hole.  He huffed hotly and groaned out loudly as Garrosh’s thick cock rubbed firmly against his prostate.

“Ha... aahhh... hnnhh... nnfff... uuoooaahh...”

“Hrrrghh...  Good, you’ve accepted your new place... hnnghh... better than I’d expected,” the warchief growled as he pushed himself all the way inside.  Varian’s muscular ass rubbed against his groin, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his massive body.  Garrosh looked down at the writhing form of his greatest conquest and felt invincible in that moment.

The warchief began a slow and steady fuck of Varian Wrynn upon his own bed.  The two males began to sweat again, just as they had before, locked in the heat of wrestling.

Varian’s anal ring squeezed tightly around Garrosh as he made quick work of the human’s hole.  A champion breeder from his days before he was Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh was more than up to the task of breaking in this new hole.  He used his thumbs to spread open Varian’s cheeks to watch the human’s hole as it squeezed as he pulled out and relaxed on his reentry.

Garrosh spread his legs wider as he assumed his favorite position, moving his hands back to Varian’s waist and holding him securely.  The warchief’s thrusting intensified, faster and deeper.  His heavy balls slapped roughly at the orbs below him, maleness filled with the royal seed and the last of the Wrynn family bloodline.

The massive orc’s hips rammed forward quickly, pulverizing Varian’s ass with the weight of his muscular bulk.  Garrosh’s cock reached deep inside the defeated king, farther than he dreamed possible.  He could feel the throbbing of his master’s cock as it took him in the name of the Horde.

Varian lifted his head and uttered a loud cry of pleasure, his deep voice echoing across the room and throughout the Keep.  Several of the orc guards smirked at one another and rubbed themselves through their heavily-armored leggings, imagining by just the sound alone what must be taking place in the former king’s bedchambers.

Garrosh pressed his full weight atop Varian, pushing the human down upon his bed as the orc’s super heavyweight muscular body completely covered him.  Garrosh’s hips never stopped moving as he continued to fuck Varian Wrynn with conviction.  The human’s hot moans and deep grunts of pleasure spurred Garrosh on, driving himself as deep as he could into Varian’s well-stretched ass.

“Give in to me again, pig.  Wanna hear it again,” Garrosh grunted in Varian’s ear, taking it into his mouth to chew gently at.

“I... s-surrender... to you... M-Master...” Varian moaned out, his face flushed.  Jolts of pure pleasure shot throughout his body as Garrosh pounded him even faster, spurred on by that truthful declaration.

“Hrrrghhh!!  Hraaaaghhh!!” Garrosh roared as he came deep inside the human’s ass.  His thick orc cock bounced and throbbed wildly, pumping his balls-worth of cum into Varian.

The fallen king, too, came with his master, howling his pleasure loudly as he came onto his bed.  His royal seed spurt quickly between his abs and the disheveled bedding below them.  Varian closed his eyes and moaned long and low.  He shuddered with intense pleasure as he finally realized his new position under this mighty warchief, the orc who conquered him so fully.

“I am yet to be satisfied, human,” Garrosh grunted, sitting upright and raising his arms in a double bicep pose, flexing his mammoth body in a stretch.  With his cock still embedded in Varian’s well-fucked ass, he lifted the human into his arms and carried him out to the balcony for one more fuck that night.

Varian grabbed hold of the stone railing and looked out over the conquered human kingdom.  Blood red banners of the Horde stood proudly across every district, fluttering with the winds of change.  Sparsely scattered around in tatters or burned to ash lay the blue and gold flags of the Alliance.

“I have you to thank for this, Wrynn,” Garrosh grunted deeply.  On into the night, he thrust himself steadily into the human’s quivering, cum-drenched hole.  “And now the once-fearsome Lion of Stormwind is – nnghh!! – finally mine...  Hrrrrrghh...”

With the conquering of Stormwind, the workers and peons of Orgrimmar were tasked with tearing down the white stone city and rebuilding it in orcish likeness.  Rarely ones to enjoy their menial labor, the taskmasters were surprised to see the orc peons happily taking sledgehammers to the human civilization and carrying away the rubble for repurposing.

Stormwind was demolished and leveled, and upon its reworked foundation, a new stronghold was founded for the Horde in the continent of Eastern Kingdoms.  The new city was named Garroshar, after the orc who’d finally taken down Varian Wrynn and gave the Horde its greatest victory to date.  Just past the city’s gates of steel, spike, and chain stood a massive bronze statue of Garrosh Hellscream, welcoming citizens of the Horde both near and far to their newest sanctuary.  On the sides of that road, named the Path of Honor, were towering statues of past heroes of the Horde and a high plaque inscribed with the names of the 25 champions who were victorious in the Trial of the Crusader those months ago.

Varok Saurfang and his son Dranosh were given military promotions for their service in conquering the human kingdom and were named leaders of Garroshar.  Under their leadership, the new city would thrive beyond what the humans were capable of previously.  Along with the destruction of Stormwind, the newly-gained territories of Elwynn Forest, Westfall, the Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood would serve the Horde well in their future campaigns.

The dwarves of Ironforge and the other former members of the crushed Alliance were severely rattled by the sudden fall of Stormwind and the surrender of its king.   With the new major Horde city breathing down their necks just over the mountains, the dwarves feared it was only a matter of time before the strengthened armies of Garrosh Hellscream would come.  The warchief knew, however, the dwarves had nothing to fear, so long as they kept their aggressions against the Horde in check.

A massive orgy was held in Orgrimmar to celebrate the Horde’s conquering of their long bitter enemies, the Alliance.  Musclebound orcs, tauren, trolls, and blood elves enjoyed one another’s bodies as citizen and soldier.  Those captured at Stormwind who chose to serve the Horde were there, too, experiencing an exotic world they’d never known before.  Humans, dwarves, draenei, and night elves found themselves aroused beyond imagining at the unclothed races of the Horde, and they offered up their bodies in the heat of the orgy.

“They seem to be enjoying themselves,” Garrosh spoke from his seat of power overlooking the great gathering.  His legs were spread wide, one hand resting on his throne, the other massaging idly at Varian Wrynn’s head, nestled between his thighs.  The warchief moaned and rumbled with satisfaction as Varian’s mouth worked to suck his heavy, throbbing cock.

“Mmm... mmhh...” the enthralled king moaned in agreement around his master’s cock.  His now-skilled tongue slid around the rim of the fat cockhead, and he teased the slit expertly, causing it to spurt a healthy load of pre into his awaiting mouth.  Varian could hear the moans and deep sighs of the men who once followed him as they, like himself, dedicated themselves fully to this new cause.

The End


  1. I played Alliance, but hawt orcs are always good :P

    1. Ha, yeah, likewise for me. :) I know Garrosh has a rather awful reputation with people, but he and Varian make an incredibly sexy pairing in my eyes.

  2. Can you please make this story into comic . It's good to see in comic.:)

    1. I might someday, when possible. :) When I first started this one, I was studying Source Filmmaker and considering illustrating the story with that, but I put that idea on hold.

      Thanks for your comment and interest!

  3. You have a gift man, please write some more stories like this, it adds some cool variety!

    1. Thanks, that's nice of you to say. :) I'll keep it in mind for future projects.