Friday, November 13, 2015


The top reward tier story this month for my Patreon will be based on a suggestion from one of my patrons involving the pro wrestling match that occurs in the very beginning (and very end) of one of my older stories, Olympian Knockout, where Alexi, Ryan, Gorilla, and Goliath are battling it out in a sex stakes tag team match.

This is Goliath’s updated model for this story.  I’ve given him some minor adjustments and now he’s ready to wrestle.  His muscles are oiled up, body bigger than before, and now sporting some sexy barbaric ring gear.

Like his name suggests, Goliath is a powerhouse Aussie wrestler who frequently takes down opponent after opponent with his partner-in-the-ring, Gorilla George (from Rematch: Alexi vs Gorilla).

Although Goliath could take and crush Gorilla, the massive man is as tame as a kitten when interacting with his intimidating tag team partner.  He enjoys being led by Gorilla’s confident, commander-like aura almost as much as he loves bodyslamming his enemies into the mat.

This story, tentatively titled Tag Team Triumph, will be up for my patrons first in the next 10 days or so!


  1. At last a human opponent that seems worthy enough to challenge Nightbully All though the results would probably be the same, Nightbully cleaning up the ring with him and shoving his dual cocks up Goliath's beefy ass, leaving him a lump of defeated, quivering flesh in the middle of the ring!