Thursday, January 8, 2015

After Hours (Sneak Peek)

I've been a little lax on developing this story over the past week or so, only writing a paragraph or two when the mood struck.  I've gotten back into it and have made a couple of new renders that take place in the very beginning of the story.

This is Office Ronnie working out at the gym he co-owns with his pal from high school, Frank.  It's late at night, but he's there for a while longer, building his body before he has to go out on patrol with his partner, Ken.

I'll keep at it and hopefully have After Hours up on the blog for you to enjoy sometime this month!


  1. That is one sizzling slab of man meat! How I wish the gym I went to allowed us guys to work-out wearing nothing but a bikini and sweat!

    1. That'd be amazing. Would certainly draw many more people to the gym!