Sunday, May 18, 2014

Coming Soon: Barbarian vs Olympian PDF!

Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a surprise adaptation I'm currently working on.  I'm working to adapt Barbarian vs Olympian to PDF.  In this version, however, Conan has tagged in another man to take his place.

Some of you might remember Talro, one of the men of Thordar who grew up with Tuskar.  I've given his model some updates and he's ready to assume the role of Barbarian in this tale.  The story and fight is mostly the same as the blog version, with some elements changed, remixed, or enhanced.

(Coincidentally: I had dominate Hercules in that Lux test a long time ago, too!)

It's been some months since the events of Tuskar the Barbarian: The Axe of Power, and Talro (who is mentioned briefly at the end of that story) has come to Greece in search of Tuskar.  The blond stud confronts Hercules, who he is sure knows something about Tuskar's whereabouts.  The bearded demigod recognizes the savage as trouble and demands he leave Greece and return home.

This adaption is coming along well and should be done sometime this coming week.  I'll have more info to share soon!

Update: The PDF edition is live!  Find out more information by clicking here!