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Hercules Bound (Remaster)

"There he is, Master!" Aetos spoke to Nicandro, the man known and feared by many as the Slave King.  The blond stud gestured excitedly toward the bound halfgod called Hercules.

The mighty son of Zeus and hero of men struggled in his chains, still half-sedated.  Leonine roars of defiance uttered from his wide-open mouth.  Hercules' legendary strength was of no use in his weakened state and, at best, all he could muster was to rattle his unbreakable bonds in futility.

"By Apollo..." Demas, Aetos' raven-haired brother gasped at the sight.  The nude titan of masculinity and heroism stood but mere steps away, completely in their power.  "I cannot believe you have captured Hercules, Brother... but it is he in the flesh!  He is just as they say... he is massive in muscle!"

Aetos thrust his chest out with pride for his accomplishment.  It was far easier than he'd anticipated to bind the demigod...

As Hercules strutted through the modest village, he allowed his many worshipers to gaze upon his body.  His every muscle and curve glistened with sweat from his latest feat of heroism just moments ago.  Hercules stripped himself of his white toga skirt and sat upon the sturdiest bench the village's open bath had to offer.  Many of his worshippers eagerly came forth with hot water and soft rags to bathe their beloved hero.  Hercules thrust his chest out toward them and spread his legs wide to allow easy access to clean every inch of his body.  The demigod chuckled in his booming, commanding voice at the few of them brave enough to handle his epic manhood and heavy balls.  Reverently and carefully, they cleaned his godly maleness of sweat.

After what little offering of food and drink the poor people could afford to give him, Hercules stood to leave.  Immediately, a group of aroused villagers stood in a line near the exit.  Hercules was well aware of this behavior.  It was long tradition that those who wished to service the demigod's sexual needs would present themselves to him before he left.

There were many beautiful men and women in this village, but it was the one with golden hair named Aetos that would claim the prize of his undivided attention this night.  Dejected, (but still fondly adoring of the hero of Greece) the others left to go to bed alone.  Aetos led Hercules to a small farm not far from the village where his uncle had lived and worked for nearly 40 years.

Hercules made love to the athletic buck under the farm's biggest tree that night.  The Olympian thrust his erection quickly into Aetos' hungry hole as the stars and the moon cast their light upon them.  Aetos' moans of ecstasy were frequently cut short by the bearded demigod's masculine kisses.  The stud's lips were as sweet as milk and his tongue as strong as an ox.  It wrestled Aetos' own into submission countless times, leaving him breathless and wanting for nothing else.

Before the break of dawn the next morning, Aetos snuck away to fetch a special wine for his overnight lover.  Unknown to Hercules, the man he had spent the night with was under the command of the dreaded Nicandro, the Slave King: a ruthless tyrant of muscle known to have been the enslaver of dozens of men.  Heroes of man, the Bodybuilders of Narcissus, and champion wrestlers were the types that Nicandro gravitated towards.  Though he always tried his hardest, Hercules had never managed to find the slaver and end his cruelty.  Like a serpent, the Slave King always found a way to slither away from justice.

It was by luck that Hercules came upon Aetos' village and had chosen him to sleep with.  Luck?  The blond man smiled to himself.  This was far too easy to be merely good fortune.  Surely it was by fate instead.

"Thank you, Aetos," Hercules mumbled as he chugged the large tankard of wine past his parched lips.  Aetos watched with a small smile as Hercules downed the tasteless drugs he'd spiked the drink with.

"What a fool," Aetos thought with delight as the big, dumb muscleman trusted him enough to drink just anything.  And all it took in exchange was an ass reaming, he giggled to himself.

The halfgod issued a loud belch and stood to stretched his nude body.  Suddenly, the world around him began to spin!  And before he could move his tongue to ask what was happening, he uttered a low grunt and dropped to his knees fast asleep!

"How ever did you manage to bring such a fine bull all the way here?" the Slave King asked his faithful disciple.  Nicandro's heavy cock stirred within the tight confines of his luxurious red briefs.  The tyrant wore a cloak of red silk to match; a large gold medallion connected the tips, keeping the long fabric around his muscular shoulders.

"Uncle's wheelbarrow was nearby, so I was able to carry him here before he awoke," Aetos recalled through a gleeful expression.  "He came to just as I got the manacles ready -- the big oaf even helped me by standing up while I snapped him in!"

"You have done well, young one," Nicandro grunted, giving the blond buck a rough pat on the back.  He unfastened his cloak as Demas delicately removed the garment from his master.  The Slave King strode up to the stone gazebo and approached the legendary son of Zeus...

The Slave King, unafraid of the power that Hercules was said to possess, casually strutted up to the bound demigod and began the task of appraising the catch.  He quickly realized that this man's body was even more exquisite than he remembered it being.  The Slave King's strong, manly hands moved slowly across Hercules' struggling chest, arms, and legs.  He then knelt down and grabbed hold of Hercules' flaccid manhood.  The uncircumcised penis was quite hefty in his hand, and the balls that hung low were heavy with seed.  This quality was rarely seen in men who walked the earth.  Truly, Hercules was the son of a god.

"No..." Hercules moaned erotically, pulling at his chains for freedom.  He spotted Aetos standing mere steps away.  He growled angrily at the golden-haired youth for his trickery.  But Aetos merely licked his lips and smirked back, unapologetic.

Nicandro determined Hercules' large, meaty butt to be flawless.  He squeezed both cheeks in his rough hands and pulled them apart, exposing the hero's hole to the air.  It was clear to the slaver that this backside had never been filled with a man's cock.  The Slave King grunted with satisfaction and gave the cheeks a hard slap, knowing that he would soon change that.

The indelicate touches of the tyrant made Hercules shudder in disgust.  And yet, the way this alpha male handled his defenseless body caused him to feel an undeniable heat within his loins.  He struggled desperately to keep his cock down, lest he be seen as weak to this brute's whims.  Hercules tried to think of all of the men that this beast had abducted, all of the crimes he had committed.  He had to triumph...  He must!

"Such powerful muscle," the auburn-haired slaver grunted lustfully, standing once more.  His cruel fingers gently twisted Hercules' big nipples.  "You truly are the son of Zeus.  Won't you simply surrender to me now and join my harem willingly?  I promise to keep you well.  But your holes..." he whispered lewdly, moving in to kiss the demigod's neck, "they will make sublime sheaths for my man sword."

"Release me, slaver of men!" Hercules growled.  He lunged hatefully at the long-haired muscleman, but his unbudging chains held him back.  "I will make you pay for your crimes and free the innocents you've enslaved!  I've been looking for you for months and I will bring you to justice!"

The Slave King seized Hercules' bearded, scowling face by the jaw and squeezed it in his mighty grasp.  The evil stud's strength caught the hero by surprise and subdued his struggles in an instant.

"Not even you, a god among mere men, is without a breaking point.  I will tear you down, piece by piece, and remake you as my finest slave yet.  And when I have finished bringing you to the point of no return, you will beg to serve me well."

Over the next several hours, the Slave King and his two disciples subjected Hercules to a rigorous routine designed to break even the most proud and stubborn of men.  The tyrant took great pleasure in working over the halfgod's perfect pectorals.  He sent his balled fists into those twin slabs of muscle again and again.  Hercules' suppressed grunts of pain were like a symphony to the slaver's ears.

As Nicandro worked out his aggressions physically on Hercules, Aetos and Demas were tasked to break him sexually.  As Hercules wouldn't allow him near his backside the night before, Aetos enjoyed burying his mouth between the godling's ample globes and lapping hungrily at the hot, virgin hole nestled between.  Demas sat in the front and gave Hercules' heavy, sweaty balls a hearty cleaning with his tongue and lips.

Even with the Slave King pounding his pecs into rubble and slamming his abs repeatedly, Hercules couldn't help but moan with arousal.  Finally, his cock grew to full erection!

The hero could feel his will to resist leaving him!  His struggles to break his bonds lessened with every passing minute of the neverending routine.  The pains in his chest and abdomen mixed with the sexual worship he received, confusing him immensely.  The body blows from the Slave King's mighty fists soon became just as pleasurable as the sucking and slurping he received from the two bucks on their knees.

Hercules' lustful urges finally emerged victorious, and he ceased his struggles to escape.  He no longer cared what the Slave King or the young studs under him thought.  He was still half man, and men had needs, after all.  After resisting for hours, none would lay blame on him for finally succumbing to the heat of his loins!

But just as he was about to orgasm, Demas grasped Hercules' balls by the base and constricted them, preventing him from cumming!  The hero groaned and whined, stamping his foot on the ground for satisfaction.  Once his urges had finally subsided, Demas let go, and he and his brother went back to work, once again bringing the big man close to the edge of bliss...

Nicandro stepped back and allowed his young disciples to continue with the breaking of their legendary captive.  At first, Hercules felt relieved by the reprieve of blows to his body, but moments later, he began to feel a strange yearning for the Slave King's rough touch!  Despite Aetos' tongue licking up and down his throbbing member, he felt little desire to cum!

The loud sounds of sucking and slurping were all the four men could hear as Hercules struggled to lift his head and look for the muscle slaver whose fists gave him such pleasure.  The Slave King was standing a few steps away with his arms folded across his chest.

"Yes?" he asked, a nasty smile on his ruggedly-handsome face.

"Why... why did you stop...?" Hercules asked wearily.  "Why aren't you... still going?"

"Why am I not crushing you anymore?" Nicandro laughed in response.  "Has the mighty Hercules finally realized that he needs the 'love' of his master?  If not, then cum!  Cum and prove that your pride still lives!"

But the hours of punishment inflicted by the evil slaver had driven Hercules beyond the point of no return; he could no longer cum without the cruel hands of Nicandro, the Slave King upon him.  He grunted with frustration and moaned as the tongues and lips of Aetos and Demas continued to torture his quivering cock and hole.

"Please... let me cum..." he gasped hotly, looking with defeated eyes at the man who had finally bested him.  "Please let me cum..."

"Await me over there," Slave King commanded of his disciples, pointing to the edge of the gazebo.  With smiles of excitement on their handsome faces, Aetos and his brother stepped back and watched their master finish his work.

The Slave King approached Hercules and pressed his slave's big, sweat-laced pecs against his own.  He grabbed hold of the demigod's ebony locks and pulled his head back to face him.  The sun glowed from around the muscle stud's auburn hair, giving him a godly appearance.  But Nicandro was nothing like an Olympian.

Hercules looked into the Slave King's hard eyes.  There was something incredibly powerful in those eyes.  They were the eyes of a man who was truly an alpha.  They were the eyes of a man who knew what he wanted and stopped at nothing to obtain it.  Hercules' loins quivered wildly as he became intoxicated by that stare.

"ON YOUR KNEES!!" he bellowed at Hercules, who dropped without question.  An evil smirk flashed across the slaver's mouth.  His cock throbbed hotly before Hercules' face, a clear symbol of his virility and masculinity.  The scent of this man's groin aroused Hercules like nothing had ever before.

"Do you know what surrender to me means, son of Zeus?  It means that you will be mine until the day I tire of you.  Your body, your mind, and your spirit will belong to me and only to me.  You will do as I say without question.  And my will shall become your own.  Do you understand me, slave?"

"Yes, Master..." Hercules spoke quietly, eyes fixated on the Slave King's erection.  It throbbed with such power, and the precum that formed from its slit made his mouth water with anticipation.

"Then suck me, slave.  Suck me and welcome your new life under the might of the man who has finally defeated Hercules!"

Hercules opened his mouth and willingly allowed his new master to enter him.  With that act, he sealed his fate as the newest and most prized member of the Slave King's harem...

"The lips of the hero, Hercules, now worship my manhood," Nicandro sighed in near disbelief, running his hands through his long, auburn hair.  The demigod's hot, wet mouth sucked clumsily at his salty penis.  His lips slid at random intervals along the length of his master's shaft.  It was clear that Hercules had little experience in the submissive act of cocksucking.

"Ungh, yes...  Fuck..." Nicandro grunted, grabbing a gentle hold of Hercules' head.  He kept the demigod still and fed him only the fat head of his cock to suckle for a while.  "Your skill is lacking -- as expected from a dominant male," he spoke as an appraiser once more.  "But no matter.  I will train you in the art of sucking men..."

"Mmmn," Hercules moaned as he was allowed to take more of his master's cock into his mouth.  The Slave King's bulbous cockhead poked the back of his throat, but his eagerness to please his master helped to keep him from gagging.

"Brother, this is so hot," Demas said, sitting next to Aetos on the stone steps.  "Remember all of those stories that Father told us about Hercules?  If only the old man was here see his hero now!"

"It was worth letting him fuck me," Aetos laughed.  "I'm gonna make him see how it feels," he continued, giving his hard, jutting cock a few strokes.  "After Master's done with it, his ass is mine tonight.  All night."

"That's enough," the Slave King grunted, pulling his slickened cock from Hercules' puffy lips.  He slapped the godling's face with it repeatedly.  "ON YOUR FEET!" he barked, grabbing Hercules by the hair and forcing him up again.

The halfgod swayed wearily on his own two feet.  He wanted desperately to rest, but the overwhelming desire to obey his master and to finally cum kept him awake and alert.  Aetos and Demas chuckled cruelly at the sorry sight of the fallen hero.  Hercules heard their snickers, but could only stand there quietly.  As servants of Nicandro, both brothers were now above him in position.  He could do nothing but stand there quietly.

The Slave King moved behind the defeated stud and pressed the length of his cock between Hercules' legendary butt.  Holding firmly onto his beefy waist, Nicandro's hips gyrated as he dry rode his finest slave.  Hercules groaned softly at the humiliation.  But this seemed to please his master and thus, pleased him as well.  He glanced over to Aetos and Demas.  Both bucks were leering lewdly at him.  Hercules' face flushed with a potent mixture of arousal and shame.

"Now I take from you the last shred of your dignity!" the Slave King declared.  With one mighty push, the head of his wet, leaking cock broke through Hercules' tight anal ring and penetrated his body!

The halfgod grit his teeth and thrust his broad chest outward.  The slaver's cock felt even bigger there than it had in his mouth!  Pain like Zeus' thunderbolts shot up his back and across his entire body.

The sensations within Hercules' massive frame felt indescribable to the tyrant.  The heat that consumed his sword of flesh beckoned him to hilt himself within the sheath of the greatest conquest of all time.  Inch after inch of Nicandro's victorious cock slid deeper and deeper within that Olympic hole.

"Auuugh, yes...  It is always a pleasure to tear open the untouched holes of proud men, Hercules.  I live to destroy heroes like yourself," Slave King hissed into the demigod's ear.  The body-breaking stud's heavy manhood drilled deeper still with short, deliberate thrusts.

Hercules could only moan and mewl like a wounded bull as he was driven to the heights of ecstasy.  Never before had he felt such incredible pleasures within his body.  As a man who enjoyed a life of dominance and unrivaled strength, none had ever dared to touch his most sacred of places.  A part of him felt almost happy to have finally discovered the pleasures of submission to another man.  His ass squeezed tightly around the only man to ever conquer him.

"I feel you sucking on me so greedily, son of Zeus.  Clearly the king of the gods created you with this destiny in mind!"

"Destiny...?  F-Father...?  Uwaaagh..." Hercules moaned in a hazy, drunken heat.

"Why else has he not saved you?" the Slave King grunted, hastening his taking of the godling's butt.  "It was because you were meant to SURRENDER -- TO -- ME!!"

Hercules screamed in shock as the muscle slaver grabbed hold of his big pecs and began pounding his hole with incredible strength!  Nicandro's mighty cock unmercifully plowed him like a man possessed.  The tyrant wanted to prove without a doubt that he was the master of this walking slab of muscle and masculinity.  He wanted to prove that his power and authority over the once-mighty Hercules was total and complete.  It was time for the people of Greece to worship the Slave King instead!

The halfgod's throbbing cock drizzled strands of clear precum all over the ground below.  The young bucks watched with great pleasure as the last remnants of the proud, masculine spirit of Hercules was worn away by their master.

"Come and give this mule a sucking he'll never forget, my sons!" Slave King commanded of Aetos and Demas.  The two scrambled over to kneel before Hercules' wildly-bucking body.  Aetos grabbed hold of his wagging cock and heavy pair of balls, keeping them still enough for him to begin.

"Come on, Brother!" Demas laughed as Aetos struggled to wrap his lips around Hercules' fat cockhead.  "Surely you can tame the sword of this dumb beast."

"It was never this big last night!" Aetos gasped as he came up for air.  "He must truly enjoy having Master inside him!"

"TAKE MY SEED!" the Slave King suddenly growled, thrusting his cock deep into Hercules' hole just in time to unload his manly essence.  "I AM VICTORIOUS!!  I AM KING!!" he shouted to the sky as his manhood spurt rope after rope of potent seed into the body of Hercules.

Just as suddenly, Hercules' manhood bounced in Aetos' mouth and erupted his own semen down the younger man's throat!  Aetos struggled to gulp down the ambrosia-sweet semen of the halfgod.  The blond stud eventually pulled off and allowed the remainder of Hercules' cum to be wasted upon the ground.

The Slave King pulled his cock from Hercules' quivering hole.  With a sigh of satisfaction, he wiped it clean of cum along his ample cheeks.  He took a moment to drink in the sight.  He would treasure this event forever.

Aetos quickly took his master's place and thrust his own cock deep into Hercules!  He held onto the godling's beefy hips as he fucked away at his cum-filled tunnels.  Aetos groaned in pure pleasure as he paid the bearded hero back for the night before.

"Auuugh, yeah...  How's that feel, Hercules?" he asked with a deep grunt.  His hips slapped lewdly against his bitch's butt as he fucked him faster.  "Feel good to be taken by a real man?  Answer me!"

"Yes, Master!!" Hercules moaned, pushing back to meet Aetos' advances.  "Please fuck me... please... more...!!"

The Slave King stood nearby, watching as his two disciples ravaged the utterly-dominated body of the fallen hero.  He savored every moment of Hercules' quivers and cries.  He knew that Hercules would never forget this day.

The chains that kept Hercules physically bound to the columns rattled wildly as he was fucked again and again by his new masters.  Their cocks pistoned and pulsated deep within his body, filling the Olympian with a heat he'd never known before.  Hercules finally understood how it felt to be taken by another man.  As he received his fourth helping of cum from the Slave King, he knew that he could never go back to the way he once was.

"HNNGH!!" Demas growled as he spurt his final few loads of cum into Hercules' still-tight hole.  As he pulled himself from that cum-soaked backside, Aetos was busy undoing the chains that so dutifully held Hercules himself.  Nicandro was there to catch the titanic muscleman as he fell from exhaustion into his master's arms.  With little effort, the Slave King carried his finest prize back to his lair and the harem of other men awaiting his triumphant return.

Nicandro smiled as he pictured himself seated upon his throne, watching to see what his other slaves would do to this big beast of burden.  As Hercules' eyes fluttered to a close, he imagined the very same thing...

And so, the heroics of the incredible Hercules ended with his surrender to the dreaded Slave King of Greece.  Hercules' final battle for freedom was lost against a foe whose talents for enslavement far outmatched his ability to resist.  It was a tale of conquest and surrender that would be told and retold throughout the ages.  Hercules' defeat would become the demigod's most popular mythology, passed on from generation to generation for decades to come.

With Hercules as his willing servant, the tyrant found himself able to achieve his goals of domination at a much greater speed.  Whole cities fell under his influence, giving Nicandro his pick of new men to enslave for his ever-growing harem.

Future generations would aspire to destroy heroes just as the legendary Tamer of Hercules had.  His tales of strength and dominance would embolden them to become slave kings of their very own.

The End


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