Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Last Adventure

This is the Last Adventure, featuring Ax Battler and Death Adder from the Golden Axe video game series -- one that's been a big inspiration to me from way back when.  They're partially to blame for my love of barbarians and muscle and I've been wanting to do something with them for such a long time.

This one's a bit different than my usual stuff, but it's been pretty fun to experiment and see what I can do with these materials.  I hope you guys enjoy!

This set was made possible by the support of my awesome and generous patrons.  Wanna get the above images in their native resolution and high image quality?  Have a look at my Patreon page and consider pledging to support my future works.  Thank you very much!

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  1. Good looking bodies. It would have been great to see how Ax Battle would win, though.

  2. Very cool the story of muscles, virility and male power between the Barbarian Ax Battler and the mighty Death Adder in which they very proudly displayed their powerful and massively muscled bodies sculpted by the gods in a duel of fiery domination and male sex in which Death Adder very manly dominates the arrogant Barbarian. I would love to see one now a continuation of this story in which the muscular group of new Barbarians appear commanded by the powerful Barbarian Kain Grinder leading a group formed by Proud Cragger the muscular and handsome Panther Man Chronos "Evil" Lait and the Griffin Man Eve facing the powerful and super muscular general of Death Adder the masculine and possessor of a body of Demigod Damned Hellstrike who would be in command of the now turned into a loyal slave once Arrogant Barbarian Berserker Ax Battler in a fiery new story of muscle, sex and male power. And after a new battle of virility, muscles and primordial sex all would become slaves of the mighty Death Adder and his virile General Damned Hellstrike as well as the Barbarian Ax Battler to be remade and molded in their images and likenesses and to fulfill their ardent desires. It would be particularly wonderful to see this story made as it would be a chance for you to draw some characters anthros beautiful and impossibly muscular like Chronos "Evil" Lait and Eve and I would particularly love to see that Lucky Stallion. Anyway congratulations on the incredible story and keep on bringing us your beautiful art of muscular characters.

    1. Ahh, maybe one day! Would love to do more in the series, but I don't know when that might be. Thanks for the comment!

    2. The pleasure is all mine to be able to comment! Who knows you could make the gladiator tournament of "Mutant Fighter" originally titled in Japan as (デスブレイド, "Death Brade"), is a 1991 fighting game published and developed in-house by Data East for arcades. Mutant Fighter's roster includes eight playable characters - three human characters and five monsters; the human characters are the Fighter, Amazoness, and Hercules. The monster playable characters are a Werewolf, Golem, Minotaur, Dragon, and the Beast. Non-playable characters faced as opponents include the Hydra, the Doppleganger, the demon Pazuzu, and the Archmage. Here the arcade : . It would be really cool to see all these super muscular fighters in a story of muscle, sex and virility but I'll just be happy with your usual stories Lucky Stallion. A hug.

  3. Hell yeah. I know Death Adder is evil, but goddamn if I wasn't extracted to that helmet hunk for a long time since the arcade days. Everything Ax Battler was subjected to in this excellent sequence is what I would love to have happen to me. Awesome work once again. Makes me wonder how you'd do Zoah from Chrono Cross.