Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Our Night Off

This is Our Night Off, a meaty private match between Batman and Superman with Nightwing acting as referee.  With one night off from fighting crime (and a kryptonite cockring to even the odds), the two big males turn their focus on each other, letting off steam in a wrestling match to settle who is strongest!

I've added in the extra panels here with an alternate ending to see how things would've gone had the match swung in the other direction.  I made a full alternate ending later on, which is currently available only at my Patreon.  It'll make its way here sometime in the future.

Alternate ending and extras:

This set was made possible by my awesome and generous patrons.  Wanna get these in their native resolution and high image quality and support my future works?  Please head on over to my Patreon page and consider pledging for more muscle.  Thanks for your support!

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, great Kryptonite! Superman defeated, humiliated in one; but in the other, maintained and regained. Ahh, would love to have seen Batman depowered completely, just from his nipples alone -- since you give them both such fine pecs and suckers to be adored and ravaged... by each other, if they only would! (A mutual conquest: so intoxicated with each other, yet equally defeated by the other at the same time.) Then, Nightwing moves in -- and takes them both, helplessly already worn out in ecstasy, and taking them each to newer heights, one by one: ravished by the lesser, but definitely bold youth. And then, now emboldened even further, having taken both of their essences into him, giving him a super surge of much greater strength. Nightwing, maybe even cuffing them, throwing one over each shoulder, and hauling them off to his den, for future servicing…. The two mighty heroes, now in utter shock, having been overcome by the younger, who will dominate them as long as he desires, keeping them both drained and half drunk with his mastery. Even if enjoying their submission, yet desperate at the loss of their rank and status, they are still powerless to break free, and urgent to regain their "powers," by somehow cleverly manipulating their "conquorer"... and taking from his newly acquired strength into their own selves again. What a muscle stud three-some! Particularly, since they actually are all in LOVE with each other in varying degrees.