Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Beast of Ramoro

This the the Beast of Ramoro, a Conan story with a dark, Halloween-appropriate theme (and rather dark lighting!  Hopefully that isn't too much a problem.)

The big barbarian, in search of a man taken from a nearby village, enters a volcanic crypt a day's journey away.  It's there that he finds not only the lithe blond victim, but Vulg, a carnivore mentioned only in hushed whispers throughout the region.

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  1. Love this set. Glad everyone gets to enjoy it 😁

  2. Are we getting any Superman soon? Those were my fav :D

    1. There's one that'll come around 5 posts later that I did back in April. :) Stay tuned.

  3. I want Vulg to carry me off into the night on Halloween and make me all his. <3