Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hercules' Beach Brawl [PDF for Sale]

Check out some previews at my Comics Blog!

Hey, guys!  I've posted a new PDF for sale at my Gumroad and my Lulu store.  This one is called Hercules' Beach Brawl and it's about the big, bearded demigod wrestling Tarok, my blond jungle king, on a tropical, sunny beach.

Ares has manipulated the wild jungle man into fighting Hercules for him, sneakily bypassing Zeus' wishes that his sons not clash again.  When Ares drops Hercules atop Tarok, the blond stud mistakes his arrival for an attack against his right as king of the jungle!

This story contains an alternate ending so you can enjoy your favorite male's victory!

Head on over to my Comics Blog to check out a handful of preview pics and with links to purchase yourself a copy from either my store at Gumroad or Lulu!

Thanks for your support, everyone!


  1. Can't recommend this enough, its damn hot!

    1. Thanks very much! I always appreciate your support. :D

  2. I wouldn't mind a "gentle dust up" with these two hot, sexy stud-hung-deitites.