Saturday, May 12, 2018

On the Streets

This set is called On the Streets, a 13 image set that brings back three characters who haven't seen much action in quite some time: Officer Ken (Ronnie's partner), The Boss, and his henchman Joey (from earlier sets, Vengeance Denied 1 and 2).

While Ronnie is away, investigating another case, it's up to Ken to patrol the mean streets of Muscle City in search of the crime lord known simply as the Boss.  Ken encounters the young punk, Joey, a known and wanted thug with connections to the Boss and is about to bring him in.  That is, until the mohawk-haired criminal gets the officer's loins stirring in ways he can't resist...

This set was made possible by my awesome and generous patrons.  Wanna get these in their native resolution and high image quality and support my future works?  Please head on over to my Patreon page and consider pledging for more muscle.  Thanks for your support!

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  1. Interesting! A tale of three "straight" men? Judging from that"Feh!" and his comment, only the boss can tell Joey to do suck dick! While apparently Officer Ronnie has wife or girlfriend at home?

  2. Pretty darn hot; would love it had you had the punk on his nipples longer, making a total compliant wreck. Then the other guy moves in, but don't see how the officer was completely knocked out, after, and able to be carried home. PLEASE STOP putting your dialogue with puffed out letters that all run together! Just plain bold letters would be fair better. Just can't read half your things anymore. The lettering is like puffy pillows all squashed together.

    1. The lettering is white with a thin stroke around them and the spacing is appropriate. I used to do it with regular lettering, but like it better this way. I might change it at some point, but until then, it's going to remain as it is.

    2. It's perfectly readable lucky, idk what this guy is talking about.

    3. Thanks. :) I asked a few people if they had trouble reading them, just to be sure. I've never gotten a complaint about readability, but that's good to hear just in case.