Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Patreon Reward: Jungle Flex-Off

This is Jungle Flex-Off, where the jungle hero himself encounters the Greek demigod in his jungle!  But something was different!  This man was... enticing somehow.  It made his loins stir and his muscles swell.

He wanted to show this man his flex and mate with him!  Or did this bearded foreigner have the same goal in mind...?

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  1. Really very cool Hercules and Tarzan flexing the muscles of their beautiful bodies one to another. It was very sexy and hot'd like to see other stories as well. Great job ^^

  2. Amazing artwork I just love those your muscle scenes of Tarzan, Hercules and other characters, wild heroes, you could make muscle versions of John Carter of Mars, Kull of Atlantis, Flash Gordon, The Phantom (Kit Walker), Ka-Zar The Savage among others, and you would find it fantastic to muscle stories of sex between them. But it is only an idea. Anyway wonderful story wish you could bring us more and more.

  3. Really love it, when your men "make love." Not just sex.
    But you almost never have them savoring and devouring each other's huge nipples, which should drive them crazy, making each other come without doing anything else. Seems like you relish the pecs, and really show them off... but just about never have the guys really use them much. Or appreciate them. Or even truly caress those massive muscles, driving each other wild....
    After all, they don't work out just to blow their loads.

  4. FINALLY! TWO SEXY BRUTES I CAN COPULATE WITH! Jeep up the good work, Lucky Stallion!

  5. I love what you've done with both Tarzan and Hercules. Please, keep up the great artwork.

  6. Lucky Stallion, I positively LOVE your work with Tarzan and Hercules. You make them look as if they're about to leap of the screen into real life! Keep up the GREAT work.