Saturday, January 23, 2016

Patreon Reward: Hercules Bound (2015)

This is a re-remake of Hercules Bound I did.  I wasn't quite satisfied with the way the Slave King looked before, so I decided to take another go at the scene and the story.  I might revisit this one (again!) at some point later on again.

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  1. Great stuff, the slave king should get fucked next!

  2. How can the slave king be (bigger) better built than Hercules?
    It would be a bigger turn on if the great Herc were being taken down by a much smaller man (with a fine rod, which he really secretly aches to have), but is still a goodly muscled stud, too.
    The great Hercules dominated by a lesser man... and loving it, surprised out of his mind. Aching for more. Both of them, falling head over heels into something rich and deep.
    (I'm a romantic. Not into "who's next?" at all.)

  3. Regardless of who's bugger/better, Hercules still looks so SEXY as a studly demi-god.

    1. Yeah, even in defeat, I like to keep him radiating some form of power -- I would imagine that'd make his conquerors that much more determined to overpower him. :)

    2. They can overpower Herc all they want. In my eyes, your Hercules will always be a winning conqueror.