Sunday, June 19, 2022

Guys' Day Out: The Next Day

This is a mini set, taking place the day after Guys' Day Out, Ryan returns to the spa to find Jamie, its owner. With Alexi out on an erotic photoshoot for a magazine, Ryan decides to spend a little more time with the big stud to explore the sparks between them...

Monday, May 23, 2022

Back in the Ring

This is Back in the Ring, a mini(-ish) match between Alexi and Gorilla and their first match together in quite some time!  The two titanic wrestlers collide again after Alexi challenges his rival to a high-stakes match in the ring -- with no ref to get in their way!

Included in this are two outcomes for the match, plus a nice amount of text (a little over 4700 words) to help fill in the action.  Included at the post at Patreon are also .odt and .doc versions of the text for better readability.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

New PDF For Sale: Long Time Coming

Hey there, guys!  I hope you've been doing well.  I have a new PDF up for sale that I forgot to make a post for!  It's called Long Time Coming and stars Alexi facing off against Hunter Strong, the son of the boss of the wrestling federation!

What seemed like a slam-dunk of a match for the heavyweight wrestler was suddenly cast in turmoil when Alexi's agent informed him that the boss wants him to throw the match and let Hunter win.  The spoiled-rotten punk and newcomer-to-the-ring promises to use his gold paddle on the world-renown heavyweight when he wins!

This PDF comic is 163 pages in total and contains text narration pages and a sizzling-hot alternate ending.  Take a look at some preview pics over at my comics blog, or pick up a copy at my Lulu or Gumroad storefronts at the links below!



Thanks for your support, guys; I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

On the Streets: Part 3

On the Streets: Part 3 is the continuation of both On the Streets and Rising Pythons, advancing the story of the mean streets and seedier sides of Muscle City.  Away from the glamor of the wrestling arena and the safer segments of the metropolis exists criminal gangs and thugs only interested in money, power, and sex.

With Officer Hank Hogan safely in his possession, Butch, leader of the Pythons gang, feels it's finally time to advance on the head of the Muscle City Police Department: Chief Megalos himself.  With some extremely-incriminating photos and videos of the MCPD's top cop in compromising positions with the leader of a rival gang, Butch lures Megalos into a trap.

Megalos is forced to wrestle Yasuo, a new recruit to the Pythons, in his filmed initiation into the gang!  Can Megalos defeat the slimmer recruit, or will he join Hank in a life of making endless amounts of cash for Butch and his Pythons?


Sunday, December 19, 2021

Wrestle and Recover

Wrestle and Recover takes place shortly after the events of On the Streets: Part 2, with Officer Ken rescued by his partner on patrol, Ronnie.  After getting Ken's forced-mohawk shaved off and slipping into some MCPD regulation thongs, the two of them head to Ronnie's co-owned gym, Muscle City Fitness.  It's there that they find Nathan and Deshaun, two marines who frequent the popular gym.

The four men decide to have a tag team match in the gym after hours.  With high stakes agreed upon and pride on the line, only one team can claim total victory over the other!

Monday, October 25, 2021

The New Hero in Town

Hey, everyone!  It's been a while since my last post; my apologies for that.  I'd been away from home for nearly all of August for health-related reasons, but fortunately everything looks good so far.

This story is called the New Hero in Town.  It features a new original superhero of mine who flies into Metropolis one day, eager to become its sole hero.

When he performs an act of heroism before Metropolis' own Superman, however, tempers flare between the two and they engage in a battle to decide who among them is fit to protect the big city!

I struggled a bit with figuring out how this one would end.  I ended up going back and forth until deciding to do what I had wanted to originally, something that would've been a more exciting ending.  I hope that it's something you guys will enjoy!

Superman and Jimmy Olsen (C) DC Comics; used in a parodical manner


Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tuskar the Barbarian: Part 3

This story continues the barbarian's adventures, with this one focusing on his fellow Thordarian, Talro, and the young warrior's quest to find out what became of his friend, Tuskar.

However, along the way, the shaman Wekesa summons forth a powerful demigod from another world to put a stop to Talro once and for all!

(And thanks again to my pal, WideBros, for helping brainstorm some more of the lore for this world!)