Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Right to Rule [PDF]

Hey there, everyone!  My new PDF is finally here.  The Right to Rule is 37 pages (including cover, credits, and rear) of sci-fi muscle wrestling action.  This is the Patreon version of the tale, including the WIP images of Grekiel, Ankaro, Delkaro, and the guard as bonus extras.

The Right to Rule stars Ankaro, son of the retiring leader of their planet Testalone, fighting against General Grekiel in a first-to-cum-loses style match for the title of Lord.  Along with the ascension to Lord of Testalone, the winner will claim ownership of the defeated male.

You can snag yourself a copy for a sweet, small $3 (USD) over at my Lulu shop!  Thanks very much and I hope that you guys enjoy!

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