Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frat Spank

The new pledge of the biggest frat house on campus took a liking to the sister of the football team's star quarterback stud, Butch.  But the overprotective jock wasn't about to have his precious sister be wooed by a mere pledge.

So Butch gave the freshman an ultimatum: stay away from her or get his backside busted by the musclebound quarterback's meaty hands.  At first fearful of the big jock's demand, the hapless pledge's natural urges won over and he tried flirting again with Butch's sister.

And that was more than enough justification for Butch.  The next morning, he grabbed the freshman (who was naked and on his way to the frat's showers) and bent him over his leg for a butt punishment the younger stud won't soon forget!

And as he lay there, squirming and feeling the burn on his bare cheeks from the alpha male on campus, the poor pledge soon found himself falling hard for Butch instead...

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