Friday, May 23, 2014

Barbarian vs Olympian PDF

Happy Friday, everyone!  I finished putting together and quality-checking my newest PDF adaptation: Barbarian vs Olympian!  This is Talro's first official story and fight and what better opponent to go up against than the legendary Hercules himself!

The elements of this story are quite a bit like the blog version's, but with beefier and remixed text; new, PDF-exclusive panels; and remastered, higher-quality images.

The PDF's images are bigger than the blog versions (increased to 1500 x 1167) and are less compressed, giving you a clearer image.

Extras and Updates:
  • Numerous improvements in posing and camera positioning.
  • Many panels were rerendered or remastered.
  • Story improvements, both in content and clarity.  Text reworked to accommodate Talro's inclusion in the tale.  Over 300 words added.
  • 12 new panels (in main story, alternate ending, and bonuses).

  • File size: 45.6 MB
  • Pages: 81 total (56 renders, 20 text pages, and 5 pages for cover, credits, alt ending splash, bonus extras splash, and rear)
  • Language: English
  • File format: PDF (readable on computers and eReaders; more info here)
  • No annoying DRM; open on as many devices as you want

As always, thank you for your support!  I hope that you enjoy Talro's first outing as a wrestler here and that the exclusive-to-PDF renders fill your dreams with big muscle!


  1. Awesome! As always, well worth the price. Loved it all. Talro is a great opponent.

    It's all amazing, but I especially loved the bonus images of Talro holding Herc up by his throat and Ares towering behind a kneeling Herc with a tight grip on Herc's hair.

    1. Thank you, Alex! I really appreciate that. I wondered about including that image of Talro holding Herc up for a while, but by then I had finished work on it and figured I should keep it in as it was. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      Now that all of this craziness is settled (to adapt this one, I had to rerender and rework nearly all of it all over again), I can relax a bit and enjoy your new Route 69 story! I always look forward to them.

  2. Would love to see some hot cocky mortal muscle boys overthrow and overpower Zeus and make Herc and his brother watch the destruction of daddy