Monday, August 19, 2013

Quick Note:

Hey, everyone.  I hope that your weekend was great.

I wanted to let you know that because of your generosity, I was able to open up a new domain address and purchase a hosting solution to house all of the files you see here.  I'm no longer able to use my current image host without taking a huge hit on the quality of my work, so I'm excited to be able to continue to offer you guys great quality, high res images.

The new domain is and when visited, you will be automatically redirected to the .com address.  You won't ever need to visit the .net address directly -- only the images will be hosted there and displayed here.

I won't begin the transition of moving the old images over to the new domain's folders immediately.  That'll happen gradually over time.  But I did want to get this set up in advance so I can use it for The Defiant Prince (the name of the Hassan story).  The first part of that tale is fast nearing completion and should be up sometime this week.

Your purchases of my comics and your donations have made this possible.  Thank you greatly!

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